No one who identifies or classifies himself as a member of the human race, the race of man, can escape the complex of guilt. It is as inborn, as inherent as that the human is sup­posedly more advanced than any other animal on the face of the earth. Certainly "man" considers himself the highest form of life on this planet!

With the feeling of guilt is a feeling of shame, of em­barrassment. Webster in part, defines the word "guilt" as a violation of law, involving a penalty; sin; culpability.

Is there a mortal who does not labor under the delusion that because of sin, death came into the world? (See Rom 5:12.) Is this not the basis of theology? Does not hell, the grave await all who are "born of woman?" (See Job 14:1-10.)

Do you know of any human who was not so born? Then could it not be this "horning" which is the sin that which is synonymous with the death penalty-the first death or end called "start" which demands another death or end called “stop?”

From whence is Life? What is Life? Does It depend upon two humans, two bodies of opposite sex to "spark" It into being? On what is your answer based-on Truth, or on sense testimony, theory-on what Life knows, or on what human sense assumes must be the case if any plausible answer is to be given to this finite phenomenon?

God alone is Life and did not begin via gender, nor does Life, God depend on malehood and femalehood as a means of continuity, eternity. God is One Life, the Only Life. There is no other. God is the Life of all-all Life, and God cannot die.

But, you may say, there is birth and death, as any doctor will testify! Certainly you cannot deny what your eyes tell you! Education, science and sense-testimony bear out the fact that all are mortal!

True, not a single human being knows a fellow human who is giving evidence of perpetual longevity, immortality. All humans are subject to time, age, ultimate decline. Not one personal identity can boast uninterrupted continuous freshness, aliveness, vitality, vigor, wherein time has never laid its fatal finger; wherein the original curse supposedly inflicted upon Adam and Eve for wrong doing, has not left the mark of Cain, the penalty of sin! If you do not believe in this particular Biblical myth, any other will do, for they are Legion. Every era and every race has its favorite, but the end result is always the same---that which is born, goes into the grave regardless of its tribal worship!

We have been taught from the moment teaching was possible, that we were conceived in sin and brought forth in iniquity, even though our parents were duly married and the conception took place under clerical sanction. The church has been duly authorized by law to conduct marriage that there be no moral, no sinful offense against society, and to insure the offspring of such union a recognized and respected place in this society. However, without theological or even civil authorization, the human act of bringing forth offspring is frequently accomplished without undue strain, but does the social status of the parents in any way influence or alter the mortality of the child, increase or decrease the death penalty due-as-the-wage-of-sin? Do not the authorized as well as the unauthorized biological products go the way of all flesh, namely into the grave?

Why is this so, if God has provided, sanctioned, blessed one of the ways? Should one be punished for following God's behest? Is the same reward, wage or penalty due whichever method is followed? How is one to judge the justice of this apparent decree, and can one be certain as to whether or not it is God's decree? Can one be certain whether or not Life has anything to do with any aspect of the transaction, or if it is but the outgrowth of the original mist that went up from the face of the ground and gave rise to every mortal pattern? Can one know if he is judging after the seeing of the eye and the hearing of the ear---judging humanity on the standards erected by humanity---or judging righteous judgment which is Divine, and wherein there is nothing human?

Remember, the curse supposedly placed upon Adam and Eve was the penalty for violation of law, the breaking of a rule. It was the result of their guilt, their wrong doing, their disobedience. The Lord is purported to have laid down a definite prohibition concerning the tree of Life. But how?

The very manner in which Adam and Eve were warned from the tree would amount to the most irresistible tempta­tion. To point out in such glowing terms that they could eat of all the other trees, but that this special one was of such a nature that it would "do" things to them, or bring about an experience it was best for them not to have, could have but one possible effect, namely, that their attention would be attracted to the forbidden experience as a magnet draws iron. The result was a foregone conclusion. The Lord did nothing besides threaten them. He did not instruct them, point out the dire consequences, or explain how the fruit of the tree would destroy them. He merely told them they would die.

In no other way did the Lord endeavor to protect either them or the tree itself. He did not remove his children, nor did he put the tree out of their reach, either of which he cer­tainly could have done by a mere word, being omnipotent!

Furthermore, what was the Lord doing with such a tree anyway---why was it in the Garden? What possible use could an evil tree, a death-bearing tree, a killer-of-life, a denier-of­good, have in the Lord's presence, in the garden of his special planting?

What did Adam and Eve know about death? Did the Lord's threat of death carry any weight with it? Did it con­jure up a picture of life's absence, opposite---a state utterly unlovely, unwholesome, a void, darkness? Had they ever seen death in any form up to this point? Had there been such a contradiction anywhere in the Garden---had anything there de­parted, or gone into a beyond?

Again, as death is only the result of sin, and until now there had been no sin, how did the Lord know anything of death? Did he plan and produce it? Did he arrange for it because he knew his offspring would be disobedient and would commit sin? If not, how could he so glibly declare that death would be the result of eating of one of his special trees?

If the Lord could recognize death, that which is the denial of his presence, his sole creativeness or singleness, then he must have been aware that he was not single, not the sole one at all. To deny Oneness, Singleness is sin itself wherein no Life can be. It is obvious then that this Lord is not God at all, but is a mere tribal deity, void of Truth or Reality, hence its supposed work or creation is as false as its own pretended identity.

Certainly the Lord is the first to be aware of evil and death, the first to speak of it. It is he, supposedly, who knows all about it. It is his pronouncements that have been taken by man as gospel-truth and enacted to the full ever since. But there is no God in any of this, no Truth, Power, Intelli­gence or I Am.

Even if one personally eschews this tribal deity as his god, the general human classification includes and controls him. No one walking the earth today as a human but what believes he was born of earthly parents, and that he is sub­ject to time, age, disease, death. He accepts that his body lives and that it dies, that he can be forced out of his body. He firmly believes that his body is his identity, that he was born into it and that it is all-important to him so long as he is walking the face of this planet!

No one who believes he is human can escape the curse of being human, which includes both birth and death. Hu­manity is damned at its outset. It has an evil origin and car­ries with it a sense of shame, a belief of wrongdoing or the possibility thereof; that our early progenitors committed sin and brought the evil of death to pass upon us. Do you know any human who does not believe he is the product of biologi­cal union, and that his time upon this mortal plane is limited, his days numbered; that when his number comes up he must "cash in his chips?"

Theology has promulgated the notion that we are fallen­-from-Grace, and must return to God. We are taught that we must work our way back to Perfection. That we must pay the wage of sin, undo our ancestors' evil, atone for their (or our) iniquity, and somehow regain our lost nature. To ac­complish this, theology lays down stringent rules of moral conduct, with emphasis mostly on "Thou shalt not---," but adding a long list of "Thou shalt---" which, when examined in the light of Intelligence, have all the earmarks of being further prohibitions.

Dear Reader, Life is God, and God never foisted any such nonsense on Himself. He never fell from Grace, never changed His perfection, never produced offspring, never tempted Himself (the Alone Mind), by assuming that some­thing desirable (hence something good) could exist, but that it must not be touched or used, for its enjoyment would pre­cipitate duality, oblivion, death; would establish another state, condition and presence beside Himself; would shatter, would terminate Infinite Unity, and admit something more or something less than All as all.

There is no curse. There is no man, no human, no mor­tal, no death. There is no history of development, no evolu­tion, no progression from nothingness to somethingness. Perfection is. Imperfection is not. The Infinite One is change­less, total, perfect and therefore cannot alter, progress, im­prove. How can that which is not and can never be (because it is merely the supposed absence of Being) come into being and do anything?

There is no aspect of Being that God, Mind, Conscious Awareness does not fully know, enjoy, use. There is no por­tion of the Self, the Sole Identity that Spirit is forbidden. Who can forbid God anything of God? Who or what can forbid any portion of Life to Life? What part of Allness can be withheld from All, and by whom or what? Are not these foolish questions? However, does not our education assume and teach such is possible and actually happening? Do we not accept as certain that there is a contrary to God; a con­dition inimical to Life; a power which denies Omnipotence; a state of lack, fear, evil that excludes Good?

The whole of Reality is real, actual, present. Life is ex­periencing Itself constantly, without hesitation, intermission or cessation. Life does not come and go, ebb and flow. Life is Being, Changeless Intelligence, Unadulterated Truth, Un­corrupted Fact, Individual Conscious Perfection. Herein can be no guilt, no Self-effacing curse, no condition to be waited out, worked out or suffered out.

As All is present always, and all belongs now to God, is consciously in full use by Infinite Intelligence, the I-that­I-Am, how could there be a temptation for something in ad­dition? Can anything be added to all? Can anything be missing, hence still desirable to All? Can All wish for more than totality? Can the One All conceive that which refutes Itself, Absolute Truth?

The answer is No! Then there is no tempted, no tempter, no temptation.

As God is the sole Mind, the sole One Presence, who can fall from Grace? Who can be changed? Who needs to receive absolution? Who is required to recover a lost posi­tion? Where is this lost position located? Who says so? On what authority? How would such a lost Soul get back to Itself seeing that God, the Alone One Presence has never become two, never gone anywhere, never altered His constant position of Total Omniactive Perfection, the Truth that This-I-Identity is the Sole-I-of-all, All-I, and there is no other?

Unmistakably then, there being no temptation, no tempter, no tempted, no curse, no departure of Perfection from Perfection, there can be no return, no propitiation for wrongdoing, no setting right possible, no recovery in Truth. There is no guilt, nothing of which One can be guilty; no appeasement, no price to be paid, no atonement for the Only never sinned, Truth never erred, Life never became less than It is.

As already pointed out, in every avenue of human his­tory, human endeavor, human accomplishment there is a flaw, imperfection. Humanity cannot pretend existence or identification without this flaw, the imperfection of reason. Its entire basis depends upon its purported split, schism or deviation from the One Alone God. It must have another state, duality in which to pretend to function, act, be. All its motion and commotion lies within the framework of fable, fabrication, falsification. Its every impulse rises from false identity, continues through endless labyrinths of mistaken assumption and ends in an impossible proposition.

There is absolutely no Truth in humanity. There is ab­solutely no humanity at all! There is but One Life, namely God, the Alone I-that-I-Am. There is no other Presence, no other Power, Authority, Identity or I-Am being. The One Alone is all. All is the Alone One only. There is nothing be­sides. This Consciousness of I-Am, this I-Am-Consciousness is the very Substance of the universe, the entirety of all things, and no particle of Substance is destructible, variable, divisible, alterable or corruptible.

The sole answer to the problems of humanhood is to begin with the Absoluteness, the Allness of God. Herein one beholds Truth only, Heaven itself. Herein is peace, quiet, plenty, eternal perfection, joy, satisfaction; an awareness of I-Am that does not suffer a subconscious, or inflate itself with a superconscious; does not waver, lust, sin, fear, falter, grow old or sick, fail or die.

Humanity simply cannot solve its problems by delving further into the problem of being human. It is not more hu­manity that is needed, but no humanity. Man cannot escape the limitations and mortality of manhood so long as he clings to the so-called claim that such exists, and he is it. So long as he works for manhood, with it, or insists that it alone is the I of himself, he will find that sowing to the wind results only in reaping the whirlwind. (See Hos 8:7.)

Even though ignorance, stupidity, evil purportedly as­serts God knows man, mortality, approves and authorizes humanhood, it is a total falsity. Intelligence knows naught of anything save Itself. To Truth there is only Truth.

Leave the picture that is troubling you alone. Do not try to solve it, demonstrate over it, deny it, heal it or escape from it by praying to Truth, or by a personal application of Truth to the condition. Any such effort is void of Truth-is "mist"-using Truth, and will prove of no avail aside from what faith in the process accomplishes. Any "result" is thanks to the faith involved, and not to Truth at all.

Truth is not a poultice, an anodyne or alleviative, a me­dicament or a means to improvement. Truth is true through­out. Truth is itself only. He who turns to Truth must begin with Truth as It is; must begin with Truth present, active, in­telligent, total, infinite, hence all-inclusive; as the Substance of all, hence All Substance, Being, Identity. Thus one can find no suffering, no sufferer, no greater or lesser presence, no otherness than Absolute Perfection as the Alone-I-that-I­-Am, here and now always, in all ways. Here in Truth is no mortalhood, no materiality, no cycle of birth and death, rise and fall, adulteration and purification, sin and repentance, departure and return, or prodigality at all.

Truth appears to heal in that It leaves only God, Good present wherein there is nothing to heal, for the One is not sick, neither indeed can be. This is genuine healing for there can be no return, no recurrence of the seeming trouble, for there was no such to begin with in Truth!

Truth reveals that as Life is all, there never has been evil or Satan to cast out, remove, overcome or treat against, treat with. Only Truth exists in Truth. In Truth only Truth exists. Evil is never Truth, nor is Truth ever evil.

Truth reveals this very instant that there never was a personal mind to believe in manhood, or to believe in other minds. There never have been minds many, minds that could do concerted thinking and thus bring about that which they purpose. There is no such thing as malpractice in Truth, for there is no mind save God only. No other mind exists with which to think either correctly or incorrectly concerning it­self or others, nor others to think about it. The I-that-I-Am is One Mind only. I do not have a personal mind, a make ­believe mind, a common human mind, a general or mortal mind, a racial or fear-laden, birth-death mind. I have but the One Mind that is the Intelligence, the Life, the Identity that is this very I-that-I-Am here and now; this Mind that is all there is; that is all-inclusive of My universe and is My full and sole I-Identity world without end!

The moment one is tempted to fight error, to dig out of belief any so-called cause for erroneous or painful condi­tions, or to assume he suffers, or his race suffers from some­thing that has gone on before, or even is now going on, he is helpless. Succor does not lie in delving deeper into belief, or by remaining quiescent in the middle of it. To have planes of thought, levels of consciousness, degrees of evolutionary development, super or subconscious minds, is to be prod­igal to the Self-to ignore Truth.

Dealing with cause and effect brings nothing to pass but further disaster. It is not more of error that will free one, but to be rid of the error entirely, and that can be done only by leaving it alone-by accepting Truth as the sole and only Fact, for in Truth there is no error. Every attempt to correct evil is based upon its purported existence-is based upon an assumption that Truth is not all of all, is not the only Truth, is not totally present and perfect; is based upon a sense that there is evil, that one knows it, hence is guilty of it, is separated from Singleness, Oneness, Perfection; that

one is aware of duality, opposites, ignorance, confusion; that one knows and experiences that which negates Good, God, Life, Purity, Immortality; that one can be and is identified as personal sense, born of woman into a body at such-and-such time, and thus stands as an evident refutation of Omnipresent Truth wherein there is no change, no time, no ignorance, fear, disease, lack or death.

Beholding the nature of God, admitting irrevocable Fact, acknowledging Truth to be inseparable, indivisible, all­-inclusive Reality is' all that the troubled one needs. This is his present I-Identity already. Acknowledging It does not make It more present or factual than It is, but Truth being the sole Fact of Existence It excludes the possibility of error or non-Truth, a "mist"-taken identity.

You are not asked to make God be God, to give per­sonal sanction so that Truth can be true, nor is human sense in any way asked to lessen or to take on the responsibility of Reality so that Life, Reality can become real! The Aware­ness of Intelligence reveals Self as It is, hence that the One-­I-Am-Being is not capable of being less than Perfect; is not sick, not troubled, not guilty of anything, not strayed or altered. Truth reveals Truth to be entire, without mistake or omis­sion, substitution, period of trial and probation. It is com­plete now and always is. Truth is the sole I-Identity that is this very I-that-I-Am being, and I-Am-being-what-I-Am can­not be more or less, cannot be another I than I-Am, cannot be what I-Am is not.

In beginning with God as God is, you suddenly discover you are Divinely capable; can comprehend, know, be certain of who, what, how and where you are. You behold your complete, your completed full I-Identity wherein nothing is lack­ing, nothing is in excess, but all is perfect and unchanging, Divinely blissful, gloriously beautiful, enjoyable, useful. Truth is this simple!

But, you may say, this is what metaphysics has already taught us to do! You are but rehashing, restating, reiterating that which untold others have already promulgated!

Dear Reader, do not be fooled. The Absolute is not metaphysics. Many statements may be the same, but Truth is not a method for getting the victory over error, overcom­ing problems, casting out evil and attaining heaven. Jesus is purported to have warned his followers to beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing "but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (See Mat 7:15.) Again: "And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ: or, lo, ho is there; believe him not: for false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, oven the elect. But take ye hood: behold, I have foretold you all things." (Mark 13:21-23.)

No matter how honest and sincere one may strive to be in his eagerness to be of help, to begin with anything besides God is false. To begin with God as God is, leaves no evil to be vanquished. This is God's Way. Ho who would climb up some other way, ho who claims there are other ways of ar­riving at the same point, is a thief and a robber. (See John 10:1.) The Allness that God is cannot be arrived at by a system. Omnipresent Perfection is not like a garment that can be bartered for, divided up, exchanged piece-meal, or won by humanity as a reward for a race run, a contest com­pleted; a victory-modal for cleverness, bravery, endurance or luck. Intelligence is not a cloak to grace the shoulders of erudite or humble men, no matter what their sacrifices. God is all of all, the Alone Mind, the Solo Presence, the Abso­lute I-Identity beside whom there can be no more, no loss, no other at all. This alone is the Way, for none can come to behold the Self as I-Am save by admitting the Truth to be Fact. (See John 14:5-14.)

What does metaphysics imply you have to do? What does theology claim, as a "must?" What do medicine, phil­osophy and all the other modes of thought, belief, practice and education insist on you doing? Are you not first charged with being guilty of wrongs, guilty of fear, sickness, human­ity, mortality? Are you not personally a culprit? Have you not inherited the lusts of the flesh from your ancestors? Are you not subject to mortal weaknesses? Do you not mistreat your body, your soul, and carelessly use your life, your time, your God-given-abilities by wasting them? Are you giving your all for the good of others? When someone mis­uses you, do you always turn the other cheek? Do you ever resent, criticize, grow impatient?

Have you not acquiesced to the racial notions that you are subject to time, tide, planetary movement and influences; to the food you oat, the pace of everyday living, the grind, the worry and pressure of earning a living? Do you admit that you came into the world naked, and that you must build from nothingness into a stature worthy of those with whom you associate? Are you not claiming that you live on the earth, in the universe, in a physical structure called body, and that you think with the brain? Do you not assume that God is outside of you---that is, if you admit there is a God?

Do you not claim that intelligence develops; that it is a matter of choice, and that it grows because of experimen­tation, work, meditation; that comprehension and understand­ing are earned by seeking, diligent pursuit; that it is ac­quired? This is the general belief, and probably for no other reason do you insist that all this is so.

Do you not accept the statement that you are but one among many; that competition in all fields of endeavor is the order of the day? Do you not think you came into be­ing as a result of biology, a law of animality or nature, a due and proper arrangement among mortals?

Do you not believe that suffering, shortcomings, priva­tion, war, disease, lack, poverty, crime, lust, confusion, power-politics and such general experiences result from in­sufficient Intelligence, Love, Wealth, Health, Satisfaction and Peace of Mind---because of evil, Satan, an absence of Good, God?

Could and would these seeming conditions be, if it were not for a sense of frustration, fear, insecurity, ignorance; for an insane and inane impulse or propulsion of deprived egos; a sense of "I" that is not complete, whole, all-embrac­ing?

The moment one is aware of Identity being Infinite, there is peace, satisfaction, because that One Identity-I is All-inclusive, Total, Entire, Universal. Nothing more can come to It. Nothing can be taken from It. All Power, All Action, All Authority, All Intelligence, All Presence is Mine now and forever, for God-I, this I-Am-that-I-Am is Infinity Itself-is all of all there is, Individually conscious and con­scious of being Universally Individual.

Conscious Awareness does not desire to be, nor can It be superior over another, over something else, for there is only Infinity Itself. There is nothing else beside over which to exercise dominion. The entirety of the universe is within My-I-Am-Conscious-Awareness. All belongs to the I-that-I-Am for all is My Self being.

How then can I be more loving, you ask? How can I be more wealthy, healthy, wise, certain, absolute?

Can Perfection become more Perfect? Is it possible for Love to be more loving? Can the Self of Love, the I-Am-Love, I-Am-Wealth, I-Am-Health, I-Am-Intelligence improve? Im­possible. In Truth, the I-Am-Self is perfect Wholeness, per­fect Purity, the entirety of Being. The I-that-I-Am, being Per­fect Love loves My Self, for only I-Am is worthy of love. Only I-Am is, hence only I exist to be loved!

I am gentle with My Self; kind, tender, understanding. I know All, for I-Am-All. I cannot be frustrated, nor can I lack anything, for I speak and it is done. I conceive and in­stantly that form of My Self, Consciousness, is present for My use. I am the entire Life, Substance, Totality of the uni­verse which is within Me, Mind. Nothing is outside because I-Am-Infinite. There is no other infinity possible. My Infinite capacity to conceive is the extent of My Supply.

I do not progress toward this Awareness, but I-Am-this-­Truth now and cannot change. There is no time in Truth and no Truth in time; Now is the present, and the present is al­ways Now. Eternity has no past, no future. Now is sufficient always, for Now is Omnipresent. Infinity cannot be measured, hence there is no limitation, no restriction of time or space possible. Dimensions are unknown to Me, being I Am Undimensional. I Am Individually Infinite, Boundless Bliss, In­estimable Beauty, Measureless Presence. I Am Eternal Satisfaction inclusive of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Aside from this Infinite Identity there is nothing. No other Infinite Individual I-Identity can be, for I-Am-the-Sole­-I-that-I-Am. Never has there been a false I, a false person, a faulty one. Never has there been a fault in Truth, hence no guilt or penalty. No one has to pay a price, make a recovery or return to what is eternally the Forever Present Identity. No sin ever occurred, no one defaulted hence no atonement for such is possible. No sacrifice has taken place, history to the contrary.

All that is purported to be human, its entire record of time and events is spurious. Truth knows it not. Perfection cannot know imperfection. That which is cannot be troubled by what never was, and never can be. Perfection is inalter­able, permanent, all. How then can imperfection exist to contend or be contended with?

Are these words hard for you to understand and accept? Is it difficult to credit God with Perfection? Perhaps not, but do you find it impossible to credit Infinity with being the Sole One Presence, beside Whom there can be no one or nothing else? In that case, can evil exist unless it be God Himself who is evil, suffering because of it, and having to suffer it, admit it is one with Himself; that as a good tree, He brings forth evil fruit, hence should be chopped down and cast into the fire?

To have guilt you must have God less than He is, or have more than one God, one Power, one Presence, one I Am. To have guilt you must have evil, and evil is not Good, not

God, hence, to you there must be God and evil also, duality. To have duality is to ignore God, to deface Purity, deny Love, repudiate Truth, dishonor Oneness. Any so-called truth that is not pure unadulterated Truth is false throughout, so you either have God, Truth as all, or you have no correct sense of God, hence are in utter darkness. Which shall it be? God tolerates no second, no other to share with Him His Aloneness.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteous­ness." (Mat 6:33.) Note: "his righteousness." It does not say to seek what personal, human or mortal sense, an ed­ucated, a theological concept declares, but what God knows God to be; what Infinite Intelligence knows Truth to be. Therefore you must begin with Truth, not with evil, the ef­fects of evil, or with guilt; not with man, a fallen mortal, an erring finite sinner. Any attempt to understand Truth based on evil, sin or sinners will end dismally. Duality can­not reveal Oneness, Truth. God is not in His absence; Omni­potence cannot be discovered in impotency; Health does not dwell in disease; Wealth is not the habitat of poverty and squalor.

To be eternally free of guilt, look Intelligently, Truth­fully at the Self of you, the I-that-I-Am and you will find no cause for, and no effect of guilt! Instead, you will behold all as All is. But to attempt to look "up-to-God" and see Truth, is impossible. That which carnal sense may appear to distortedly see is but its own purported confusion con­founded, its chaos and old night wherein there is not a ves­tige of Reality; nothing beholding nothing, nowhere!

In duality, one is always prodigal, assuming he is cut off, separate or apart from Life, from Truth or Reality, and can never locate the Self, the I-that-I-Am therein. Naturally this is so, for Truth is not in any such state or condition, is never prodigal or absent, never ignorant or unaware of Being as It is.

One does not have to solve any problem. A problem appears real only when you begin with it instead of with God, Omnipotent Good which is Omnipresent, which is the Only Action, the Alone Being, the Sole I. Start with Truth always, and only with Truth. Herein you find Life, Perfec­tion as the sole and living Fact of your Self and all the Self contains. Where else can one hope or expect to find Good? Is it sensible to look where you know Mind cannot be? Do you examine the past, or try to gaze into the future to know what is, the Now of Being? Can time tell you anything of Omni­presence wherein time is not?

In Truth no wait is required, no process, no purifica­tion called for, no ridding the Self of guilt, no need to fit the Self-I-Am to make It worthy of being my Self, or of knowing enough! Any effort expended on these procedures is folly. He who is trying such a method patently is ignoring God, his sole Self, entirely. He is beginning by bearing false witness, by robbing Love, by committing adultery, by dis­honoring the Infinite One, by betraying Purity, forsaking Life and Truth. No such human effort, no matter how sincere or persistent will ever reveal Truth as It is-Omnipresent and Untarnished.

This instant, no matter how foul, how black, how far gone one seems to be in the throes, the degradation of hu­manity, he can behold, admit, acknowledge, perceive God's Perfection, Wholeness, Presence. In that instant he will be­hold the Self that is his Self, this Present-I-that-I-Am, the Unfallen, Unchallenged, Unaltered, Unharmed, Untainted I-Identity, even as did the prodigal when he stopped insist­ing on a "mist"-identification, a "mist"-understanding of Self. In that instant, like the prodigal, he will find he has never been other than that-One-that-is, Only-One-I-Identity; that God, Consciousness is the Sole Life, Power, Action, Be­ing, Presence, I-Am-Intelligence.

The prodigal did not have to practice morality or atone for his wandering far afield, for his wasted and riotous living. Did God experience a lapse from Himself? Did the I-Am, Spirit, the Alone Infinite I-Am-All depart from Him­self, betray or deny Himself in order to be prodigal to Him­self ?

The prodigal had to do nothing for, with or to humanity, mortality, guilt. These conditions of error, the lie of ma­teriality or Spirit's collapse as the Alone-One-without-another, the suggestion that there is evil in Action-these are nonsense. None of these are in Truth. They are not present or genuine so cannot be cast aside, treated, healed or corrected. The prodigal did not have to "know the truth about it." Just what did he do? He simply turned to Truth-Truth that is totally One Infinite Presence, Life, Being, God, the very Self-I-Am. Herein is Perfection only. Herein is nothing mortal, nothing prodigal, nothing human, man; no sin or error, no tempta­tion, tempter or tempted; no history of wrongdoing or guilt. Herein is no record of duality, otherness, separation. Truth is seen to be Single, Whole, Entire, Inseparable, Indivisible, Undestructible, Uncontested, Uncompromised, Unaltered, Absolute, Constant, Infinite.

Truth has no contest. There is no other Self, State or Being. No One besides Itself is, hence there is none to go wrong, do wrong, know or be conscious of wrong, be tempted by wrong. Truth being all, there is no wrong---no wrong or evil to do the tempting! In Truth there is no "accuser of our brethren" (Rev 12:10.) because "The Lord our God (Mind, Consciousness, Life, I-Identity) is one Lord (is One Abso­lute Infinite Truth beside Whom there is no other; no second or lesser power, presence, life, substance or identity)." (Mark 12:29.)

If evil could be where God alone is, evil would have to be divine, or else God would have to be prodigal! Either is impossible. Truth, Perfection cannot depart from Truth to become un-Truth, evil. Un-Truth cannot depart from noth­ingness or falsity to become Truth, for it has no entity or substance, no life, no identity, no beginning-place or origin. God alone is One Alone without another.

Truth is not guilty of Self-denial, Self-sacrifice, Self­effacement, Self-destruction, Self-mutilation, Self-eradica­tion. Truth only can testify truthfully of Its own Totality, Infinity. Truth being what It is, leaves no guilt, no prodigal, no prodigality, no error anywhere. Truth cannot depart from Itself. Truth leaves no possible return of Itself to Itself, be­cause Reality, Actuality, Spirit never stops being Itself only---It is never another, never other than Itself exclusively, never anything but all of all. There is never an interruption, an intermission, an omission; never a cessation of Existence, of Being busy being Its own full Presence, Action, Total Self. Nothing less or more could satisfy Absolute Intelligence which is the Sole I-Identity present as this I-that-I-Am.

Should one allow himself to assume his identity is hu­man, a contrary, a Jacob or "supplanted" concept of duality, which would rob him of all that he is in Truth (deny all that is Real), still the Fact is not altered. If one assumes he has two identities within himself, one being interested in Spirit and the other in materiality or carnality---if he claims to be twins instead of the Single One-I-Am, this does not alter Truth. Should he entangle himself in the complex confusions and ramifications of theological guilt-patterns which is the foundation of evil, of humanity and mortality, he will ex­perience its format, but for only so long as he insists on clinging to the nonsense. While he believes in changes of design, shifting and shifty truth, insufficiency of principle, corruption and the like, his daily lot will be one of great bewilderment, indecision, frustration, an incapacity to steer a straight course or escape the obligations self-inflicted---ob­ligations of man's mistakes, of guilt---the guilt of being man, doomed to the tomb at birth!

Waste no further effort trying to find your way out of humanity's labyrinth by following its many promising paths. It cannot be done. Escape from the darkness of ignorance is impossible so long as one appeals to ignorance instead of Truth; so long as one turns to ignorance, wallows in its con­tradictions, applies himself to its diversified babblings, its many tongues, all of which are forked, double, dualistic.

God's Way is the Only Way. There is no other. The Way of Truth, Truth's Way reveals there is only Good, hence nothing contrary, nothing evil to escape from. This is true escape for all, forever. However, behold the effort spent to the contrary! On every side the human sense testifies to ways many-that any "other" way is better, more interesting, more valuable. Other ways are purportedly easier traveling and are far more popular than the One-Alone-Way, which is straight and narrow. The result? Many traverse the wide road. And where does it lead? (See Mat 7:13.14.)

The prodigal was no stranger to popular suggestion. He also desired something more than The-Alone-One-that-is-All. He listened to the implication that he had a twin, a Jacob­sense, a human or personal mind that could contradict the Infinite-I-that-I-Am; that he could leave the Self and wander about in ignorance, in a finite dimension where he could suf­fer lack, limitation, fear and disease. He tried all and sun­dry modes, means and manners of supplying this non-Self, this not-I in order that it have Identity, Reality, Supply, Sub­stance, Conscious Satisfaction, but without avail. Both at home and in foreign lands he looked, yet his needs became more acute, his distress increased, his bewilderment more complete till his very body was threatened with extinction because of hunger. Not a husk of promise did he leave un­turned in these foreign lands, yet just as surely not one husk relieved his need.

What of the prodigal's sense of guilt? It was almost overburdening. He suffered intensely because he realized the folly of having gone astray; for having neglected his duty; for his selfishness, his personal determination, his blun­ders, his appetites, his associates, his stubborn conduct, es­pecially as he was faced with the fact that none of it had paid off. Nowhere in any of it could he find that which would "save face." This, added to the rest, made it that much more difficult to turn to Truth---he was too ashamed to confess his folly, admit the nonsense and drop the masquerade. He clung rather to his sense of guilt, even if it pierced him through! He literally reveled in recounting his errors, degrading him­self, flagellating himself to the point of utter paralysis by remembering how terribly evil and mistaken, willful and misled he had been!

Naturally, the more guilty one feels, and the more he tries to overcome guilt, the deeper he sinks in the quicksand of folly. To go to extremes in evil in order to either relieve the situation, or to forget it, but continues it. Indulgence is not the way to be free of appetites, any more than additional darkness will lessen darkness. Darkness is not the Way of Light, and vice versa. Self abuse is not known to God, for God cannot abuse Himself. There is no other Self existent, hence none to be abused or be abusive.

This last point may be the last you are willing to admit, but it is true nevertheless. To comprehend it via human sense, education, cause and effect is impossible. Truth is Spiritually discerned. The Infinite cannot be ingested by its opposite. Understanding requires Intelligence for comprehension. To look elsewhere for Perception is absurd, yet of such only is human history purportedly composed. God, Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Omnipresence knows it not. To Omnipresent Now there is no past, no future, no history wherein a record of the advent, evolution, maturity, experiences of a creation-­in-time can be; wherein no fall, no struggle, no rise, no guilt, no sin and penalty exist at all.

No experience delivered the prodigal from his guilt. No matter what had originally caused him to do as he did, recalling or resenting it, dwelling upon the consequences did not free him from the insidious effects. As a prodigal he sank lower and lower in his own estimation. Working earnestly at being separate from Truth, diligently at being contrary to Intelligence, insisting on denying the Sole Self, he nat­urally lost all sense of well Being, Health, Wealth, Individual Self-esteem. To remain prodigal he had to give it his every attention; he had to consistently ignore Omnipresence, eschew Omnipotence, refute Omniscience, refuse Omniaction. This is typical of every human problem, every so-called human being. This is the history of all personal mortals. It is void of Truth, Reality, Presence. It is not going on, and any seem­ing to the contrary will vanish when the so-called victim stops insisting that unreality is Real, or that Truth is false.

That the whole picture of this much discussed jaunt from Divine Fact to satanic fiction be clearly seen, let us continue. It is recorded that finally, at the lowest level of anguish and human degradation-when lower than the swine he compan­ioned with-the prodigal "came to himself." At long last, as he counted time, he decided there was nothing further to explore in nonsense, nothing new to learn in ignorance, noth­ing more to see in darkness. He had travelled every suggested path that promised a way out of the trouble. Not one of them even hinted at the Truth that he had never fallen into trouble, hence was already out! On following each path suggested, it brought him to a dead end, a cul-de-sac.

Could anything be done with such a state of affairs? Was it Real? Was there Truth in it? By now the prodigal was grow­ing utterly weary of wandering in an abyss of confusion and contradiction, fear and poverty. Beholding the Self, he looked entirely thereto. He looked away from darkness and suppo­sition, superstition and chaos, to God only. Keeping his at­tention on Truth he did not try to see how God was going to handle the problem, what He was going to do with error, how He was going to change or heal, eliminate or deal with un-Truth. He did not try to discover how God looked at a prodigal, or what God knows of such. He did not wonder how Mind viewed a fall-from-Grace, a departure from Omni­presence, a sinner's accumulated sin and guilt, or what the penalties for wrongdoing would be, what punishment would be meted out, what steps would have to be retraced to get himself back home.

No, the prodigal, no longer insisting on prodigality, in­sisting there had been a separation of Oneness from Itself, took nothing prodigal into account. All human equations were dropped, whether classed as past tense or promised in the future. Now was all that concerned the Self-I-Am.

To behold and enjoy Omnipresence, the Self-that-Is, In­telligence does not have to go somewhere, retrace any steps, or pay any price in order to be Itself. The I-that-I-Am has to do nothing to lessen a problem, heal a problem, overcome a problem, for I, God, the Individual-I-Self, the Sole-I-that-I-­eternally-Am has nothing to do with a problem and vice versa. The Truth-that-I-Am is all the Truth there is of Me, and Truth is Omnipresent this instant. I Am free for I Am whole. I have never separated from My Self, for Truth is indivisible, inseparable. No personal obligation exists. I Am never a person, a human or mortal. I Am never responsible for Truth remaining true, for God remaining God. God is, hence I Am, for I-Am-God-being-Infinitely-Individual, Individually Infinite. This alone is My I-Identity forever.

That we gather all the loose ends of the story and see them distinctly for what they imply, let us question as fol­lows: What happened to the prodigal? Nothing at all. Why? Because God, being All, leaves no prodigal; there is no sec­ond self, no contrary mind, condition, state, person, substance or existence.

God did not suddenly become God, thus getting rid of evil or prodigality. The prodigal did not suddenly become less prodigal---God's absence did not become less absent---there was no absence of God to begin with!

Truth does not suddenly get on the job and do some­thing for a suffering human, nor is there rejoicing that a wanderer has come home. Theology would have you believe otherwise, but Truth does not alter, not for a moment.

Truth is Changeless Perfection. Truth is the Alone Life, the Only Identity, the Sole I that is My Being. God never has been other than Perfect, Present God in His Entirety, Whole­ness. There has never been another presence in God, a second in power, authority, command. There never was a twin iden­tity, one of which could remain the Self that God eternally is, the other fall away as a prodigal and be the antithesis, a contender, opposer, a supplanter who would try to barter with Truth.

God has forever been Himself only, and does not have to propitiate for wrongdoing against Himself. Truth cannot do wrong, or be wrong, be un-Truth. The Sole Identity, the I of you is Mind only. There is no human, no guilty or carnal I-Identity. There is one I only, and that is the One-I-Am here, now. This Intelligent Self-identification beholds Perfection as It is; beholds the Kingdom of Heaven within; beholds God is all, and All is God.

When the so-called prodigal ceased his determined, ig­norant insistence of claiming the Self to be what that Self never is, there was no longer any prodigal. He was not a free prodigal, but free of prodigality. At that very instant he be­held that there never could be prodigality in Completeness, Wholeness; that in Truth there is never anything lacking, or in excess; no record of deflection, abuse or contrariness; no his­tory of a sinning race, human or mortal existence, curse, evil, devil or death. In Truth, God alone is the One I Am, there is no other I; I Am no other than that I-that-I-Am.

As repeatedly said, in this Light there is nothing to overcome, purify, heal, help, set right, evangelize, teach, correct, perfect, alter or be dismissed. This is Present Al­mighty Truth. This is true healing, for it leaves the field to One Perfect Everpresent, fully functioning God. It reveals that the Sole Mind of Me is Infinitely Intelligent, already knowing all, enjoying all. There is no code of morality, for there is but One Way of doing. There is no other identity, no other being or life existent with whom to be immoral, or against whom to direct immorality. To humanly claim some­thing besides One Infinite Being as all of all, would be im­morality, a sin against God if such were possible, but God being all, no such contrary human exists, nor can such be or do anything contrary to Truth!

Stay in Truth, with Truth only. Do not forget that you know Truth because It is Truth---is true right this instant, the Fact, the Reality, Actuality! One does not know Truth in order to bring It about, to make It become so, or with a hope that eventually It will succumb to personal pressure, or de­vout supplication, and admit that It is so! Truth is the Present Fact, and nothing to the contrary exists at all. When you de­clare Truth, rejoice that you are declaring the Present Fact of any and every situation this instant. This leaves no sense of erring, wandering, guilty prodigality, whether termed per­sonal, general, conscious or subconscious. It leaves no erring persuasion or pursuance, whether stemming from personal inclination or racial pattern, or due to human instinct or education. All these fall into their native limbo. None are in Truth and no Truth is in them. There is no guilt, no erring in God who is all. There is nowhere in Immensity that God is not all. All is God only.

In this Truth that is the Sole Fact of Being, who or what can assume an ability or inclination to produce a con­trary, a less-than-God, or concoct more, thus making itself guilty of destroying the Perfect Presence of Infinite Intelli­gence? Who or what can alter the Changeless Perfect Pres­ence, Omnipotent Mind? Can you? Have you? Has evil, Satan? Has time, evolution, revolution, fear, doubt, ignor­ance, darkness?

Who says you have, or that your ancestors have com­mitted evil? Who says there is another power beside the Al­mighty? Does theology say so? Does medicine? Does formal education deny Truth? Is it scientific study, general or spec­ialized, that challenges and refutes Omniscience? Is it your own personal observation, thinking, conclusions---your bodily senses?

Seriously, do you assume that you can pit a puny human sense, a belief (whether backed by the masses, or mere per­sonal opinion) against God, Truth, Intelligence, Infinity and change Being so It is no longer Itself alone-no longer is the Alone Self It is?

Can human, can a racial or a personal conceit even exist where Intelligence is Infinite? Can such misconceived arrogance actually alter or even interfere with Reality? Does inanity exist in Truth? Can Life know anything of another type of life, a non-life, a mortal (dead) life, a man-life, and yet maintain Its status of being all Life, or do you insist that Life can know opposites, the state of being fully Conscious and at the same moment un-Conscious?

Can Infinite-I-Am-Being recognize within Itself the presence of non-Being, a start-and-stop, a birth-and-death, a continual swing to extremes from nothing to something, lack to riches, disease to well-being, ignorance to intelligence, and all these ultimating in a final vacuum called death, oblitera­tion, finis?

Can Perfection, Truth recognize or deal in or with error, mistakes, misconceptions, non-Intelligence? Can All-One be interfered with by another who is more than God, or less than God; by another who is not related to God, to Truth, but is an entity opposed to God; by another who therefore has no Life, no Reality, no Actuality, no Infinity, no I-Iden­tity, no Factuality, no Existence, Power, Substance, Intelli­gence, Consciousness, Being?

Naturally, if not of Truth, God, then any opposer has no share in or of Action, Awareness, Authority for these are God-Being. How can another operate when it has neither Sub­stance nor Existence? What could such do against God, or to God? Is not such an assumption utter nonsense? Yet is not this the myth we have been taught from infancy; that there is an evil, a malicious power, presence, entity that operates within Existence yet is not that One Alone Being; that this which-is-not-Good, God, plots against each of us and finally brings about our overthrow in every way pertaining to Un­interrupted Heaven at hand? Is not every moment a struggle? Does not one receive constant warning to be ever on guard to protect his health, wealth, possessions, loved ones --- his sanity, his future, his soul? Why, if not that the evil one has power to injure, mistreat, abuse---has authority and power to set Omnipotent Omnipresence aside? Is your God, Truth, so unstable, so unsure of Itself, so weak and vacillating that It can be altered, changed, diverted, subverted, perverted? Is Truth guilty of adulteration, subjugation, emasculation?

Does the Alone Eternal Right ever include that which is contrary, hence wrong? Can Light perceive darkness? Can the Total-I be aware of incompleteness, an un-Total, a non­I-Am? Is Perfection the basis, origin, the Substance from which stems imperfection, guilt, contrary inclination or im­pulsion; non-sense, non-life, non-identification, non-entity, non-action, non-presence?

Is God's Presence the Place, hence the essence or con­dition from which evil springs, begins, starts? If not, from whence is it, if you insist that evil exists? Can you Intelli­gently claim that evil is, yet it does not originate in Infinite Good, is not sustained or maintained by Truth? If outside of Infinite Reality which is perfect, where then is evil? Is there an outside to the Infinite One? Yet you admit evil cannot dwell and work within Conscious Perfection! Where then is evil, and what? Can you prove it aside from assumption, or looking to personal, "mist"-educated sense-testimony? Does ecclesiastical backing lend your argument more weight? If so, to whom? To those who already are in the same fix, the same confusion as the one striving to make good his argu­ment? Can you say God, Unadulterated Simple Truth, the Absolute who cannot be guilty of anything unlike Himself, knows evil, admits it, permits it, experiences it? Remember, Dear Reader, nothing can exist save God is the Existence of it, experiences and uses it.

Is there anywhere, any spot in Omnipresence that is not present? Then it must follow that if evil has come into being, if the human race is actual, genuine, it must have begun in God, the All-inclusive One. God must be its sponsor, pre­cipitation, origin, hence it must be eternal, indestructible, per­fectly Good, hence why ever fight evil, or try to elevate hu­manity? If of God it is perfect, unchangeable, everlasting, and any attempt to alter its status is impossible, for such an one would be found fighting against God! "And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (See Mark 3:24-26.)

Do you believe evil, erring humanity, trouble, fear, the grave is Divine? Yet, if you insist on claiming these exist, they must be in and of God, for is there anywhere outside of Infinity for them to be? If not in and of God, hence eter­nal, can they be outside of Reality yet have entity which we must overcome, fight, get the victory over? How can one get outside of God in order to wage war against this so-called enemy? If we leave Life, Omnipresence, Intelligence be­hind, with what shall we fight, and how? Can one depart out­side of Existence and yet still live on to fight another that is equally beyond or outside of Infinity? Where then and what is guilt, and who is the guilty one, God being the Sole One?

In the Garden, according to the account of Adam and Eve (and practically every religion has a similar myth), supply was not a problem. However, from the moment these humans began looking to the body, to things for pleasure, life, perpetuity, offspring and happiness, their troubles be­gan to multiply. The more one works with a mistake the more mistaken he is certain to be, and so it was with Adam and Eve---their confusion and lack of peace increased. This they blamed on a curse, an assumption of guilt which demanded a penalty or punishment.

From whence comes a curse? Is it of Truth? Can Reality, the All of all know of something besides, which can be cursed, needs to be cursed, or even of the curse, the threat of further evil?

One will lay off the confusion, hence the so-called curse the instant he desists in clinging to the false, or admits the Self to be the Self It forever is!

The original belief that claimed it could place one's Identity in an idea, in body (calling this falsity the "be­liever"), is the would-be fault, the so-called curse that makes the body, a thing, one's lord and master! To bow down to any idea, any "thing" and subject one's Sole Identity thereto is to become a slave, impotent, absurd; is to deny the Self ; is to be prodigal to Truth.

For instance, should you assume that you are in your piano, rather than perceive that the piano, as idea only, is a form within your awareness, you would be subject to it. Should a hypnotist convince you that you are that piano, you would suffer pain should anyone kick or strike it with a whip. Should they tear a key off the piano, no doubt you would scream with pain. Only so long as you play prodigal to Truth-so long as you assume or believe you are where you are not, and what you are not, you subject yourself thereto. Not because your Identity has changed from the per­fection It eternally is-not because your Identity has become what you believe, but merely because you are ignoring your Sole Self while subjecting yourself to impossible negations in the name of evil, and for the sake of evil!

When one assumes he is inside of a body, inside of an idea, he assumes that that idea is his Identity, his I-Am-is his Self. He loses sight of the Truth, the Fact that he possesses the idea, that he includes the idea within the Self, within his Infinite Individual Conscious Awareness; loses sight of the Fact that idea (body) is forever just that-idea-a form in Consciousness, of Consciousness. It is no more his Identity than is the table, or a mountain, planet, star or any other idea or form that Consciousness includes.

As soon as Adam and Eve purportedly looked to the body as their conscious identity, their supply appeared to be available only in proportion to what that body could secure. "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread" (Gen 3:19.) was the self-sentence this belief decreed, sanctimon­iously assuming that privation was good. This same attitude, this so-called muddy mental aura prevails today; judgements are passed and sentences are inflicted. There is supposed to be purification in pain, self-torture or flagellation, privation, self-denial or self-abuse; in punishment; in effacement or a mistaken sense of humility; in admission of guilt or of sin. These shortcomings, held in thought, wept over, prayed over and repeatedly admitted, are supposed to serve in a measure as atonement for the wrongdoing, the evil of ignorance. It is assumed there is virtue in self-bondage and limitation, in sackcloth and ashes, in hair shirts, prohibitions and self de­nials; that the greater the privation, the more the self-sacrifice or self-surrender, the more abject the want and suffering, hu­mility and non-complaint, the greater the reward!

There are those who labor under the delusion that the bigger the penalty or payment for evildoing, the more puri­fied the soul. Theology to this day assumes suffering for wrong is ameliorative, and often, if not always, a prerequisite for spiritual growth and development. It insists that one must admit himself a sinner, and only then can he expect God to look favorably upon him, or grant even a minor boon!

Does Truth know anything of this? In Truth it is folly, for it cannot be known by Intelligence. Omnipresent Awareness knows naught of wrong or its purported activity, victory or victims. In Truth one is not in evil or ensnared within its toils, any more than he is encased in an idea, a body, a chair, a grain of sand!

God, the Infinite Individual Self-I-Am is in nothing, no­thing. The Self, Truth is never within anything It conceives or forms, but all forms, things or ideas are in Truth, Conscious Awareness, the Self-I-Am.

Truth never falters, is never hypnotized, is never anything but Itself throughout. There is no other mind, no additional, no lesser mentality that can experience or imagine a faulty assumption, human sense to the contrary. In Truth there never was an Adam nor an Eve, no Lord God, no tribal or national deity or deities who originated the parents of man and started the human race on its course of sin, corruption, suffering and repentance.

The only God is Truth. Truth is the Sole God. Truth alone is Life, the Being who is all of all, and there is no other.

To be free from the troublesome assumption of lack, one only needs to emulate the prodigal at the end of his prodigality. What does one need to do? Nothing! To repeat: nothing has to be done to a problem, condition, error. No one is guilty of being a human, a mortal, a man, nor is he under the curse that he must atone or work out a problem, a wrong, a sentence. He does not have to work up-to-God or Affluence, Health, Wealth, Self. God is the Alone I-Am-Pres­ence, the Sole Omnipresent Identity already, the I-Am-that-­I-Am right now. I have no other I. I Am no other than the One-I-Am---I cannot be guilty of being another, for I-Am-­Single, Entire, Whole, hence Pure, Inalterable. In Truth I cannot declare I-Am a sinner, I-Am an evil-doer, or that I-Am less than I-Am! To do so would be so-called evil itself---Self­denial, Self-effacement --- hence would be the end of Life, Wholeness, Oneness, Being! Truth cannot know un-Truth, for It cannot know what It is not. Being All, All-being, there can be nothing but Itself in toto. Infinity can have no opposite, no opposer, nothing in opposition.

Can Truth honestly, truthfully declare that It is not? Can I-Am honestly state that I-Am not? To the extent I Am, Wealth is, Health is, Love is, Perfection is. Why? Because I-Am and Wealth is One, the same One that I Am. Health, Life, Being, Substance, Intelligence---these are but other names for the One-I-Am-Being right here. These are but names for Omnipresence. They are not attributes, not con­ditions or attitudes, symptoms or qualities, but are terms for Infinite Singleness, the Oneness of All, of Infinity. Therefore being what I Am, I-Am-Wealth, Health, Love, Life, Intelli­gence. I-Am-Whole---not a portion or fraction, a piece or offshoot, a product or representative of Mind, the I-Identity, but I Am the Self I-Am, that Self that is I only. Can this I sin, err, do wrong, know evil, fall into ignorance, deny Itself, atone for what It cannot do or be? Who says so, and with what did such reasoning begin---with Truth, the Alone Re­ality-which-is-changeless-Truth, or with that which was out­side the pale of Truth; that which is the Omnipotent One, or that which assumes duality, guilt, guile, impurity?

The general approach to any problem or seeming temp­tation is the same as when Jesus was supposedly tempted by Satan. In each case the devil stated "if" you are so-and-so, do this or that to prove Truth. That is, in every case it was supposedly Truth that was on trial! Never did the evil imply that its own declaration was in doubt, or its own integrity was questionable! This same attitude prevails whenever a troublesome situation confronts us. We are "tempted" to be­gin with: "If God is all, why does this problem not vanish? If God is here and now the whole of me, how is it I have so much suffering to contend with, so much lack to put up with, so much trouble in turning to God, so much effort and worry and labor to expend? If God is the Only, why doesn't He do something about the suffering in the world, bad politics, high taxes, crime, my body? If God is everywhere present, why doesn't He do something for me: answer my prayers, make me do right, keep me from doing wrong, help me stay young, healthy and beautiful?"

Next time any situation arises that is not good, do not begin with "If God," but rather thus: As God is all of all, let the evil prove itself to be what it says it is "if" it can! Put the burden of proof onto evil where it belongs. It is evil that clamors for proof; that claims to be so much, so wise, so present and powerful, therefore let it then either put-up or shut-up forever!

Turn unreservedly to Truth, to God and see how One Infinite Intelligence beholds Itself. Leave any personal sense, any guilty sense, any wrong sense or sense of wrong out of the picture. "If" evil be, let it prove itself by disproving Truth to be true, God to be Omnipresent Good, Intelligence to be Wise, Aware, Active!

Never try to see your Self as a child of Self, God, or as an idea in Mind, for your Self is Mind. Life is not the child of Life. Life is God-Self.

Stop trying to picture this or that thing, state or con­dition as desirable. Also, do not picture, outline or dimensionalize I-Identity as a thing. It cannot be done. Holding pictures before your thought as to what is desirable, is not Mind's Way. It begins with limitation, lack, and would work up-to-Good, up-to-attainment, up-to-Perfection. It is based on something, someone apart; a journey to be taken, a battle to be waged and a victory to be won.

Do not see your Self as being supplied by a God, or that you accomplish a set purpose through God, or by apply­ing faith in, or statements that testify there is a God! All such, even though faith therein may gain you partial results, will eventually leave you in the abyss of darkness wherein sinning man who suffers privation because of a wrong, a guilt, a penalty that must be paid in the sight of Almighty God. God knows naught of either the sin or the sinner, the debt or the debtor, for God is the Alone-I-of-Me, and that I-that-I-Am is not mortal, a sinner, a dust-man cursed-from­the-ground!

Do not attempt to go the way of theology, or of the gen­erally accepted notions of getting back to a pre-fallen state of Perfection. Regardless what religious system you advocate, or even if you claim you belong to none and believe in none, to assume you are mortal, of the human race, a man, you are within the scope of mortality, subjecting yourself to its rules and regulations.

The Bible is not the only source of the mythical begin­ning of mankind. The ancient Jewish theology is not the fount from which the notion of God's downfall came---the belief is as ancient and varied as are the creeds and dogmas, the rites and religions of the peoples or races that have in­habited this planet. Every clan or tribe since man has walked the Earth has been taught, hence believes in the power of evil, of darkness; that violation of certain religious taboos brings penalty; that trespassing is accursed and demands res­titution. All have assumed that due to wrong thinking and acting, a contrary-to-Good-Power came into being and wields a mighty club, striking where it will. The origin of man may differ somewhat according to the religion in question, but the basic elements are very similar. There can be little doubt that our modern viewpoint has been greatly colored by adopt­ing and inculcating the mores of the ancients. Heathen wor­ship, you exclaim! Who will say which form of religion practiced today is the most or the least heathen, if The-All­-Good-God is the point from which judgment is made? Anything that admits there is evil is as wrong as that which claims evil to be the sole power and presence! To take anything from God is to deny Truth.

Can One return to a position He never left? Can One pay a price for something that never took place? Does God reward Himself for making the effort to re-establish Himself? Absurd! Why then waste further time or energy striving to do what is impossible for the I-that-I-Am-or do you deny that I-Am-that-I-that-I-Am?

What has a theological conditioning accomplished dur­ing the many thousands of years it has supposedly battled Satan, endeavoring to eradicate guilt? Its variations of ap­proach are myriad; its cults, doctrines, dogmas and eccle­siastical edicts are innumerable; its systems, methods, laws, punishments, practices and revelations of purported author­ized divine demands, and regulations of conduct for man­kind in its approach to deity, has resulted in what? Imagina­tion has not been wanting; sincerity and honesty have not been curbed; sacrifice and intricate patterns of observance have been given full sway; simplicity and complication, di­rect appeal and supplication via an emissary or intermediary, have had sanction-the ways of worshipping God have been as numberless as the sands of the desert, but to what avail? As asked again and again in these pages, is there less evil today, less war, less crime, less disease, poverty and death? Has the wage-of-sin become passe---do you know anyone a thousand, or even two hundred years old? Is Satan discred­ited, or is he supposedly doing more business than ever, and always at God's expense?

In looking at these questions without bias, could it be that the ways of the church, its systems, dogmas and creeds, are futile; that theology, in its broad sense, has battled along false lines?

Take courage. Turn from contemplating evil and be­hold God as He is right where you are. You do not need an intermediary, a go-between, one to make intercession or act as a helper, one more holy than your Self. No human sense, yours or another's, no matter how you may revere it, is of any help. You are not dealing with conditions, nor the human sense of such.

At this moment your one and only concern should be God. Turn unreservedly to the Light and see what that Light reveals Itself to be. Seek to behold nothing else; in Reality there is naught else to behold. Perceiving the Entirety, the Totality, the Infinity, the Presence, Power, Action, the Being that Life is, you are seeing your Self as you are, the I-that­I-Am. Herein are all things whatsoever I desire. Not a thing is wanting, lacking, imperfect.

Herein is no sense of guilt, no crime, no remembrance of wrongdoing; no sense of evil or evil sense, no appetite, hate, greed, lust, privation; no sense of national classifica­tion, racial prejudice, contemptible neighbors, suffering hu­manity, superior or inferior people, warped mentalities, bigoted personalities, color taboos and the like. Herein all is God only---only God is all. This Perfection of Being is the Only One-I-Am, the I-Am of all, all I Am, wholly inclusive of the universe of which I Am the Sole Substance, the Total Identity, the Only Action, Nothing and no one is missing, left out. Nothing alien is added. Nothing imperfect, defec­tive, digressive or mutative exists. How could it, Spirit being the Sole Place, the Sole Substance, the Sole Conceiver and conception?

Intelligence beholding Truth is the Divine Self being Self-aware, the I-that-I-Am beholding My Self being Indi­vidually Self-conscious, Self-identified as I. It leaves out no portion of My universe; It includes all of My business, My family, My body, My city, state, nation, earth, planets. All is included in My Infinite Mind and this Mind of Me is the entire Action of all It includes. Every "thing" is perfect, whole, permanent, giving Mind conscious absolute Satisfac­tion. There is not a single item, form, idea, thing that can either work a lie, or be worked on by a lie; not an item in the entirety of Totality that can subject itself to evil or trouble, or that error can use as a subject. (See Rev 21:27.) God is all, hence there can be no guilt. Guilt must have dual­ity---the deceit and the deceived, the sin and the sinner, the wrong and that which is wronged.

The Absolute "Way" is God's "Way". In Truth there is no other "Way" under the sun. One can never be what He is not. One can only be the One-He-is, and that One is Whole, Perfect, Eternal right now. Why not see and accept this? Why not stop searching where you cannot be found? Why not stop the labor, the heartache, the frustration, the futile chase? Why not end the wars and rumors of wars that supposedly exist in time, and enjoy the Self you are this very moment and always will be? This is not only possible, but it is inevitable. Why put it off? Why delay enjoying the Truth of your Self, the Self that alone is truly the whole of you today?

Beholding your Self as you are will neither change mat­ter, human sense, nor God. What is, is forever Changeless. What is not, is not right now even though humanity, via sense and education, insists that it is. Declaring a mistake or be­lieving it, will not make it so. There is nothing human. There is nothing man. There is nothing guilty of anything. There is no guilt. There is only God, I-Am-Infinite-Omnipresent-Intel­ligence, and what God includes within Himself. There can be nothing beyond or outside of the Infinite One.

Do not be so foolish as to assume you can change this, nor feel guilty because you assume you have changed It! You have not, so be of good cheer. You need not be released from the burden of guilt because you have no guilt to be freed from. If you insist there is guilt it would have to belong to God. Spirit being all excludes the possibility that there can be another. There is only One-I, the Alone-Infinite-Individ­ual-I, the All-inclusive-Omniscient-I-that-I-Am. There is no "thing" else. Purity is the Eternal Order of the day wherein there is no guile, no guilt, hence no reformation required, no penalty, no punishment. The Kingdom of Heaven is intact in all its Present Perfection, and the I-that-I-Am is Individ­ually Aware, Consciously Alive to this, enjoying it to the full of Absolute Satisfaction.


Alfred Aiken