True Awareness, awareness of Truth (and there is no other awareness) is Authority. Truth, to be Present, must be the Sole Being. A so-called state of consciousness that is contrary to Indivisible Perfection, is not Consciousness, not Awareness, and has no relationship whatever to Truth. As with One, should anything be taken from It, It would cease to be One. Reduced to a mere fraction of Its original state It would no longer be Itself.

Infinite Intelligence being aware that Spirit is all of all, that there is naught else, is Irresistible Divine Authority wherein there is nothing that can deny, delay, refute, frustrate or defeat constant and totally satisfactory fulfillment of God's slightest wish. God speaks and it is done. (See Ps 33:9.)

To doubt is to be double minded, to assume there is more than one One, one Mind, Being, Presence, Power, Au­thority. To deny Infinity, Oneness is to deny one's Self, one's Sole Authority, Life, Identity, Intelligence, and render his pseudo-consciousness or mind unstable in all its ways. (See Ja 1:8.)

Either Infinite Intelligence, Awareness is all or there is no God. Either Life, Existence is, or there is a total blank, vacuum, void wherein nothing is. Deny the I-Am-Self if you will, but the Truth remains inviolate, inevitable, indestruct­ible, indivisible.

As God is all, this leaves no other mind, no other sub­stance, no other identity or entity to be evil, sinful, erring, sick, dying or dead. As God, Infinite Intelligence, Truth is all, this leaves no belief, hence no form of belief called a believer; no ignorance or darkness, hence no form thereof called an evil or fallen one, a weak or back-sliding one, a mis("mist") -guided one or sinner!

In the Light of Infinite Truth it is clearly seen that there never is a cause or creator of a material, mortal or evil form, follower, servant, victim or pawn, hence no such can appear or be manifest.

Never attack the form of evil or trouble, its performer or mouthpiece. It is not the drunkard that one needs battle. God being the only Mind leaves no mentality to crave drink or produce the ugly spectacle, hence it is precluded. In the Allness of God there is no room, reason, possibility or chance for evil to pretend existence. In Truth there is no devil pro­ducing evil-doers, producing victims for evil; no evil pro­ducing disaster, confusion, madness, suffering or ugliness of any sort. In Truth, Omnipresent Good, Reality, all is alto­gether lovely.

Take the purported platform from under the belief of Satan, and Satan falls into the limbo from which he is sup­posed to have sprung. There is no such thing as Satan, devil, evil no matter by what name called, because God is the Sole Presence, Total Life, the Being that is Absolute Power completely present always. There is only God, Existence, Actual­ity. Nothing more, nothing less can be. God is this very Mind, Intelligence, Conscious Awareness knowing this Fact right here and now.

As Absolute Light leaves no shadow, so Truth leaves no doubt, no mind to do the doubting, no form called a doubter. All forms are of Light, Infinite Intelligence, hence are in Light, being conceived by Intelligence. These forms of Light cannot be used, handled or tempted by darkness, cannot become servants to or of ignorance. It is folly to as­sume there is darkness in Truth, but compounded folly to assume it can attack or lay hold upon the forms of Light. Even if such could exist, the instant the darkness touched Light it would be exploded, expunged forever.

To negate Reality, God, is impossible. No negation can absorb, ingest, destroy or even touch Reality. A negation is that which is not. How do I come to see, feel, experience a problem if it does not exist, you ask? To Truth such ques­tioning is absurd. Why? Because to so question, one must ignore God entirely and be concerned with the finite, the dimensional, the personal only.

To know Truth one must begin with Truth only, the whole of Truth. Otherwise one is beginning with nonsense, continuing with nonsense and naturally ending with nonsense. To ask a fool the source of his folly is folly indeed; to begin with non-Truth and expect to arrive at Truth is equal folly. Any conclusion that robs God of even the slightest breath of Absolute Authority, Purity, Perfection, Presence and Total Action is without Authority, void of Reality, Actuality, Truth.

There is an old saying that if one should yank the rug from under the lie, it can no longer appear to operate. The moment one is aware that Truth is All, Inviolate, Present and Perfect there ceases to be any "rug," foundation or platform, support or ground upon which evil, devil, hell or the grave can stand. Satan has never had validity at any time. For such to be, God would have to cease being the Alone Omni­presence; would have to cease being Absolute Authoritative Truth wherein there can exist no contradiction, alteration, altercation. In Perfect Omniscience there is no violator or violation, no contender or opposer, no opposite.

Truth's Conscious Acknowledgement, Individual I-Am­-Awareness of God's nature, presence, power, extent and ac­tion instantly excludes the possibility that there can be an­other I-am, another life, identity or being of any sort. The Allness of God leaves no room, substance, place or identity for anything beside. Infinity neither has, nor leaves, anything beyond because there is nothing except Infinity. This strips the so-called theological devil or enemy of all pretense. Not having a core, a cause or reason, a source or force, intelli­gence or substance, identity or basis, existence or expression it cannot conceive, create, manufacture or concoct, suggest, produce or project forms or manifestations whereby to delude anyone, anywhere.

In Truth there is only Life, vital Awareness throughout Its own Infinity. Nay, Infinite Intelligence is the Sole Self authoritatively being Its infinitely Individual-Self in Its pure, pristine loveliness, action, boundless affluence everywhere. There is no Intelligence save this present Infinite One. There is no identity, no self save this Infinite Individual Self-I-Am everywhere; the I-Am-Self, the I-Identity ever present, whole, perfect, all-inclusively universal, distinct and immortal.

There is no other mind beside the True Mind, this Mind right here aware of Truth's totality, perfection, entire action, whole function, unchallenged and unchanging Consciousness. I-God, my sole Self cannot be tempted by another power or presence, a pseudo mind, a so-called dimensional assumption, because there is no such in Truth, Actuality, God.

I-God, Life-present as the Sole Individual Self cannot be troubled by I-absence, for I-Truth, I-Presence can never be absent. The Mind-I-Am is infinitely here, changelessly per­fect, consciously, hence authoritatively aware in all ways. Nowhere throughout Infinite Present Intelligence is there even a suggestion of another state, condition, authority or being.

It is impossible for the Mind that is my I-Identity to assume un-Truth. It is equally impossible that the utter folly, the stasis of evil appear in lieu of, or as legitimate as Truth, Omniactive Intelligence. I-Mind cannot change from Infinite, Unopposed, Constant Operation to a reversed state of stu­pidity, imbecility, nor can cupidity, double-minded treason against the Sole Self intrigue the I-that-I-Am into denying Its Positive Authority, Validity, Identity, Presence, Power, Intelligence, Being.

Evil simply is not known to Mind, nor can it be. Evil's pretended foundation is ignorance, based upon the impossible assumption that "if" I-God were not Infinite, not Changeless, Whole, Eternal, then the resulting absence would appear as death, poverty, disease, fear, sorrow, disaster, hell!

Reiterating our General Theme: where God is all, evil cannot be. Only where Infinite God is not, can Satan exist and function. But where is God not? Nowhere! Then where is Satan with all of his purported evil? Nowhere in Truth. Can there be anywhere outside of Truth? Impossible, for Truth, Fact, Reality is all there is to Existence, of Exist­ence. What is not in Existence, not in Fact or Truth cannot be. One does not have to struggle to overcome evil, sin, to over­come what-is-not in order to quell it, any more than one has to battle to stop C-A-T from spelling dog! One does not have to adjust to evil as if it existed. Evil simply cannot exist at all unless God stops being God, the Alone All of all!

Speak as One, with Authority. What Authority? The Authority of God's perpetual unchanging Presence, Whole­ness, Power, Perfection!

Whose mind, what mind, and is it Mind that doubts the nature of Truth, God, Life, Intelligence? Who will accuse God, Mind of knowing, hence of being evil, imperfect, un­whole, less than completely Pure, One, Absolute?

Use the Authority this Awareness indelibly gives you—the Authority to calmly stand and with Force, Power, Con­viction, Certainty and Absolute Irrefutable Knowledge per­ceive the full and satisfying Kingdom of Heaven at hand, utterly available here and now! This Authority enables you to joyously stand and experience the Truth of Perfection as all there is to behold; that Reality, Truth is present right in this very spot, in that very spot; that God is all-inclusive of everything, whether on this planet or a planet in some other galaxy; that this very God is the Sole Mind of Me this mo­ment and forever!

Rejoice in and declare the perfection of God-Present. God is Entire, Absolute, the whole Identity-I-Am which includes the universe. There is no thing and nowhere Reality is not. This is my Unrestricted, Unchallenged, Divine Authority for doing, enjoying, being and including the ability to conceive all things. Let us use it! Never fear, never doubt that this Truth will ever prove less than True. It cannot fail to be what It is—-All!

Some may still desire to argue concerning Authority. Should such be the case, change your stance. Instead of challenging God to prove He is present and all, challenge that which denies God. Let such prove itself to exist in Fact, in Changeless Reality. I f that-which-is-unlike-God claims to be here, let it "prove" itself in the full, conscious presence of perfect God, Infinite Intelligence. I f there is anything assuming that God is weak, indulgent, indifferent, or permitting a usur­pation of His Authority, then take the Authority of your very Self and challenge the purported opposition to extinguish Life, Existence, God, Light, Actuality! I f darkness should invade the sun's light there would be no darkness. In like manner supposititious evil, with all its human sense-evidence of heinous ability and accomplishment, dissipates when, with the Authority of Truth you summon it to put-up or shut-up!

Evil is a coward before Truth. Why? Because it has no validity. It is wholly a fiction, bluff, pretense, lie, cheat, de­frauder. There is not one iota of Reality to evil. Not a breath of it exists, or ever has existed. Nowhere has evil substance, identity, place, power, genuineness. Throughout it has been blow and bluster only, wind and cunning suggestion. The hideous forms claimed to have been spawned and sponsored by evil appear to that pseudo mind fearing evil-—that is, evil and its activity is self-generated, or more accurately stated, self-degenerated. Its seeming power and will to devastate, is fathered by the persistent belief in what God, Truth is not, or rather, by an ignoring of what Truth, God is.

Not for a fraction of a second can evil be present to Conscious Reality. Where Conscious Truth is the Sole I­Identity, that I-that-I-Am (and I have no other Identity! I am no other I than the I-that-I-Am; this Truly Conscious Awareness of I-Am-Being being All-I-Am; All-inclusive Being being Individually Self-identified as I Am) no lack of Truth, no evil, no unawareness of Conscious Perfection appears, even as a suggestion. One moment of Self-Identity reveals the absolute freedom of Perfection as the Sole, the Only Fact of Individual Being, this very I-Identity-I-Am here and now.

A lie has no possibility of being accepted as Fact when Truth is known, and My Mind, God knows Truth uninter­ruptedly forever!

Only when Truth is ignored can a falsity be garbed in a semblance of respectability, genuineness; become plausi­ble, or acceptable in society. When accepted, accredited or sponsored by the heads of society, the fraud of evil becomes the talk of the town, is wined and dined at even the best tables (by those who should know better)—-reluctantly admitted as a guest who will not be denied.

Evil thus becomes part of our tradition. No one dare raise a question as to its legitimacy, its antecedents, or ne­farious offspring. One of its family we name disease, who as a breeder is most fecund. Another offspring is poverty; others are known as war, dishonesty, communism, insanity, and so on down a long list. Evil's family, in its world-wide activity on behalf of its parent, seems limitless. It is accredited as having tremendous power, influence, stature, genuine­ness, and is on intimate terms with all the important people of the planet.

This family, we are taught, is to be feared and fought, but the battle is expected to prove futile, or at best but a delaying action. Generally everyone expects to be in busi­ness with evil—each is led to believe that sooner or later he must succomb to Satan's invention of "time," and must meet the grim reaper called Death-—death which is but the supposed blotting out of Life, God, Truth! There is no God in any dying whatever, and no dying in God, Life, Reality, Truth whatever, humanity's conviction to the contrary!

Do you accept this utterly false, dimensional, time­measured picture of Existence? Is your God so weak, so in­significant, indifferent, stupid that He would permit this sort of thing to go on in His Presence, and to Himself, Life? Or do you say that God is not Omnipresent? On what authority do you base your answer? If you accept Truth, that God is all of all, is everywhere present and nowhere absent, then how can evil, God's purported absence, be going on any­where?

Where is Satan? Who is he? The answer is, there is no such in Reality, and nothing is real save Reality. One does not have to fight what-is-not, but should acquaint himself with What-Is, for herein is his Authority, his Life, Being, Identity and his Kingdom of All-Good. There is no wait, no delay, no other to stop or hinder, talk him out of it or take it from him. All Truth is truly yours here and now.

Yes, Dear Reader, acquaint now thyself with thy Self and be at peace. Only thereby shall Good (Intelligence, In­dividual Conscious Awareness, thy Sole Self) come unto thee, or be available in all ways. (See Job 22:21.) In no other way can Wisdom work—-no other way is wise because there is no other way, no other Wisdom, no other Self.

This is the positive answer to the seeming riddle of daily living—-a riddle only because we have unwisely listened to our teachers, our educators, leaders, the wise-ones-of-the-­world who have assumed and continued the fable of "an­other-beside-God," instead of checking to discover if they were being Factual, or being "mist"-informed.

There is no riddle, no mystery concerning God, Omni­presence. Likewise there is no riddle, no mystery concern­ing evil, devil, Satan, Lucifer, death or hell. Evil is a lie throughout. There is not a breath of Truth in it, nor is there a breath of it in Truth. Evil never has existed in any form whatever, under any name whatever, by any authority what­ever. Intelligence, Good alone is Omniscient Authority. Only God is God, Life forever. God alone is all; only All is all forever. Consciousness, God is Entirety, the Alone-Individual­ I-that-I-Am right now, and there is no other Authority, no one beside to have authority or challenge My Authority; there is naught else existent.

Truth is simple. It is not a mystery, not something that is unknown and unknowable. To Everpresent Awareness the Truth is pulsatingly alive, vital, real, understood, known, used. To Mind there is nothing secret from Itself. There is nothing being hidden. There is not more Intelligence to come later. There can never be "time" in Omnipresence when Truth will shrink, shrivel, become less than It is, or become what It-is-not. God, the Infinite-I-that-I-Am can never become more than Life is. Perfection cannot improve, evolve, prog­ress. All cannot increase, nor decrease-—change to partial, or total oblivion!

God, Intelligence, Life does not do business with some­one else-—with another! Mind deals with Mind only, for there is no other presence to deal with. God alone is your sole Identity.

The so-called block in our perception, the confusion, the mysticism comes from assuming we are man, children of deity, children of biology; that we are animals, mortals, humans. This sense of identity is utterly void of Truth; it is mere "mist"-identity.

Trying to act what we are not, trying to be what we are not and never can be, struggling to "return" a false concept to a state it has never had, is naturally impossible, frustrat­ing and in vain. No Authority exists in any aspect of human­ity, duality, mortality, manhood. Truth alone has and is Authority, the Authority of being Single, Entire, Total, Ab­solute without another to question or challenge, to be ques­tioned or even dealt with. One Alone Infinite Being is Auth­ority in toto forever. This is Wisdom. This is Intelligence. This is Omnipresent Omnipotence in full, conscious action, aware of being the I-that-I-Am.

Seen as a human concept, the entirety of today's so­-called civilization is struggling to escape something, over­come something, get something, become something. No hu­man is truly content, happy, tranquil. Humans have been taught that they are sinners; that they must atone for, or propitiate their sins, and return to the state, the place from whence their first ancestors supposedly fell. Impossible!

Humans have been taught that to succeed in keeping body and soul together they must carve a niche for them­selves in this world; that even the bare necessities of daily living demand that they work by the sweat of their brow (in the event they have not inherited "plenty" from another) to pay the butcher, the baker, the landlord and the ever-increas­ing tax demands.

We are taught that we must learn to think, evolve, im­prove, progress—-that we must lift ourselves above where we first began, or else the time we have spent in this ex­perience has been futile, wasted, a failure.

We are taught morals. That is, we are taught a code whereby we are fenced in for our protection lest we err and are damned forever; whereby, what might chance to prove a pleasant pastime, or diversion in our journey through this vale of tears, is also fenced out lest we actually find a bit of fun and pleasure! Suffering, sorrow, grief and pain is the slogan for mortals. Confusion, fear, taxes and death are em­blazoned upon humanity's banner. In misery there is virtue, they assume, for it is the heartache and frustration that ne­cessitates growth and salvation. Salvation from what? God being all, from what does one need saving, and who is this one who is to be saved? How? Truly, what is man that thou art mindful of him? Adam, where art thou?

Is it not now that we should cease from insisting that we are man whose breath is in his nostrils? Can that which comes forth from dust, and unto dust must return, be the Identity of this very I-that-I-Am?

Does Mind, Intelligence, Life abdicate Its Omnipresent Action, Identity in favor of a form, idea, thing, body? Is body the Identity that is Life, Awareness, Consciousness? Or does Mind forever include all the forms of Mind?

Can Intelligence blow the breath of Life, Intelligence into any "thing" and still retain Its status quo as Changelessly-One-Whole-Entirety-without-seam-or-rent? Can One­ness divide Itself, portion Itself out—-a little here, a little there-—and yet remain Indivisibly One, too Absolutely Com­plete to behold iniquity or lack-of-Good; incapable of coex­isting, knowing, understanding or looking upon evil or other­ness? (See Hab 1:13.)

Moral rules, regardless where or who, what body, cult or group promulgates them, are stringent, their taboos chang­ing according to the locale. Strict obedience to the local ta­boos is purported to be an official ecclesiastical stamp upon our ticket to heaven, in the great hereafter!

Dear Reader, it is not moral obedience that gives one Authority, or that will unfold the Kingdom of Heaven at hand. Only the awareness of thy Self, Infinite Individual Intelligence, Conscious Universal Perception, I-Am-Identifi­cation is Truth, Reality, Actuality, and herein is nothing sinning, personal, limited or evil. No time is here and here is no time, no cause or effect, no disease or confusion, no problem demanding a cure. Only Perfection is, and this Present Awareness, this I-Am is aware of this Fact this very moment! This Perception is backed by Omnipotent Authority wherein is no doubt, no wait, no opposite.

We cannot state too often that the only Identity existent is Divine. You have never been a human or mortal, a sinner, a biological or theological specimen, a production or product of another or others. You have never possessed a man—-iden­tity-—have never been man. The sole I-Life, Mind, Aware­ness, Conscious Identification, Being or Presence of you this very instant is God-I. There simply is no Life but Life Itself, no I but the I-Am-I.

This Individual-I-Am-Consciousness includes all "things," bodies, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial. If the form, idea-thing, is not in and of, by and for Consciousness it is a fraud, a simulated form like the non-bearing fig tree, which so quickly withered and died when branded for the lie that it was.

If God (Life, Conscious Intelligence) is not the En­tirety of Me, My Sole Self inclusive of all forms, of the full complete universe, then that which I am is but a pretense, false throughout.

To be true only-in-part is to be without Authority-—to be wholly false. Oneness, Truth, Reality is Indivisibly Right, Correct, Intact, Complete, Perfect, Whole. The slightest breath of adulteration, of adding to, taking from or chang­ing Truth makes it utterly fictional, untrue, without Author­ity, Authenticity, Validity, Power or Function. (See Jas 2:10.)

If you exist it is by virtue of the Fact that God is the Sole Life, Substance, Conscious Identity of the Individual-I-­that-I-Am-—the I-Am-All-Identity identifying all. No Indi­vidual is, save God. There cannot be another Infinite One.

Let us repeat: all Identity is Infinite Consciousness be­ing Infinitely Individual and Individually Infinite, All-inclu­sively universal and Universally all-inclusive. This Infinite-­One-I-Am, being the One-Infinite-I-Am speaks with Authority, and all forms appear. No idea-thing is omitted. No thing, no conception is impossible unto Me. I-Am-Authority.

Whenever one seems to be confronted by error in any guise, no matter how time-honored, how revered, how tragic, horrible, benign or malignant, do not hesitate to utilize your Authority and be instantly free. Use your Authority and pass it under the rod—-know that God being all, this is either a full manifestation of God's Perfection, wholly glorifying the Alone One Love, Purity, Goodness, or else it is a lie and a liar without place, power, substance, history or identity. Then joyously go along about the business of being the One-I-Am Individually Identifying My Self as the Sole Conscious Pres­ence, Action, Life existent. As Truth is the entirety of Me, My Whole I-Identity, only Perfection is functioning, acting.

Love is Action. Only Conscious Awareness is motivation. Jesus did not try to know-the-Truth-about-the-evil, about the barren or false tree. He did not feel called on to know-the­-Truth-for-it. What can Truth do for that-which-is-not-Truth? Can Truth do anything to what-is-not-Truth? No!

Truth knows Truth only. Truth being Infinite, All, leaves no place, no thing to be error, or in error, in pain, trouble or matter. Truth being what It is excludes evil forever. Herein there is no fraud, no barren idea, form, thing. God conceives nothing worthless. No idea lies fallow in Mind. Every idea, every form-thing is here in Consciousness, and is in eternal use by Consciousness. Truth only being True exposes evil, the lie, as a lie. Hence evil cannot fool anyone. Its masquer­ade is finished. Its assumption, its presumption is withered. It disappears because there is no One, no Mind to believe it.

Always beginning with I-Am-Self-Identification, if that which is beheld is not One-being-Individually-Conscious, it is spurious, utterly false, nonsense. How can One behold that which is not, the One Self being all of all, the Alone Con­ceiver and conception? Who then sees the false thing? Who experiences, knows or identifies that which is a total denial of Self, God, Truth? Where can such be going on, Mind be­ing all-inclusive Totality?

Can Truth feel Its absence, an alien state, if Truth be Absolute Omniscience? On what authority is so-called finite sense based? Have you evidence in Truth that there is such a sense, or that its pretended testimony is valid? With what are you judging? If with Intelligence, can human sense pass in­spection? If judging on the basis of a self-fathered finite opinion, accepting its self-written letter of recommendation, is one not acting foolish? Every lie being self-fathered, pro­gressively lies for it has no Real foundation, authority, val­idity. Truth knows no lie, even as no lie is Truth.

He who wants to know and enjoy the Truth that is the Self of him, let him turn solely to Truth. It cannot be found elsewhere. Beholding the Truth that is your Self, you have Infinite Authority. You have Infinite Authority to behold your True Self. Nothing existent can challenge you, or deny you this Right, this very instant.

In Truth you see you are Free. You see you have never been bound, for no lie, no error, no denial of Good as Etern­ally Present, as this very Self-that-I-Am now has touched Truth. This is Authority. Use It. This is Power. Embrace It. This is Intelligence. Revel in It. This is thy Self. Be what I-Am, and stop trying to be, or insisting on attempting to be what-I-Am-not.

That Authority be even more clear, let us question further until we see It is Individually Undeniable, undeniably Individual Awareness, universally Unchallenged Self-identi­fication, and Self-identification inclusive of the unchallenged universe within the I-that-I-Am. Mind's full awareness of Its Individual Self is not only available to Conscious Identity, but is consciously identified, consciously used and enjoyed by Itself. God has nothing lacking, has nothing unavailable, noth­ing Intelligent Truth needs, must search for, seek out, dis­cover or acquire that It be infinitely Total, entirely Conscious, wholly Perfect, or Content and at Peace with Itself.

If "authority" is not an influence, a legal right to act, a lawful domination used over others, someone or something -—if it is not a power brought to bear upon someone or something -— if it is not a governing or compelling force wherein others, that is, people and things are involved, just what is it, you may still demand?

Authority is one with Truth only. From whence does Truth get Its Authority? What is Truth? Where? Who is en­titled to answer? On what is the answer based? What is the point of reference used in measuring Truth? With what is It being compared? In what scales can It be weighed? What type of measurement can be used, and by whom? Who will judge Its worth? Has such an one the Authority, is he expert in such matters, has he had experience in the past, is he re­liable? If he claims he is unbiased in his judgment because he is conversant with both sides, then he invariably must be double-minded, hence unstable in all his ways (See Jas 1:8.) and is not fit to judge; his verdict would be nonsense, because the things of Spirit are spiritually discerned only, and can­not be compared with another. (See 1 Cor 2:14.)

To judge that Truth is more righteous than evil is to still be in error. Any form of comparison is odious. "To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One." (Isa 40:25.)

Truth reveals there is only Truth. Nothing else exists with which to compare It. There is no other Authority. Truth is not getting the victory over evil, dominating error, com­bating sin, warring with the devil, vanquishing death and the grave. Truth reveals Perfection as the Sole One Presence, the very Individual One I Am and shall be forever. There is nothing that has to be done to bring It about. No prodigality has ever cost Me the Identity I Am. No purchase price needs be paid to recover, regain, or get back that-which-I-Am this very instant.

Truth reveals there is no sin or sinner, no errors of omission or commission, no fall, no redemption required or possible. Truth reveals Authority in full Constant-Action as this I-Am, this Intelligent Consciousness reading these words, using this moment, being the Individual I Am. This Aware­ness includes the universe, this body, all things as idea-forms in this, My Intelligent Consciousness, which is the Sole Sub­stance, Place, the Composition of them.

Conscious Intelligence is Present Authority that reveals I-Am, I-Identity is not within Its mental-forms, Its idea-pat­terns, things-—not in any idea-body. Idea-body is in Con­sciousness, I-Am-Intelligence, Self-Awareness, just as is the entire body-universe. This I-Am-Conscious-Perception, this Truth is Infinite Authority for Total Bliss this very moment. I do not have to go anywhere, learn anything, do anything to accomplish My-Being—-I-Am-what-I-Am NOW.

Yes, Dear Reader, Authority is what It is because of the nature of Love, Unadulterated Singleness, Infinite Intelligence in Total Action. The fact that Truth Alone is wholly true, irrefutable, irresistible, undeniable, forever substan­tiated as Actual, Real, Genuine and Complete makes It Ex­clusive Absolute Authority.

Because Truth is certain, positive, all-inclusive Knowl­edge, the Unchallenged Entirety of all that exists, It is Posi­tive Absolute Authority. Nothing exists to contradict It. Noth­ing unlike Truth is present. There is no mind to doubt, ques­tion, disbelieve, refute or go tangent to Truth. The Alone Mind is total in Its Awareness of Authoritative Truth.

Individual Conscious Intelligence voices Truth, knows, realizes, perceives and revels in the Truth that It is. Truth leaves nothing to be desired. Hence this Irresistible Power, Absolute Potency, Omniscient Truth reveals heaven at hand; complete satisfaction, contentment, entirety, the totality of Good already fully present in Its perfect state, action, func­tion, being Individually, thoroughly, consciously enjoyed.

When you voice Truth, do so as One Individual Intelligence,  I-Am-Real, I-Am-Being, I-Am-Identity having Author­ity, Power, Presence. Do not do it as being human, man, one­-among-many, a personality, or as did the scribes and the Pharisees. Do not prate Truth, using It as a formula by re­citing memorized truisms, or merely repeat statements that have appealed to you in the past. Such rote, such repetition, even if your words are correct, has no more strength, vitality, impact or inspiration than if you ground out your prayer on a praying wheel.

The Irresistible Authority of Truth reveals that One is forever free of whatever would contradict Reality, God. Faith in mere words, in sentences learned, in processes of thought, in formulas or systems, are finite throughout, and have no Authority whatever. While often a measure of relief may appear, it is generally of short duration, and then the process must be started all over again. One practicing this method of trying to procure Good will find himself beset by constant failure, heartache and fear. He is too busy battling evil, that-which-is-not, to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven already at hand, but will continue seeking It in the never-present to­morrow.

Speak as Authority. Speak as the One Truth. Speak the Truth One is—-the One-I-Am speaking! This One-I-Am knows that the sole One speaking, and that which is spoken, is Mind; is Perfect, All-inclusive Action here and now. No Truth ever came from a human. No human is Truth. There is no Truth in anything human, for there is nothing human in Truth. There is only Truth, for It is Infinite, All-inclusive, the Conceiver and the Substance of Its universe. There is nothing beside ALL. Truth, aware of this is Unchallenged Authority; Undeniable, Irresistable Authority!

When Truth is voiced It is Infinite Mind-Self doing it. No lesser Self could discover or comprehend Truth, recog­nize It, have the strength, the intelligence, the ability or have reason to voice It. God is His own spokesman. Only God can reveal Himself to Himself-—can enjoy Himself. Only God, Truth has Being for only Truth is Being. As repeatedly pointed out, nothing else is.

This Infinite One-I-Am always speaks with Authority because this One-I-Am speaks Truth, the Truth that is present Actuality. This Infinite Intelligence Individually Conscious speaks the whole Truth, the acting, functioning, pulsating, living, vital Truth that is the sole Fact present here and now. There is no reservation or evasion; no hedging, hemming or hawing; no temporizing, changing, vacillating; no waiting, no avoiding complete clarity. Mind is concise, open, frank. Truth has nothing to conceal or hide from Itself, and there is nothing else existent, hence nothing to hide from Truth.

Love is, and has All-Authority. There is none beside Infinite Love, hence there is no other to doubt, challenge, dispute, deny, repudiate, refute or disparage Love. Love speaks, Love conceives and idea-form-thing is; it is done, hav­ing Place, Identification, Substance; is present and usable to Love, but always and only as idea. Love is perpetually the entirety of the idea, even as Consciousness alone is the Con­ceiver, User and Location thereof. It must be obvious then, that Love alone has Authority concerning and including all things.

If it is Truth you speak, then always do so with Author­ity, or else hold your peace. It is best not to speak unless aware of the Fact that Truth is Wholly True; is God Himself present; is the Total Individual, the Entire Being, the Life, the Reality of this I-that-I-Am present here, conscious here, identified here now.

Should you have any other concept, any other identifi­cation, any other sense of Life, then it is not Truth you be­hold. Truth is All, or else All is untrue.

If what you voice is Truth, then It is all of all present. Why be timid about it? Why doubt that It is so? Who can question Love's Purity, Ability, Intelligence, Power, Infinity, Might, Strength, Capacity, Sagacity, Authority? Is there a finite, small, reactionary non-intelligence that can question the Unquestioned One, the Alone Being? If so, where is such? Who has seen such? Who knows such? How much authority has such, and on what merit is its authority based?

No mortal, no finite or human personality ever has known Truth. If such were possible, instantly the finite, the dimensional, the mortal sense or so-called identity would be blasted to nothingness. For that which is untrue to ingest In­finite Reality is impossible nonsense, even as a spot of dark­ness cannot absorb total light. For darkness to contact light spells the elimination of darkness.

For a lie to appear in Truth is impossible. For Truth to appear as a lie to Intelligence, Reality, is equally impos­sible. There simply is no contact, no meeting point between unreality-which-does-not-exist and Reality that is Existence. There is no duality; no common ground for opposites when Actuality is All, hence has no opposite.

Life and death do not feed at the same place, or on the same fare; sickness and Health, falsity and Truth, ignorance and Intelligence do not occupy the same sphere, use the same ideas, forms, things, or have authority over the same uni­verse. Where God is, there is none beside. Where nothing is king, there is nothing to be king over; no subjects, no place, no kingdom! Then what of the authority of such a so-called ruler, Satan, devil, evil?

The presence of the One Omnipotent Life, Intelligence excludes forever the possibility of a fallen Lucifer who has power, identity, place or ability to corrupt, tempt, or wield any authority whatever. Satan not only does not have power of any sort, he does not even exist!

From this it should be obvious that no work need be done, no Truth need be known concerning evil, the problem, the situation, the lie or condition. There is no Truth to be known for a sinning world, a sick body, a diseased society, a confused mentality, for there are no such to know any­thing about, for or concerning. One can know Truth only. Whatever is not Truth is but an assumption, and even the mentality supposed to be doing the assuming is a fiction which Truth knows not.

In Truth there is only Truth, Reality, Perfection, Actu­ality, That-which-is-present, the I-that-I-Am. Speak then with the Authority that this Truth gives utterance to; express It as the Truth that It is, and behold Its manifestations as the all-­inclusive universe of things present now for your total use.

When Truth speaks It does not fear the consequences, for there can be no contrary action or reaction. There is none but God, this I-that-I-Am speaking, and speaking with the Authority of knowing what-I-Am, with the Power-that-is-­Mind; speaking as the Omnipresent One-that-I-Am, Omnis­ciently Omnipotent, Omniactive everywhere, All-inclusively Universal. This is Authority, the full and unchallenged Authority of Infinite Being, Individually aware of Conscious Universality.


Alfred Aiken