Contrary to what has been taught, lo these many cen­turies, there is no cause and effect in Truth, yet the whole of human existence is predicated thereon. The operation of cause and effect is responsible for the race, its mortal pat­tern of birth, maturity, decline, death. Without this dual con­viction, no man-made deduction or conclusion would appear valid. Without cause and effect there could be no beginning, no end; no creation, no man; no shortage, lack, excess, trouble, fear, disease; no fall from Grace, no sin, hence no atonement. There would cease to be the great moral objective, namely the requirement, plan, scheme, method or contrivance whereby "man" supposedly wins back, recaptures, regains, or reclaims a lost Divinity.

If it were not for the assumption of cause and effect there would be no teaching of a creator and a creation, of dominion and those who are dominated. There would be no levels, planes, degrees, comparisons of high and low; no opposites, no duality. There would be no animality, carnality, materiality; no hell versus heaven.

The general conviction of mortality is so set, so unquestioned and unchallenged, that the belief has the sem­blance of law. This belief in a "mist"-originated, a fog-life wherein there is no God, no Life, no Perfection, no Satisfac­tion is the springboard from which the violent commotion, the rush, the hustle and bustle, the friction and distortion, the suffering and dying of its purported material product, gathers momentum.

Humanity claims that for every act there is a cause; that each effect fathers further effect, ad infinitum. Dimensional mind claims that effect is cause, while cause, going backward toward its so-called origin, is effect. To bolster this assumption, humanity believes in a first great mystical cause which it sometimes calls "god," and upon which it lays the blame for whatever is wrong with the race, the effect. Thus humanity's thesis purports to have a divine sanction, an im­pulsion and compulsion to "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it." (Gen 1:28.) Why should the earth have to be replenished (stocked, fully supplied, filled again or stocked anew---Webster), or be subdued if created or caused by God altogether good and perfect? There is not one iota of Truth in this assumption of creation.

God is not the author of cause and effect. They appear to exist only in the realm of nonsense, duality, anti-God. They are wholly mistaken in origin, totally false in operation, utterly vain and impossible in termination or conclusion. They have been a screen behind which the so-called human or racial mind with its rationalization, has hidden lest its impractical, its impossible appropriations appear in all their nakedness. Cause and effect are the fig-leaf garments of ignorance-of-Life, with which "man" has clothed himself---the tatters of supposition, sense-perception, education, hypnotic acquiescence.

These statements will not only appear preposterous, but downright insane to the one who approaches them as man, a mortal mentality, an offspring of biology, an effect of fric­tion, of nerve-irritation. Only by beginning with God, the Alone One can cause and effect be understood for what they are---supposititious laws of superstition, utterly void of legit­imacy, of Truth.

So long as one insists on being an effect, the product of cause (and there is no one who assumes that he was born, that he lives in his body and looks to it as a means of sur­vival, that isn't still being touched by the belief!)----so long as one assumes he is human, be his starting point either God, or biology, he is subject to the effect of his beliefs. As a human he will suffer mishaps, limitations, struggles, and find himself doing that which he would not, while failing to do that which he would. (See Rom 7:14-18.) Why? For no other reason than that all turmoil, privation, fear, anguish, frustra­tion, and confusion are the warp and woof of evil, chaos, darkness, ignorance, superstition, mistiness, nothingness.

There is not one iota of Reality, Actuality, Truth in aught that is based on cause and effect. There is no God in it. Yet, within this framework is summed up every form of limitation from which you would escape. Herein supposedly is every rule that circumscribes you, or ties you to dimen­sions. Due to these spurious laws you are faced with situa­tions that are horrible, irksome, overburdening, disruptive, enslaving, diseased, abortive.

Happiness, heaven at hand, is the Awareness of the Presence of God. Herein is no limitation whatever, no cause or effect. God causes nothing, and God has not been caused. He is not a creator, nor has He been created. God is truly "without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life." (Heb 7:3.)

You may not desire to accept this, but it is Truth never­theless----there is no creation; there is no effect of God; God is not the primal, the first or great cause, theology to the con­trary. There is only God Himself, being. Being, being Itself only. This Truth does not give rise to effects, a production, an accretion. All is God, being God. All Action is God. All Substance is God. All of Existence is Life living. There is nothing else.

The whole of "man's" occupation is one of obtaining a living, carving a place for himself within his time-sense of society. Always there is a battle to be fought. He generally desires more than three score years and ten, there is so much he wants to do. Nowhere in the human pattern, the racial drive is there a stopping place, yet he knows at the outset of the race that his gains will be stripped from him----that death will take the spoils. He labors under the conviction that this is an inescapable certainty, yet he battles on, seldom if ever questioning the rules of this game that are stacked against him-a game in which no human player can win.

Does Truth know aught of birth, frustration, disease, struggle, privation, death? Can the victim of evil pray him­self up to God? Will God open a way of escape from Satan's trap? Did God ever promise that whosoever prays to Him sincerely, will be answered? Is prayer the only method, or system whereby one can free himself of sin and its conse­quences? Carefully consider these questions before answer­ing them. Is your answer based on a general acceptance of cause and effect, or upon the Absolute Allness of Infinite Perfection?

Have you ever met a sufferer, one bent under the bur­den of fear, of trouble and sickness, and had him tell you that he prayed earnestly, yet his difficulty was still with him? How can this be, if earnest prayer is the way to All-Good? Would you say his prayer was not sincere enough, hence was not answered, or is it that he does not know what true prayer is, so does not pray aright?

Could it be that the sufferer really does not know to Whom he is praying; does not know that God is the Infinite Alone Presence wherein there can be no evil or its works? If one does not know the One to whom the prayer is directed, how can he pray that prayer which is always answered, and instantly so? If ignorant of God, how can his praying be cor­rect, vital, authoritative?

Prayer is more than a mere request, a plea, an appeal to Almighty God. The prayer that is answered immediately requires something other than sincerity, faith, humility and trust. Prayer prayed in Truth (and there is no other true prayer) never fails to be answered here and now. There is no waiting. What is more, the Answer is Absolutely Satisfy­ing---the-peace-be-still to every suggestion of duality, of fear, suffering, lack and sorrow.

As a human, one's sincerity or the length of time spent in praying to a God who, as man he cannot know, will not save him from going the way of all flesh, and whereby his place shall know him no more. Because it is so unnecessary, so futile, it makes the folly appear doubly tragic, yet this pattern, with some modern refinements, will seem the norm so long as one insists on playing prodigal from the Self, clinging to human identity; to cause and effect----a mythical deity, time, separation, duality, biology and all included therein, as the explanation of his being.

Do not be dismayed if the protests to these pronouncements, or if the mutterings of anger rise in pitch until they are like thunder. The lie, posing as Truth, evades, voids and avoids that which reveals its nakedness.

The proud intellect defends intellectualism lest its theo­retical foundation, its inconstant compromise and rationaliza­tion be exposed. The learned do not like to appear ridiculous. The zealot does not like to be entrapped by his zeal. The pious, the martyr, the doer-of-good does not like to discover he has wasted his years being prodigal, rooting among husks that even the swine find useless.

Nevertheless, regardless of how real, how valid, how powerful and present evil, duality, the human race is be­lieved to be----what is said, or supposedly done for it, by it or because of it---Truth's edict to whatever implies aught beside Perfect Omnipresence stands for Eternity: "Depart from me, ye that work iniquity ... I (the Forever Perfect One wherein there is no deviation, no separation, no duality or betrayal) never knew you." (Matt 7:23.) "Thou (God, Love) art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on in­iquity." (Hab 1:13.)

Will not our present system of government, free enter­prise, our society be disrupted, nay, abolished by turning to the Allness of God? Fear not. Did the form, the body vanish into thin air when the prodigal came to himself, came to the Truth of who and what the I-Am-Identity is? Was it not the fiction of prodigality, the illusion that Life can forsake, be­tray, quit Itself, or stop being Life, that dissipated, that faded into that nothingness wherein only it had pretense of exist­ence? (See Luke 15:11-32.)

Nothing Real can disappear. Only what is within and of this Reality, exists. Whatever purportedly contradicts Ab­solute Present Perfection is without foundation, is without presence, power, identity. Such need not be destroyed---in fact, it cannot be destroyed for it is not. To attempt to do aught with evil, or to it, one must deny Truth; he must func­tion from the premise of cause and effect, that God is a liar, Truth is false, Life is mortal, Omnipresence is absent, Omni­potence is powerless, Omniscience is stupid and that Omni­action is paralyzed. Naturally, under this delusion, evil's victim finds himself avoiding Awareness, repudiating Author­ity, denying his Identity and at war with the Self. Can such confusion work the works of God?

Truth destroys nothing that is true, genuine, actual, real. Truth being Infinite excludes the possibility of opposition. Truth being Omnipresent Omnipotence destroys nothing un­real, untrue, non-genuine, non-actual, for no such exists to be destroyed.

Metaphysics would have you apply Truth to the problem so that the lie, the error will vanish and you will be healed. Would you say this is God's Way? Remember, before you answer, that the Fact is: God is all Truth; All Truth is God, so there is naught but the all that God is. This leaves no un­Truth to be dealt with. God being the Alone-One-All excludes Satan. God does not heal evil, or cause evil to go anywhere.

God being God leaves evil, Satan, no place to begin with, hence no place to end the career it never has!

God conceives, but He is not a producer in the sense that He creates or manufactures, puts together or assembles aught. Whatever God forms, the ideas that God conceives are not an objectified or material product, an effect caused by God. All ideas in Mind are Mind-forms. Consciousness is the One who forms them, the Substance of which they are formed.

Ideas are but patterns, outlines in infinite variety in Consciousness. Naturally they are inseparable from the Mind conceiving them. At no time are these ideas something that can act or be sufficient unto themselves. They do not exist outside of Mind. Their form is one with their conception. Mind outlines or patterns what It will. There is no one "who can hinder him; who will say unto him, What doest thou?"

(Job 9:12.)

Not a single conception, idea or form can give rise to another idea, be its parent or cause. No idea can even identify itself. An idea is forever but an idea. It is never God, never Mind, never alive, but always in God, Mind, Life.

To repeat, no idea, form, manifestation has a mind of its own, movement or function of its own, ability to produce, reproduce, cause or bring about, influence or even to know, acknowledge, or be aware of any other idea. No idea or form can outline, be conscious, be alive, be aware, think, perform, suggest or even know itself.

Each idea, form, manifestation or pattern of Mind, while it is wholly and entirely conceived by Consciousness, in Consciousness, for and as Consciousness, is never conscious, never knowing, never intelligent, never Action, never a self­identity. Only Mind is active, functioning, conscious, Self­aware. Only God is Life, Intelligent. Only Mind feels, knows, has sensation.

Due to false education we have been indoctrinated to assume that Self-Consciousness, the I-Am-Identity is in the idea-body, and that body-idea moves, knows, feels, hears, sees. We suppose that the body can produce, can cause other like ideas or forms to appear. We are usually very certain that its personal intelligence can influence and control other ideas, ideas like or even unlike itself.

What results from this general mesmerism? Wars and conflicts of all sorts, not only within the body physical, be­tween separate ideas making it up, but in the body domestic, the ideas in the home, and in the body politic---in the com­munity, state, nation, and global governments. There is little doubt but what eventually the human's love for war will ex­pand to interglobal and galactic dimension, when such be possible.

As repeatedly pointed out, Consciousness does not exist in Its form, Mind in Its idea. God cannot be within what He conceives. An idea is not an effect, not a product existing apart from, separate, independent, or outside of Mind. A conception is conceived in Consciousness, for and by Con­sciousness, and existing only as what it is, a form, an idea­-thing. It exists nowhere else, having no other Substance. God alone employs the idea, for it cannot use or make use of it­self, having no mind, identity or life of its own.

We have been taught that the body acts, planets move, nature evolves, storms gather, grass grows, volcanoes erupt. rivers flow, seasons change and no physical thing remains constant. In Truth we behold that only God exists; Life is, and is the Sole Action, Function, Substance, Presence and Power, the all of all. Infinite All-inclusive Being leaves no opposite or opposition, no change or changeling, no birth or death, no cause or effect.

No idea, no body has a separate mentality, a conscious awareness. No idea, body can think, know, do, or be on its own, or by itself. It cannot reproduce, biology to the con­trary. It has no God-power, God-ability, God-life or Authority. Of itself, an idea is nothing. God is all of all there is, which includes every Real-idea, form, body, thing. Spirit, Con­sciousness is the Infinite All-inclusive One.

The myriad ideas with which Mind is teeming are in Infinite Mind Itself. They cannot be taken from Mind, nor set themselves up in contradistinction to Mind. They cannot oppose, or unionize in opposition to God. They cannot exist or have identity apart from Mind who alone identifies, who knows them into, and hence retains them in Being-is their sole being.

Should one attempt to discover what, why and where an idea is, outside of Mind, he is doomed to defeat before he begins. "Ask me (God, Truth, Mind) of things ... con­cerning the work of my hands." (Isa 45:11.)

We have been educated to think mostly in terms of things. Our search for Good is generally in terms of things, possessions, supply, money. Things appear as all-important­ as able to do for us, or give that which we desire. We assume that one idea can beget another; that this thing can enable us to accomplish that thing; that the more things we have, the more things we can get.

This teaching is not God's Way. It would cause every effect to be cause, to be God, Intelligence, a conceiver. The belief of cause and effect robs Infinite Consciousness at every step. It assumes Power to be where no power is.

That "idea" be clear, let us examine it further. Human belief claims there is Life, Action, Intelligence, Conscious­ness in body, form, in idea where no such can be. This belief mesmerizes its victim to look to things, and the possession of things as being the desired lot of each, of being Heaven on earth. Things, things, things become the order of the day, the pursuit of everyone. One daily works his allotted hours in order to collect a check, which in turn pays taxes, buys food, shelter, clothing, with a small bit for recreation, merely in order that he can return tomorrow to the same grind, ad infinitum.

He who accepts this human belief that body is his iden­tity, his residence, the source of sensation, of productive and reproductive potential finds that that body grows old in time, slows down with advancing years, wears out with hard usage and goes into the grave. He also assumes his brains are the seat of intelligence, so he looks to them to guide him through a winding labyrinth of confusion, fear, turmoil and chaos, hoping that these same brains will win him a place in the nebulous hereafter. He hopes that there is such a place, a place where things will not be quite so rough!

Undivorced from this belief is the universal assumption that all we are as humans has been given its start, its trend in the past by ancestors---that the color of the body, its bony structure, genes and mores are thanks to those who have gone before. This belief declares we are today at the peak of evolution, the finest of the strain, and that it is up to us to go forward for the good of the race.

As a human, our religious concept is apt to be in accord with the general opinion of deity, a god out somewhere in the great beyond. Many feel that this god whom they profess to love, and who purportedly loves them, is so very far away that even though they pray, there is little expectation that he will hear them. Looking out upon their world there is even less evidence that he hears the cry of the other countless millions!

How about the untold generations who have gone be­fore---did they not also pray to theology's god-and did not every one of them go down into the pit, dying the way most people do, in the pain and suffering of disease, old age, dis­aster?

Judging as a human, from the evidence of our educated senses, is evil any less rampant today than it was yesterday? Is not disease still taking its perfect toll? Are not hate and war as prolific, and is not death as certain in this century as it has been in the days gone by? If this is so, of what use then is prayer? If one prays merely because he has been trained to do so, why should he expect an answer? Is it logical to believe that any of us can truly love and absolutely respect a god who permits evil to coexist with him, exert the lion's share of influence, corrupt and deprave his servants and leave us practically on our own with only faith and hope as weapons?

Dear Reader, do not let this picture of negation, this picture of humanity and its unreasonable reasoning from effect to so-called cause, alarm, annoy, disturb or confuse you. From the vantage point of Truth, behold it if you can. You will discover it is not existent. In Truth, ask your Sole Self, your Infinite Intelligence if God the Almighty, the Omni­present All-Good, All-Loving, Pure, Undefiled, Adorable One includes any human nonsense. Can Truth admit or permit such contradiction, such inconsistency within Infinite Con­scious Awareness?

If the Truth of your Sole Identity is not clear to you, then for the moment put yourself in the place of God (pre­tend for the moment you are God, for clarity's sake). As God, just what manner of God would you be? Remember, as God, you are Infinite Intelligence Itself! You are Almighty! Now, as God, the Alone All of all, Absolutely Pure, Whole, hence unable to even imagine any impurity, alienness, otherness, unholiness, would you look upon mortality, upon that which denies you entirely? Would you, could you as God, behold turmoil, havoc, confusion, bickering, greed, lack, limitation, fear, disease, insanity, death? As the Sole Conceiver of all things, would you wonder how evil, that which you did not conceive, that which calls you a liar and is opposed to all you are, came about? Could you acknowledge evil in any possible way? Would you be forced to question what you could do to it, with it, or against it?

Could you, as The Alone Infinite One, The All of all accept something in addition to your Self; a creation of mortals who, for continuity and self preservation depend upon your absence; a race that is basically, and of necessity opposed to you being The-Alone-One-Without-Another?

Could you as The Infinite All-inclusive Entirety, accept, know or behold the existence of a sinning, erring, backslid­ing, fallen, fighting lot of finite animality; of material man, or human beings? Could this Infinite True Awareness admit another power or influence called cause and effect, resulting in birth and death, duality in all things, hell and the grave?

Could you, The Alone All, Absolute Truth, Omnipresent Life know of something you did not conceive; something beside, something contrary to your Allness? Could or would you listen to this something, this "mist"-produced race cry­ing out in its misery? Could you intercede now and then, occasionally manifest your Presence, exhibit your Power (which is no longer Almighty, seeing that you are not now the Sole One) or arrange that this purported creation (which, by the way, Satan credits to you) be chastised, whipped into obedience, humbled by suffering, and ultimately punished for its infractions of your rules by burning in hell for etern­ity? Can God know aught of evil's fabled production, and yet be the Sole Entirety of Existence, the Total, the Only Substance, Mind, Intelligence, the Conceiver of the whole universe and all that is therein?

If then, you as Infinite Intelligence cannot conceive such a travesty, such inconsistency, such duality, is it possible for Infinite Love, Unadulterated, Uncontaminated Purity to do so? Or do you consider that as a human being you could, and would do a better job than God, provided you had His power and intelligent ability? If you, at present assuming yourself to still be somewhat human, cannot imagine making such a mess of the world, can you in all fairness accuse Infinite God of being less loving, just, upright and intelligent? Before you judge God you should turn to Truth that you might know what God is, what He is doing, how and why. In Biblical language, if you, assuming yourself to be human (evil) know how to give good gifts to yourself and your world, how much more so does Absolute Perfect Infinite Intelligence know how and where to enjoy All-Good! (See Mat 7:11.)

My friend, let me urge you strongly to investigate with open awareness what manner of God Infinite Intelligence is. Do not sell God short. Do not judge Truth until you behold Its nature. Do not assume Life has made mistakes, is subject to the dictates of evil, is born or can die. Fully inquire of Soul what It knows and why. Do not pass sentence on Love until you are sure you behold Love as It is in Truth. Do not listen to any teaching, no matter how time-honored, or by whom it is held in reverence, without turning to Life Itself to see if this teaching gives The Alone One Presence, The I­-That-I-Am all the honor, glory, power, intelligence and action that belongs to Him.

As your foundation for daily living, do not trust, adhere to, or use that which demands, as your first step, the robbing of God, the discrediting of Truth, the repudiation of Life, the dishonoring of Spirit, the disparagement of Awareness, the adulteration of Love, the betrayal of Self. Every form of edu­cation based upon duality, upon a division, a fall, a separa­tion or departure from the Perfection of Omnipresence, is error. Every teaching that includes the existence of evil in its thesis, includes devils, Satan, a something opposed to The One Alone Intelligence, Truth, is fraught with disaster for it is absolutely false throughout. Every concept predicated on cause and effect is doomed to ultimate exposure as a fraud.

No, Dear Reader, God knows nothing of this "mist"­-creation, the talking serpent, the Adam curse, a present day humanity with its multiplied troubles. God is present tense only, and as Omnipresence He is not creating a creation, conceiving man, or producing aught that can. God does not hear humanity's cry because where God is all there is no humanity. Consciousness knows nothing of man; does not chastise or even include the human animal within Mind.

Does this pronouncement dismay you? Do not let your heart be troubled. Pointing out the folly of Satan, the in­validity of evil, the impossibility of disease, disaster and decay does not leave you helpless or hopeless. Truth pre­cludes the possibility of the "mist," its evil, its devil, its god, its creation and victim. You are not being robbed, not being deprived in any way. In Truth you cannot know or experience privation of any Good.

Never assume that Intelligence is saying to Its I-Am-­Identity, this I-Identity reading these words, that this universe is not Real, or that Mind knows nothing of this wonderful world in which I joy! The Infinite Individual, God, being In­dividually Infinite as this I-that-I-am, conceives, knows and forever includes all there is of this earth, this galaxy, this universe. Everything that exists is within this Individual Con­scious Awareness; is perfect as the Consciousness in which it has form; is subject to this Consciousness only, hence is safe and secure for Eternity.

God can know nothing more intimately than He does this I-Am-Identity, because It is God Himself being Infinitely Intelligent; Life being Individually Alive; Mind being Indi­vidually, All-inclusively Conscious; Soul being Total Action, All-sensible, Absolutely Cognizant of utter Perfection, Pure Beauty, Unrestricted and Undimensional Immensity, Reality, Self-being. This is the I that I am, now and in all ways. Can I ask more? I can never be less. And nowhere throughout my I-Identity can I find either cause or effect, evil, Satan, duality, creation, a fall or the demand to rise again, a "time" in which atonement is either feasible or possible.

Infinite Intelligence is God, is Mind, the Sole Identifier of Existence including all, because It is all of all. Every form, every variation is included, being as endless as Infinity is Boundless. Mind continues conceiving Its variations of ideas so long as Eternity lasts. God never finds Himself bored by sameness. Love, while pure, undefiled, free of alienness, is not static, inactive, catatonic, phlegmatic, but is dynamic, alive, vital, enjoying Its newness, Its freshness, thrilling with enjoyment and satisfaction. Almighty Intelligence cannot know routine, dullness, ennui.

What, to the mistaken, the dull and befuddled so-called human sense is an objective creation of matter, to Spirit's Perception is a form of Reality conceived in and by Omni­present Mind. In this Light you behold that your I-Identity, instead of being "man," encased in a temporal body, is Spirit being Infinitely Individual, including the idea-body. How does this I-that-I-am appear to Mind? Perfect, Whole, Com­plete. As whom? God Himself only. There is no other One to see, to know, to be. God is the Alone Infinite One. Hence there can be none beside.

Ideas (things) are so misunderstood, so apt to be viewed from a physically objective standpoint that it is doubly im­portant we clarify their definition, even at the risk of pro­lixity. When Mind perceives Its idea-mountain, cloud, tree, ocean, flower, grain of sand, body, animal or any other thing, at what is Spirit looking? Consciousness sees a form, an idea It has conceived within Itself. This idea is an outline, a design, an impress or "thought"-conception only, Abso­lutely-real to Consciousness. It is Mind that forms the idea, that is its entirety; its substance, place, employer. The idea cannot leave its Designer, cannot get out of Mind, enter an­other or belong to another.

No idea has to shift for or provide, maintain or sustain itself. It does not belong to itself, or to a person (spiritual or material), to a man, a mortal, or to a human you or me, even if personal education, personal sense and general opinion says to the contrary.

While this may seem hard to grasp, it is inevitable, for it is Truth. As you behold the universe from Truth's view­point (and there is no other Legitimate, Genuine viewpoint!) the nature of things will be clear. In that very moment you will see that indeed you have laid up treasures "where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal." (Mat 6:20.) Only then can you see why you do not have to "take thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink: nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on ... Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these . . . shall he (God, Mind, Self) not much more clothe you?" (Mat 6:25, 28-30.)

Only in God's Way can you discover that you, inclusive of all things, are safe and secure; that your universe, this very one right here, this very body right here is not subject to wars or the ravages of war, disease, time and appetite.

Should aught seem wrong with my universe, or with my body, this one I am most accustomed to use, what will result from turning to the Allness of God, you may demand? Must I not "do" something to rid myself of the cause of this troublesome condition, this disease? How can I stop my suf­fering? What of my amputated limb, my disordered organs, my high temperature? What of my problem---what will hap­pen to me while I am striving to contact Infinite Mind?

To attempt to answer these questions on the human level is folly. Only he who turns wholly to God, hence wholly away from his trouble, knows the Answer. To such, the argu­ments of cause and effect are as insubstantial, as powerless to hold one in bondage to a fabled Satan and his nefarious works, as the tale concerning our moon being composed of green cheese!

By turning completely to Truth one discovers that Life Alone is present. This Life is all there is anywhere, every­where. There is no other state, no other condition existent. This Infinite Love being All, in Total Operation everywhere, precludes the possibility of another mind, conception, iden­tity, feeling, awareness or sense. It leaves nothing but Good, present in all Its perfection, beauty, action, being. It leaves nothing evil, nothing to and nothing for evil, nothing lacking, nothing diseased. Omnipresence leaves no disaster, no cor­ruption, no evil one, no one evil or the victim of evil. Soul being All excludes cause, for there is nothing left to cause, and no effect therefrom. As there is no cause, there can be nothing caused, contrary or opposite, nothing opposed to In­finite Good.

Beholding Truth, you discover that Spirit is the En­tirety of Being, of every form, the whole Substance of all Existence, and there is not an additional mote of mind be­side. This leaves no evil mentality to claim it is personally present, or that it can think, plan, know, execute, produce re­sults, manufacture discord, or bring forth after its kind.

In the Light of Truth one finds that the scales immedi­ately fall from his vision. With his very own Infinite Percep­tion he sees his universe, body and all things as they are, forms of Spirit, ideas in Mind, perfect, enduring, affluent and absolutely satisfying in their undimensional availability forever. He sees that every idea is as perfect as the Conscious­ness of which, and in which it is composed-that this Sub­stance is God, uncontaminated pure Love, Intelligent Aware­ness.

Where, to the seeming confused Adam sense, every thing looked limited, disordered, diseased, imperfect, and unsatis­fying, they now appear as they Really are---whole, perfect, divine, conceived or formed in, by, for and of Spirit only.

However, remember that while all is Spirit, Conscious­ness, and in Spirit, Consciousness, God is not in any thing! While Conscious Awareness is all there is of the conception­ body, organ, limb, still Awareness is not in the idea-body­ thing. The conceptions are but Mind-forms. They are never Consciousness, hence never conscious; never the Conceiver, or the Substance which is responsible for their formation or form. All things are in Intelligence, but not one thing is ever intelligent. Only God, the I-that-I-Am, Mind, Spirit is intel­ligent, knows, is conscious, is Life, Being, Substance!

Beholding Truth as Truth is, means that I behold my Self as I-am. This Truth-view of my Self obliterates any so-called problem. It appears as "healing," instantaneous freedom, but actually I discover in this Light that I have never been prodigal, never been ill, never been a stranger in the foreign land of evil, of "mist"-begotten gods or devils, and was never their victim. What appears as "healing" is but Truth-Awareness that there is nothing present but God, Per­fection; that Spirit being Whole throughout, nothing unlike Good can exist; that Truth alone being All that is True ex­cludes the contrary, so there is nothing to be healed, helped, corrected, set right, overcome or escaped from.

Self-awareness is true Salvation, for It leaves no cause, no effect, no human history, no past to flee from, or future to dread; leaves no time whatever; leaves but the Omnipres­ent I-that-I-am, perfect in My Allness.

Truth reveals One Being only, that is this I-that-I-am wherein I cannot have a double, a stand-in known as the I­-that-I-am-not!

Truth reveals that this very I right here includes the one and only universe. There is no other Life or world, a spirit­ual heaven or location yet to come, any more than there has been one that was, that left, and that will appear again in some far off future. This very I-Am-Life, consciously alive to being the I-that-I-am this moment, is Divine, Perfect now. This is the Truth of Whom-I-Am, and includes the world which I am now enjoying. Whatever, and whoever contradicts this is contradicting Truth, God.

Turning to Truth, nothing, no-thing is omitted. No one is left out. There is no human selfishness in this Awareness. All are included in this Self-knowledge, this Truth-knowing "from the least of them unto the greatest of them" and herein their sin, their sickness, their trouble is remembered "no more." (Jer 31:34.) One cannot know the Self as He is, with­out including His universe. In beholding the universe of Truth, one discovers that there is "no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God (doth) lighten it, and the Lamb (Singleness, Simplicity, Purity) is the light thereof. And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring glory and honour into it. And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night (no ignor­ance, no mythical superstition, darkness) there. And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsover worketh abomination, or maketh a lie." (Rev 21:23-27.)

One cannot enter heaven, a sense of peace, plenty and security by storm, by human effort, or by the door of theol­ogy, education, petition, or subterfuge. There is but One Way, and that Way reveals that the I-Am of you has never left Its I-Am-Identity, hence never became prodigal. This being Truth, One cannot return, nor does He need to. The I-Am-that-­I-Am includes heaven this moment. God is all of all right now. God can never be more than He is, nor can evil be less than it is. God can never improve, evolve, become more per­fect than His present Perfection. Evil, "nothing," can never become less than nothing.

What is seen from Truth's-Mount-of-Vision may seem too Good to be True, if one tries to weigh It on human scales. As the god of the Greeks was a Greek god, the god of the Romans a Roman god, the god of the Jews, a Jewish god, so the god of mortals is a mortal god. To the human, the God of Truth, the Only True God is a liar. The human will resent this statement, nevertheless the god of a human is but an enlarged human-a god of opposites, hate, violence, temper, wrong-doing and repentance, war, jealousy and revenge!

No matter how long the prodigal sense may pretend it can delay True-Identification, My I-Identity remains Whole, Perfect, Unchanging. My I-Am-Self is intact. God, the One, the only true God, Love Divine, is the Whole of My Being, My Sole Life, Consciousness, the Entirety of Me inclusive of My universe. Why not enjoy this Truth now? What do I accomplish by putting it off till tomorrow? Can I do so, and will tomorrow ever come?

This Truth precludes cause and effect, wars and the effects of war. It excludes evil with its purported curse, its by-products, its ultimate wage of death.

No longer attack form, body, the innocent and helpless victim which appears to be performing the evil, or by means of which evil appears to have legitimacy, movement, reality, personality, identity. Leave evil, its pretended workings and location entirely alone. Turn to Truth only. In Its Light you will behold there never was a cause for Satan, or any Satan to cause aught. There never was or is any effect from evil, that which is never existent.

A "mist" is not a producer, not a cause that can bring forth products. Only God is, and His Entirety includes the various forms or ideas of this Infinitude, but all is part and parcel, undivorced, inseparable from Mind, Conscious Being. This Conscious Awareness is Genuine and everlasting Se­curity, Safety, Serenity. This is the Constant Assurance that the Kingdom of Heaven is forever at hand, forever within you with all of its Undimensional Affluence, yours to utterly use and enjoy. One never waits for it. One never has to seek it out. One is Indivisibly One with It.


Alfred Aiken