Heaven is not a location, a geographical spot in space, a place where “departed” spirits or souls gather either before, or after Final Judgment. Heaven is not some other planet that God has set aside as a sort of everlasting picnic ground for those He approves, or for those holding special tickets of admission from some ecclesiastical group. Heaven is neither “up,” “off there,” “above,” nor “out beyond” somewhere.

Heaven is not an ultimate “abiding place” for the good ones of earth; it is not a reward bestowed by a gracious God upon His “faithful” servants, theological teaching to the contrary.

Heaven is not the home, the residence of Almighty God. Heaven is not the celestial headquarters where campaigns against Satan are mapped, where strategy is planned, where records are kept, or where sentences are meted out to the wicked ones of earth and awards to the righteous. It is not the abode, or the drillground for the “hosts of heaven,” the angels, cherubim or seraphim. It is not a great golden city of fabulous architecture, of mansions and palaces awaiting the deserving, or already occupied by many who have earned and gone to their “great reward.”

While the Bible has figuratively spoken of Heaven after this fashion, many readers have wishfully colored the passagas as literal. They are truly in for a great shock. Heaven is not ethereal, not gossamer, but is real, genuine, actual, and not inhabited by astral or nebulous beings or bodies-—bodies of people who used to walk the earth but are now considered “the departed.” One’s own astral or spiritual body will not go there after he is pronounced physically dead. In Truth one does not have a physical body and a spiritual body, even if the Bible says differently. The One Mind includes all the bodies in the universe as ideas. These ideas, body-things, belong to the One Consciousness I Am. No other kind of body exists. Hence this very body that Mind is aware of as idea, is already in Heaven, in Consciousness now. It does not, and cannot undergo a change in order to accomplish a transition, for there is no transition to be accomplished. God, Mind, Consciousness, Truth is changeless. What It includes is within It now. What is not included therein will never be. In Fact, what is not in Mind already does not exist at all, and never will.

Conscious Awareness is Heaven. Divine Self-identification, I-as-I-Truthfully-Am (in Truth I cannot be what I am not), Full Being, Absolute Satisfaction, Total Intelligent Perception is Heaven. Heaven is within I-Am, within Individual Omniscience. (See Luke 17:20-21.) Heaven is Mind’s sole atmosphere; Spirit’s perpetual attitude or condition; Life’s state of undeviating joy, utter active contentment, conscious perfect utilization of every idea; Almighty Intelligence in unchallenged, continuous, absolute action.

Truly then, Heaven is not a place. Where would one locate God? Is He an object upon which one can get a “fix,” use a radar, or triangulate via latitude and longitude?

Where God is, Heaven is. Being Omnipresent Consciousness, where is God not? Even where there appears to be human suffering, fear, hell, in Truth only Consciousness is, in all Its totality. Who or what denies this—-another, some-thing beside Intelligence, something beside Reality? By what authority? (See Ps 139:7-10.) Nowhere is there an outside of Infinite Consciousness.

Nothing is wanting in Heaven. The Consciousness that forms every idea, every “thing” in Its universe, that is the total Substance of that universe and all therein, cannot lack anything. Being the Alone Former and the function, the De-signer and the design, the “stuff” of which the idea, the thing is composed, Consciousness owns all things. Mind alone knows their nature, purpose and use. Mind alone is their Action, Function, their Sole User. Who can use an idea, or even identify an idea, a thing as such, save the Conscious-ness, the Mind in which it is?

No idea, no “thing” adds anything to the sum total of Infinity. Heaven is not progressively increasing in dimension as time passes. There is no time in Heaven, and no Heaven in time.

The Infinite One needs nothing, and receives nothing from an idea. Spirit is the Entirety of Existence, of Itself and what Mind includes. It is all of all. Without ceasing, Mind enjoys Its ideas as such. Consciousness uses Its ideas to the full. It keeps Its slightest idea in utter, full action, hence each idea is uninterruptedly being what it is, Intelligence making full and satisfied use of it.

God is not a creature, a creator or cause, as is generally believed by ecclesiastics. Consciousness is not conceiving or producing ideas, doing things by instinct. Humans are taught that the animal frequently, if not altogether, does certain things, acts in certain ways, produces and reproduces because of instinct, an inborn or inherent characteristic ac-cording to the species. Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence does nothing by instinct, by rote, habit, pattern. Mind is consciously intelligent in all Its ways, thus Its every conception is ideal, perfect in form, complete and permanently so.

Heaven contains, includes no idea, no thing or form conceived other than consciously, by God. The universe and all things included therein are within My Self, My Infinite Conscious Intelligence. There is nothing outside. Infinity can have no outside. (See Isa. 14:24, 26-27.) All is Mind; Mind is all.

God is the Sole Intelligence, One Power, the Whole Presence, the Alone Conscious Self, the I-Am, All. No particle of God, Substance, Life ever passes from God into Its idea. God is Invisible,  Inseparably One. The idea, the thing forever remains just what it is—-a conception, formation in Consciousness, never becoming a separate entity or mentality with intelligence, power, purpose, plan, force or action of its own.

Whatever movement, function, action any idea appears to manifest is wholly by, of and in Mind, specifically directed. It is Mind Itself acting. For instance the body, or the heart, the lungs, the stomach, a planet, the river, or the swaying of a tree branch is entirely Mind in action. Not a movement, a function, a performance stems from, or resides as inherent in the object, the organ, the thing. It is not an involuntary, or a voluntary action of nature, but is Conscious God being conscious, active.

If it is not Good, Mind acting, being, doing, function-ing, it is not Action, but is false throughout; spurious, illegitimate, powerless; illusion, baseless delusion. God’s aware-ness of His All-Self leaves no other, no contrary.

God leaves no evil, no pretense, no pretender. The Self--I-Am leaves no place for error, no substance for devils, no reason for Satan, no sponsor of such. As this is constantly so, then this very instant there is normalcy, the Kingdom of Heaven, harmony at hand; God’s present, perfect Action consciously being experienced, known, lived, enjoyed. The faulty, or diseased so-called mind and its equally diseased action disappears, for it never is.

Only while one insistently clings to a past, a fabled human history, meanwhile fearing a future mortal prognosis, does disease seem real to him. All sickness, whether physi­cal, moral, domestic, financial, political or what, is a condition developed in time-gone-by. It is supposed to possess the ability to extend on into the time-yet-to-come. It is an involvement, and an evolvement of a “was” and a “will be.” But in Omnipresence we have neither. There is no human history nor destiny. In Truth we have nothing human.

In Heaven, the Conscious Awareness of Self, we have no man, even as no man can be consciously aware of Self. Truth alone being Truth, It leaves nothing contrary to be. What is not Truth, simply is not. What Truth is, It is already this very moment. One never needs wait to enjoy it. No future can make It more Real. Omnipresent Truth has no “future.” It is Present Fact. Time, with its future, even as with its purported past, is fiction; that which is not present, not real, not palpable.

God owns all because Consciousness is all. Remember, all ideas, including planets, bodies, organs, nerves, currency and so on, are Mind’s conceptions. Every thing is in Self-Consciousness, but is never conscious, never a self, never I-Am. The Mind that conceives all can never suffer a short-age of any thing. This Consciousness-I-Am-Individually-being, includes money, or the “medium of exchange,” all the acreage of all the planets throughout Immensity; all the mineral deposits, precious metals; all the precious gems; the oil, uranium and so forth. These are the properties, the pos­sessions of God. These belong exclusively to My Conscious Self, who alone conceived them and alone perceives them; to My Infinite Individual Intelligence who decrees their formation and patterns their variety of form, and the variation of use to which Mind puts them.

Each thing is equally perfect, satisfying, and of equal value to Mind; each is conceived by Mind, for Mind, of Mind. No idea can mean more to God than another, for Consciousness is the full and only Substance of each, and each is perfectly conceived in and by Perfection. Each idea is perfectly utilized in the exact manner of its conception, Mind alone possessing and making use of it. Only Mind can know why the I-Am conceived it, and how to use it.

Mind never lacks the ability, strength, authority, power, capacity or intelligence to conceive, nor can It fail to use fully what It conceives. It is patent that there can be no dearth of any Good or any Good-thing in the Kingdom of God, of Heaven, Mind’s Awareness; in the here, the now of Immensity. “What hast thou in thine house?” (2 Ki 4:2-7.) What does your Mind, the Mind that I-Am include, perceive, sponsor (Mind being the whole of it, and it being wholly for Mind) this very moment? Is anything omitted, adulterated, mortal, human, finite, obscure, unavailable?

Is Mind making absolute perfect use of Itself? Is the whole of I, My Entire Self, being, or do I credit My Self, My Present Infinite Intelligence, with not being, hence appearing stupid, incapable, imperfect? Can My Intelligence, being infinite, appear to Me to be only partially infinite, partially able, partially present, perceptive, awake, alive, identified? Is My “Infinite” all to Me, or is there something besides, something more or possibly something less than Wholeness; something other than Utter Uncontaminated Totality to the Infinite-One-I-Am?

How many Heavens do you assume exist? How many Nows? How many Omnipresents, I-Identities, I-Am-Individuals, I-Am-One-Infinite-Beings do you presume occupy “here;” are present as the Alone Existence, Conscious Life, Absolute Being? Where and what is Truth, and what percentage of Truth is true? When? Where?

Where is the I-Am-Being of you if human assumption is the basis of your sense of Truth? In that case, where is your Heaven? How can you experience it, or is it but a place that you hope will ultimately hold or experience you? Is there more than one Heaven? Are there many in One, or One in many? Is One in Heaven—-is God in Heaven, or is Heaven in God, Mind, Consciousness?

There is no particle of Inseparable, Indivisible Love that Love is not using, is not being. There is no mote of Consciousness that Consciousness is not fully utilizing, enjoying. As Awareness is Indivisible, is Absolute, It must be absolutely aware. This is Action in total operation. This is the Sole Atmosphere of Mind, the Kingdom of Love, of Heaven, and this Conscious Self-identification is at hand; is now the Sole-I-Am in My Entirety.

As already stated again and again, the Consciousness that is God includes all things-— this very world and every grain of sand, every blade of grass, every leaf, every drop of moisture. Nothing is too large, nothing too small to be included in Consciousness; to be perfect, absolutely ideal, en-tirely satisfactory to Consciousness, and forever in full use. God considers His own taste only, in each formation. Only for Himself has any idea been conceived. There simply is no other “conceiver” existent, hence no additional opinion to be sought or considered, pleased or complied with. No idea is related to anything save Consciousness alone, nor does it exist in, for, or consist of anything beside the One I Am. All is within I-Am, within Heaven, within Mind’s Conscious Awareness, Conscious Identification of Infinity.

Remember, there is no Mind but the One, that One now present. My universe is within this All-Right-Harmonious-Self-Identity. (See Rev 4:11.) My Self-Awareness knows the pur-pose, the use, the reason for each particular conception, formation, specific production. My Mind speaks and the form exists. I do, I form, conceive, design whatsoever I will in the chambers of Infinite Consciousness, My All-inclusive Awareness, and each thing is precisely the exact, the perfect idea I conceive it to be. Nothing is added, nothing is withheld. There is no other mind to question, object or challenge what I, Truth, Consciousness, Infinite Mind do.

What I loose, is loosed. What I do not conceive is not conceived. Every idea is the work of Me and works alone for Me, for I-Am the form, the Substance and function thereof.

Infinite Intelligence being the Mind of Me, being Sub-stance, being infinitely capable of utter conception of the perfect universe, I cannot know or experience less than Absolute Perfect Affluence of My Self now. Truth being Truth now, It is complete, perfect now. Even as time-past has never disproved or changed God, so time-future cannot improve God, perfect Truth, or evolve Omnipresence, for there is no time in Now, and none of Now in time.

Heaven, Mind’s Conscious Awareness of Totality in Absolute Action, is at hand. To the Ever-Now-I-Am there is no manna, no increase, no attainment, accumulation, accomplishment, goal or victory. Now is now, complete, whole, en­tire and real. It does not disappear into a what-is-not-yet, called a future, nor did it spring into being as an evolvement of a past. Now is not a reccurrence, nor is it a reincarnation of time-gone-by, history.

Why, if Heaven is at hand and all Good-things are available for use to the Self-I-Am, does there appear to be such extensive lack in the universe, you ask? The answer is simple. In Truth, to Truth, there is no such appearing. Only in the seeming realm of human opinion, human education, human assumption and darkness does lack of Intelligence appear to operate. As in fiction, Truth is not, so in darkness or ignorance, Intelligence is not, hence Supply, Abundance, the Self-I-Am is not.

Because one has been taught to believe that he has a little mind of his own and that it is encased within his body, and that this body is his identity, does he suffer, allow or follow the limitations or “mist”-identification that this fic­tion calls for. He also has been taught in this fiction that every other body is a separate identity, equipped with a separate mind, life, and purpose.

What is the inevitable result of this belief? Beginning in darkness, assumption, ignorance, can it lead to Truth, or does one reap what he sows-—does a mistake at the outset lead to mistakes at the conclusion, the finish? Of necessity this human teaching, based on the absence of Reality, Good, Supply, Affluence, demands lack, a shortage or limitation as the very structure of its pretended existence. Only so long as Good is meted out in finite particles, in minuscule, grams and milligram can this poverty-belief thrive, grow stout in evidence, strong in proof of its legitimacy. But in a single flash of Infinite Truth it is obvious that none of this is going on. The place of evil is no more, and never was, for Truth reveals there is no place save Perfect Mind. Lack of any sort has no location there.

However, to the ignorant human sense so-called, its universe of finite matter is divided up, portioned out, parceled to this one and that one. There never seems enough to go entirely around. Some get more than they should, others never get enough. Those who have the most are usually in a position to acquire even a greater amount, thus depriving the have-nots of the little they have. Competition, fear, hunger and suffering are widespread. Wars and rumors of wars further deplete the finite stockpile, until death becomes al-most more desirable than the fear-laden sense of life.

What is one to do in such a case? Does the poverty have to be overcome, the lack destroyed by changing it to a sense of abundance, the finite denied and supplanted by the In-finite? Can the Truth be known “about” evil? Is there a human sense that One can do anything with or to, for or against?

Beginning with Truth, and Intelligently continuing therewith, reveals there is nothing human, either in conception or accomplishment. The only Mind is God. All exists within Mind, hence all things, ideas are in Heaven now. There is no deficiency, no lack, no thing wanting in Heaven, nor can anything in Heaven turn sour, go wrong, become bad, fail to be substantial and reliable while Consciousness eternally uses it. God being the Substance of all, not a single thing can fall apart, deteriorate, age, become passé to Omnipresence.

All the money, houses, lands, oil wells, diamond mines, uranium deposits; every business building, bank account throughout the entirety of the earth; every planet in the gal­axy; every galaxy throughout Immensity is within My Mind this moment, and all belongs to the I-that-I-am, this very Self which is Individually Infinite right now. Can I seek more, have more, desire more than all? And as all things are in Heaven now, and that Heaven is My Mind’s Conscious Self--Awareness, where is there anything missing? All things are by the grace of God, the conceiving of Consciousness, the action of Intelligence, the functioning of Spirit. Where in All is hell?

The riches of Heaven cannot be stolen away, cannot be lost in time, or through trouble; cannot wear out or be used up. No thing belongs to others. All belongs to the One Alone, the All-I-Am, the Sole Omnipresent I-Identity. My Substance is Myself only, and cannot be scattered among many. God is Indivisible. Mind enjoys Its Heaven to the utmost in the Now.

In no other way can one behold Supply save by beholding, identifying the Self as the I-Am-Intelligence-present--now: I-Am-Awareness-conscious-now. Aside from this Per­ception, no affluence, no substance, no identification of anything can be made or experienced; no Heaven can be. As already stated, Heaven is Absolute Satisfaction, Mind’s full Self--Identification.

Never make the finite, the ignorant mistake of assuming that the Heavenly-state is one of stasis, of boredom. Be-cause Heaven is constant it does not imply ennui. Infinite Aliveness, Unspeakable Joy, Everlasting Freshness, Newness, Spontaneity never bogs down, grows sluggish, dwindles or dies.

One cannot know Heaven, Infinite Affluence, Absolute Satisfaction as a personality, a human being, a man. To assume possession or ownership of the universe, and all that is within Infinite Conscious Awareness, while identifying and insisting one is finite, a mortal, is folly. On the so-called human plane, if one attempts to usurp property, wealth, or the belongings of others, he will come afoul of the law governing such. If he cannot successfully, or rightfully, take what belongs to his fellows whom he can see, how impossible for him to claim and use the things of God, Spirit, his True Self whom he obviously does not see!

To claim that any human owns anything, is to function as a human. To insist that there are humans, to divide and sub-divide this planet, to parcel out its riches—-here a little, there a little, somewhere else none at all-—is being human. Affluence that is measurable is not Affluence, but is finite belief, a dimensional concept of humans, the world’s or man’s sense of heaven on earth.

To behold Truth, the Truth that all is Consciousness, Consciousness is all, and that all things (ideas, forms, no matter by what name called) are within Consciousness, be-longing to no other One than Consciousness, is Self-Identification. This Self-Identification includes Heaven, Absolute Satisfaction; includes Awareness of Absolute Power, the Intelligence and Ability to fully utilize Its entire Being. This Infinite Conscious Self-Awareness includes the unlimited, un-restricted capacity to conceive or form every thing, not in a future or time-dimension, but now; not at some point off in an unknown beyond, but here within Consciousness. These things are instantly available, usable, tangible to My Self, and are immediate in Action.

Heaven is not a lottery, a property or future residence to be won in any manner whatever. It is not a raffle in which one takes a chance, hoping to be the lucky winner on the final day of drawing or judgment. Heaven is a certainty. It is inseparable from the One I Am. Heaven is within Me.

The I that I Am does not and cannot earn it, for Heaven is not a place, a wage or reward. It is the condition, the attitude, the feeling or sense consciously present in Self-Perception, Self-Identification, Self-Evaluation, Appreciation, Being. Heaven is Conscious Awareness of Individual Allness, the Infinite Oneness of Completeness, of Totality; of Indi­vidual Conscious Selfhood in Omnipresent, Unchallenged Action; of Absolute Individual Intelligence, including Its in-finitude of perfect, endless, perpetually original, hence new or fresh variations.

Heaven is never a stale state, dull or commonplace. To Mind, the Consciousness I Am, Heaven is forever a present awareness of freshness, joy, delight and the surprise of new­ness.

To many, if not most humans, heaven means that state beyond the grave wherein no lack can be. The lack to which they refer, however, is generally thought of in human pat-terns-—that they will be free of sickness, body misery, rent troubles and general inconveniences. They assume that in heaven they will be free of troublesome neighbors, will have a grand mansion, will live in regal style with plenty of what-ever passes for wealth to eternally provide for their every wish.

Many humans would be tempted to forego this promised state, which seems remote at best, if they could but have and enjoy their sense of plenty today. However, they want this on their own terms, namely as a human being. To human sense, a spiritual identification holds no enticement. It is body-comfort that the human craves. It is money, power, fame, a position above the many that appeals, and that would be considered as indeed heaven on earth! It is for this that humans struggle, for this that they pray for after their fashion, their theological concept or teaching. But can such so-called prayer buy Heaven for them?

As humans we believe that there is plenty of money in the world. In fact there is so much wealth that we cannot begin to estimate it. The banks deal in billions; the ground yields its substance beyond calculation; stores, factories, forests, rivers give us more billions, as their products are converted into money. There is no lack of fabulous riches, no lack of inventions, of things which are supposed to contribute the epitome of ease and body-comfort to the inhabitants of this earth. However, the human who makes use of them assumes they are his personal possession. If he beholds them afar, beholds them as being removed or outside of his personal ownership, they but serve as a reminder of his own lack or poverty via comparison. So long as they belong to an-other they must be “earned” from the owner before they can come into my-self-use.

And what results from this “thinking” process? Immediately the belief of a personal capacity to earn these de-sired things begins to act as a brake. The mishap of environment, heredity, education, gender, age, color, religion, or some unknown factor in time, in the sub­conscious or sub-sub-conscious, or possibly even his god (if he believes in such), intervenes and thwarts him! Sometimes he assumes a superiority complex and rides roughly over all opposition, gains his physical goal, but only to succumb to time and oblivion.

Truly the way of humanity is fraught with heartaches, trials and disappointments, being full of troubles. In Truth one must behold that all this is vanity, vanity, and nothing but vanity. Instead of Heaven, it virtually is the reverse. To have much, as a human, is to be poor indeed. The more hu-man one assumes he is, the less he knows Himself. The more he depends on personal possessions and things, the more de-pendent he is. Instead of being Independent, Free, he is en-slaved in fear, ignorance and mystification. “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God (Self-Awareness, Self-Identification, Individual--Consciousness-of-being-the-I-that-I-Am) all things (are al-ready present, the Kingdom of Heaven is within Me, the Mind that I Am is all-inclusive of Infinity Now) are pos-sible.” (Mat 19:23-26).

Truth is. Truth includes all that is. To repeat: to the Self of Truth, the Sole and Only Self that is True, this I that I Am this very moment, no idea, form or thing is imperfect, incomplete or missing. The Kingdom of Heaven is within My Individual Awareness, and every thing is in place, in full perfect use by the Intelligence that I Am, and I Am enjoying Absolute Satisfaction herewith.

For anything to be wrong with the idea, it would have to be My Self that sees or perceives it, My Infinite Intelligence that knows and is in error, for the Mind-I-Am conceived, and is the entirety of the idea. I-Am is the Sole Action, the Sole Substance, the Sole Perceiver of all there is. If the Substance is ailing, imperfect, diseased, insufficient, capable of disruption or disintegration, decay, decline, demise, then it is Infinite Intelligence Itself, the Sole-One-I-that-I-Am who is subject to duality, an opposition to Being, a not-true Truth, a not-whole (not Holy) One! If Heaven is not at hand, one is looking for it as a human and will never find it. It must be in Omnipresence, or it simply is not. Nothing exists save That-Which-Is. Existence and Is-ness is One, present. To expect to discover the Presence, the Present One in the future, is to look in vain. And to assume that all of Heaven is not within Consciousness now, is to ignore Completeness and deal in fractions, particles, portions; is to cast lots for the vesture of Omnipresence. Such an attempt is sheer ignorance, and brings forth nothing.

God-Mind is the Mind of Me, the whole of the I that I Individually Am. I have no additional Mind, be it inherited, evolved, developed, educated, smart or dull, conscious or sub-conscious, vegetable or animal, big or small, personal or racial, past or future. I-Am is not in time, not in trouble; is not human, not mortal, not man. Truth is the whole of My Self, My Identity, and all that Truth includes is My uni­verse. My world is not outside of My Awareness, but is with-in My Consciousness which includes not only this body, but all bodies, all things in and on this planet, this solar system, this galaxy, and all the galaxies without number in the in-finitude of Infinite Conscious Awareness. All this is Mine al-ready, richly to have, to hold, to use and experience forever; My Heaven at hand now.

It must be obvious that to attempt to function as man, a mere belief, a tiny dimensional mortal competing with countless other mortals, an infinitesimal physical or animal speck on the face of one small planet, as against Infinity, is to be so small as to be undiscoverable under the All-power-ful microscope of Truth. Man looks for heaven in time-which--is-not-yet, assuming his chances for getting there depend on time-gone-by wherein he supposedly took great risk by the way he chose, the path he trod, the “thinking” he did or failed to do. These are his purported arbiters, the deciders of his ultimate fate in the Great Beyond.

Only by entering the closet of Truth which shuts the door on anything beside the One Alone I present in toto, can I behold what is. Herein is no warring world, no suffering or diseased bodies or things, no lack-burdened race of man, no fear-driven civilization rushing to extinction. Nowhere in Mind’s Awareness of the universe and all included herein, is there any poverty, trouble, heartache, cycles, prophecies of doom; no personalities, personal possessors or possessions, personal needs; no power politics, no battle of ideologies; no devil, evil, Satan or hell; no time, either past or future; no “here” as opposed to “there,” as if geographical location were possible in Infinity; no dimensions; no errors of omission or commission; no penalties and no rewards, records or recognition. God beholds Himself as All, the Alone One All- inclusive Totality Omnipresently Active, Abundantly Affluent, and there is naught else. This One Whole is the Whole One without dissimulation, adulteration, division, and the Individual I that is Infinite God is this I that Am, this Life that is, this Conscious Intelligence, this Being that is I, and I Am no more, no less, no other.

To reiterate: as Infinite Intelligence can lack no conceivable thing, for things are ideas only, I cannot fail to have present, in immediate use, any thing conceivable. This Infinite Intelligence Individually present, identifies Itself as Me and no other. It is entirely and the entirety of this I. This Omnipresent Awareness of utter Totality, inclusive of all things, is Self-identity, is Heaven at hand, the Omnipresent Now that is Eternity.

More of Heaven than is at hand, more Consciousness than the Absolute Individual Consciousness I Am, is impossible. For more than All to be present is inconceivable. Omnipresence is. Omnipotence is. Omniaction is. Omniscience is. Heaven is. The I that I Am knows utter perfection, absolute satisfaction, and is enjoying it fully.

I cannot look or seek for Heaven, or take it by storm. It is within my Sole Identity now, and in Absolute operation, no thing conceivable and perceptible to Mind being omitted.


Alfred Aiken