What is the Will of God? How does Will act? What is Its function? Is It a Divine determination in the face of human opposition? Is It mere wish or desire that God has-—an inclination or pleasure, a choice, request, com­mand or volition? Can Infinite Will be resisted, set aside, ignored? By Whom? When? Where? How?

We hear so much of God's Will in theology-—this or that event or occurrence as being the Will-of-God. Supposedly, contrary thereto is the so-called human or personal will, in­clination, wish, desire, intention, determination. While God chooses thus and so, the inhabitants of the earth are believed to choose differently, and the result is a war of wills, a clash of intentions, a disruption and conflict of oppositions.

With God there is no choice whatever. Divine Impulsion and Compulsion-—without choice, without opposition, where­in there is no negation or contrary notion or opinion, wish, desire, decision or sense-—this is the Will of God, the Sole Mind, Consciousness. God never has two ways to consider.

The Infinite One does not have two minds or more, two opinions, two directions, two states and conditions to choose between. God is the One Alone. God is the Entirety of His own Infinite Totality. There simply is no contrary, nothing else beside, no "otherness" existent for consideration.

Just what is God's Will concerning Himself? How com­plete does God will Himself to be? Would you say it is God's Will that Omnipresence be nearly or completely absent, almost-present, not-quite-entirely-present, only present in part anywhere? If so, where? When and why does Infinite Life, Consciousness, will Itself to be conscious, be infinite, be alive, be Itself? Is there a second, an alternate manner of being, open to Intelligence? Can Truth pick from among many al­ternates-—can Unchanging, Undeviating Truth decide or will Itself to be incomplete, un-whole (unholy), unfinished, not present everywhere, always?

What sort of God have you? Is your Infinite God a mere term, a name, a power-that-is-less-than-Infinite? Does Truth, Purity, Intelligence lie, steal from Itself, cheat, deny, refute and belittle Itself? Is God quarreling, contending, fighting, arguing, battling, struggling, bickering; laboring to overcome an opposer, a vacuum, a void, a blackness, a contrary, an ig­norance, a darkness, a bewilderment, a contender, a pretender who would usurp His Place, Position, Power, Presence, Per­fection?

Is God, Infinite Soul, the Sole Sense, Awareness or Con­scious Perception in the throes of war upon His absence, or upon a Divine will-not-to-be, a will-to-adulterate, thin down, change, mix; a will-to-not-live, not-know, not-enjoy, not-exist?

There is but One Will—-God's Will. This Will has noth­ing to do with intention (if by this is meant a plan for, and in the future), contention, demonstration, overcoming or becoming. God is all, and All is God being God. There is no other Action or Function occupying the entire attention of Present, Perfect Conscious Awareness.

With God, will is not an arbitrary power to control, dispose or determine, in the sense that possibly there can be another way, manner or state of Being. There is but One State, One Condition, One Manner of Life, Identity, Being, and that One is the Sole One, the Infinite Individual One---the One of the I-that-I-Am, God.

Infinite Good, the Perfect One has the positive authority for Its total enforcement of Truth's Will. How? Because there is nothing else! The Perfect One has not two directions open -one the Way of Being, and another a way of not-Being; one the Way of Infinite Abundance, Infinite Presence, Infinite Affluence of God's Presence, and another way of no-Abundance or abject poverty, want, suffering, sorrow, emptiness, loneliness, woe, a vacuum.

God cannot be Infinitely Present, and also have a choice open whereby He can be equally wanting, absent, not present. Truth cannot function in two ways, One being Accurate, Fac­tual, Real, and the other being untrue, non-existent, fictional.

The Authority-of-Truth rests upon the Fact that there is naught but Truth. To Truth, to Reality there is nothing pres­ent but Truth, Reality, Purity, Perfection this very moment. The One is wholly Whole this instant. There is nothing to re­verse, challenge, contradict or to be un-Infinite Truth! Rejoice in this Uncontradictable Fact and be exceedingly glad, for this is truly the Perpetually Present Health of thy counte­nance—-this is the Truth that "healeth all thy diseases." (Ps 103:3.)

Authority, as stated in a previous chapter, points out that there is no opposition, no opposer in God, Truth. Omni­potence does not function as a force "over" others, "over" lesser beings, or "against" a contrary state, mentality, sub­stance, presence, person or condition. It cannot, for in Truth there is only Truth Itself, being Alone, Infinite, All-inclusive. Thus when It speaks, all is as Truth pronounces. There is no possible contradiction thereto. There is no contrary mind, substance, state or thing. The Mind declaring Itself is all, and all is as this Mind declares or decrees. God speaks and it is done—-nothing can be added to God, nothing taken from God. (See Ps 33:9; Eccl 3:14.) All is as God says.

Spirit is never uncertain as to how all ideas, all things are, and that the Present-Now is eternal. All things are as God wills, and God-wills-all-things-to-be. Not an idea is missing, omitted, delayed in Mind, the sole Place of all; the sole Substance of all form; the sole One for whom, and by whom all things are willed. Soul, God wills all things wholly for His own glorification, not as a finite personal show­off who would do it to prove He can, or for personal gratifica­tion in the mere "possession" thereof, but because Infinite Intelligence cannot void Its Infinite Capacity of Undimensional Totality, Its Capacity to conceive all, being the Pres­ence that is All.

Mind composes all ideas of Consciousness, and all It conceives is within and of this Consciousness, used for and by this Consciousness only. Under no circumstance do things increase the stature, or "complete" God as though Infinite Perfection is not already Whole. Being Entire Infinite Action, naturally Mind never ceases in conceiving endless variations of pattern, form, conception of Infinite Consciousness. Naught but God alone conceives. No idea-thing (no body or condi­tion thereof) can conceive or form another idea, thing, body or condition. Each idea that Spirit conceives or forms is per­fect forever, and is of use to Spirit alone. It could be of no use to another, for there is none such to use it.

The idea, form or thing never supplants or becomes God, Mind, hence never can think for itself, never performs at all. An idea has no Life in or of itself, is not conscious; it can­not feel, function, know, sense, see, hear or act of, or by itself. Every idea-form is as lifeless as the leg of a chair or a grain of sand, if by that is meant these things have no Life abiding in them; have no Life they can control, make use of, for or by themselves; no ability to think, plan, produce or reproduce.

Consciousness not only forms every idea, every thing, but is the entire Substance of it, the User of it, the Action of it. Mind never brings forth a single idea, whether large or infinitesimal, and lets it lie fallow. God has a use for every idea-every idea has a use-and Consciousness is con­stant in Its use of it. What has no Good-use does not have Divine Substance or Identity-—does not exist.

The idea, as already stated, does not use itself, act of itself, function of itself. It is Consciousness that uses the idea, and it is purely and wholly Consciousness that sees, hears, feels, knows, acts, is all sense, all function.

To repeat, things can do nothing, for they are ideas only, forms in and of Consciousness. Consciousness does all that is done. Mind is all of all things, includes all things, is the identity and the Identifier, the form or formation and the Former. All idea-things are possible to Mind alone. No thing is impossible.

What is Abundance? Can It be measured in quantity, quality? How much of Spirit does Mind will to be present? How powerful does Consciousness will Omnipotence to be? How complete, how infinite, how active, how all-inclusive is Omnipresence? How does Omniscience use Its Authority? Over what? Against what? Who so declares, and why do you answer thus?

Are there minds, lives, identities present? Are you some­thing beside the sole One-I-Am you eternally are? Are you eternally being the One you are? Have you Eternal Being, being the One you are? Are you two-—One having Perpetual Being, and one-not-having-Being? Can you be something the reverse of Being? If so, how, what, where are you?

Life is God, the Sole Infinite Existence. Then to deny your Self as being this Existence, this Life in conscious oper­ation, this Life individually identifying Itself, and yet say "I am, by virtue of Existence," is an absurdity. Such is equiva­lent of saying: I am not what I am-I be not what I be!

Love wills (decrees) Itself to be wholly loving and lovely. Love cannot fail to will Itself to be Absolute, Com­plete, hence Pure, Unchallenged, Uncontested, Unrestricted, Undimensional, Unhampered, Uncontaminated, Untouched, Unadulterated, Entire, Total, Infinite. Love could have no other will—-could not be willing to be less than Love is, and can never be more, for Love is Infinite.

There is naught to refute Love, because Love is the all of Is-the is of All-the All of all there is. Love fills en­tirety. Only Love is Substance, Truth, Vitality, Authority, Disposition, Influence or Sense, Perception or Awareness, Un­derstanding-the Totality of Intelligence, Comprehension, Factuality. With Infinite Intelligence there is no choice "to be, or not to be"-no duality or double-mindedness, no ques­tion, no doubt, no contrary wish, desire, inclination, sense, anticipation or fear. There is nowhere a sense or aspect, concept or perception of dimension, otherness, contention, conflict, incompleteness, want, lack, adulteration, impurity, or foreign state, substance or condition. There is no-thing, no mentality before or beyond, above or beneath, to the right or the left, concerned with or against, for or contrary to the One Alone Mind, Love.

The Absoluteness of God is His Authority. The Allness of God is God's Will-that is, God wills to be all of all, no more, no less; God wills to be Entire, Whole, Total, Absolute. God wills to be here; to be Omnipresent in full Abundance, Affluence, Awareness, Action. Infinite Intelligence wills to function in Its Perfect Completeness in all It is doing, being, knowing; in All-ways, All-ideas, forms, things. Spirit wills to be all the Substance of every form, its Conceiver and con­ception. It is Love's Will to use every form (idea, thing) for Its Individual glory-—the glory of being all of all every moment of Eternity.

God wills nothing less than Absolute Total Completeness in all ways right now-that no "thing" is impossible unto Him. God speaks and it is that very instant present, in full use, perfectly operating because Consciousness is the Func­tion, the whole Substance and the sole User thereof; the only One knowing, identifying and possessing in toto the idea, the form or thing.

Life wills that all Power, all Authority, all of All be Its witness that there is but One Infinite Individual, inclusive of Its ideas, Its universe, and that this universe, this King­dom of God is here and now perfect, available, at hand and in full use.

This very world, this earth and sky and stars are in and of Consciousness, this very Consciousness present here as I-Am. This Consciousness includes galaxy upon galaxy, count­less solar systems,. planet upon planet, and all things therein from the smallest speck of dust to the most majestic moun­tain, the smallest blade of grass to the mightiest tree, the most microscopic body to the most complicated form. All this, and inestimable additional idea-things, forms are forever in this Consciousness. Each is perfect, complete and eternal, but not one idea is something of itself, nor can it function, act, know or perform on its own. All is Consciousness through­out, the I-Am that is Holy (Wholly) Being.

Within this universe of Mind there is nothing human, nothing limited, nothing mortal, nothing animal or man, ma­terial or carnal. One is never incarnate, hence can never rein­carnate. Within Mind is no contrary will, mind, opinion, ex­istence; no shortage, nothing left out or lacking. There is no wait, no reverse desire, no wishing "for" God, "for" the Presence of Infinity and all It includes of Itself. Herein is only the Conscious Individual Awareness that this Life is, Individually here and now, in Its fully functioning, fully act­ing Infinite Conscious Identity as I-Am.

God, Health, Wealth is not willing to be excluded from Total Presence, Power, Intelligence, Action by "another," or by Self-denial, Self-absence from Omnipresence. Such is impossible for the Infinite-One-I-Am!

The I beholding this is Divine, not human; is the sole Identity of this I-that-I-Am. This world of Consciousness is Infinite, Divine throughout. There is no "outside" to Infinity, no "out there," no alien world or existence, creation or crea­ture, attitude or system. The Infinite One Intelligence that is Individually Present is All-inclusive Existence; Indivisible, Undimensional, Perfect Spirit or Consciousness, Intelligence. Behold the magnitude of thy universe as the I-that-I-Am and nothing finite can appear to be a Reality. This is genuine "healing," for it leaves nothing to heal. This Truth sees God as all, and all as God; sees all God is, and that God is All.

With God there is no consideration as to whether or not "human belief" wants something contrary to the way God wills all things. Infinite Good knows no others, whether "things" contrary, wills contrary, minds contrary or existences contrary. Mind knows Infinite Intelligence is all of all, and that there can be nothing whatever beside. "All" leaves nothing extraneous, nothing in addition, nothing yet-to-come; no admissions contrary, no submissions, no omissions. "All" is all now, always.

How could God, being the Alone One Changeless In­finite, consider another, consider what such an one may or may not wish, desire, long for, plan, or intend to bring about by a personal, a finite will, intent, power or action? Where is the finite in Truth? Can Truth know or produce, induce or deduce such? Never!

There is but one One, namely God, and God does what pleases Him in the entirety of Himself, His own Conscious Awareness that is Infinite, and there is no other one or ones to question or to say unto Him, What doest Thou? Life being all, all one, infinite, considers Himself only. There is no one else.

Whom do you consider? Do you begin with man and God, a human and Spirit, a belief and Reality, duality? Is your total consideration for God-—seeing He gets Absolute Adoration, which leaves no possible opposite, no absence of Himself, or do you give consideration to a mortal body, organs, functions, ideas, things; to separate personalities, people, a particular member of the race of men? Do you consider your neighbor, your relatives, family name, country, your personal looks and appearances, your personal posses­sions? Do you consider the sinner, the unhappy, the one in trouble? Do you try to aid such to a better life, a fuller awareness of a God? If so, in your-more-holy-state, your-more­-moral, enlightened, learned evolvement, do you strive to up­lift, to purify the down-fallen, the wicked, the benighted or lost souls, and nullify the effects of their sin, degradation, fear, disease, appetites, age?

Do you busy yourself the long day through, as the years go by, striving to carve out a place for yourself in theology's heaven, a hereafter, by being good and sympathetic toward those who are in financial, moral, domestic, national or phy­sical need?

Just what do you do, and whom are you considering, or with whom are you chiefly concerned? Why?

Do you expect success in this "good" you try to do? How will it be measured? Can Perfect, Present Omniscience reward you for making It more perfect than It forever is?

Are you doing all this for God, the Infinite One, or do you have "others" who are "outside" of Omnipresence? Are you expecting your concern to pay-off here and now in dollars, possessions, accomplishment, fame, satisfaction, or are you hoping to collect at some future, some far-away time, and from the hands of Deity Himself?

If you say you are concerned for God, why should you be? As God is Omnipotent, Perfect, Unchangingly Whole, All, need one fear for Him? Who is this one doing the fear­ing-is it the I-that-I-Am, or "another" one? Is not all the concern really for this "other" one, for a finite personal self, no matter how lofty or noble the reasons we would like to attribute to the attempt?

No, Dear Reader, no concern need be expressed for God. His Presence, His Place, His status quo is secure for Eternity, for He is Changeless Perfection, the All-inclusive One with whom there can be "no variableness, neither shadow of turning." (Jas 1:17.) Never again concern yourself for God, the Infinite-Self-that-I-Am-forever.

Ask yourself: Am I doing all, being all every moment, to glorify the All-Good God ever-present, the Sole Substance, the Only One? Is the Divine will the only one that is present, the Total, Perfect, Unchallenged, Individual One Awareness, One Consciousness, or have I "another I" that identifies itself as my being, my self, "me"-one wherein all is limited, finite, dimensional, unsatisfying, changing; subject to ignorance, fear and the influence of many, a majority? Who is this I-that­-I-Am right here, and is this I dwelling among its fellows, con­trolled by their decisions, subject to their short-sightedness, their ailments, emotionalism, instability, wars and ultimate collapse? Can I be two, or One Alone? Can I be other than the One-who-is? Can I possibly be One-who-is-not, One-who-­has-not, One-who-knows-not, One-who-beholds-not? Can I be One-who-wills-not-One who declares Himself to lack Health, Wealth, Intelligence, Eternity, Infinity-who declares Him­self to be mortal, dying, dead? Never! Such is not Being, but the antithesis which the I-that-I-Am excludes forever.

Ask your Self: Do I insist on being Me, or do I seek another? Do I will that I be Total Consciousness, or only partially Conscious? Is there anything conceived that exists in any other place, has any other substance, or is known, avail­able to, or is in use by "another?" Who is this I that Infinite Consciousness is conscious of-this I that is Infinitely Con­scious? Can Consciousness will to identify any "other" I as the Sole-I-that-I-Am-can I be some one else, somewhere else, something else, or do I will to be forever the only I, I-Am? Can Undeviating Truth alter Itself and be contrary, dualistic, a fraud? Never!

Is the I-that-I-Am my Sole Present Identity, or do I still insist it is human, dependent upon a past and a future, but always void of the Present? Am I a man, a mortal, born of ancestors via biology, subject to the flesh and contending al­ways therewith, or am I what Consciousness identifies Me, Itself, to be? Is the I-Am-that-I-Am an erring, sinning, fallen mortal-I, or the One-Alone-I, Omnipotent, All-inclusive, Om­niscient, beholding Itself as It is, and with Divine Authority, rejoicing therein?

Dear Reader, what are you "willing" your Self? How much? Where? When? How much of you belongs to God, is Good-how much Life is present to you; how much does Omnipresence include of your universe, your body, and how many bodies, worlds, things have you right now? How much of this very universe of Mind do you behold? How much of it are you willing God to behold? When? Is His Mind, His capacity beyond yours-bigger, better, more Infinite?

How much of Life is present? How much of your uni­verse, your earth, your city, home, body, business are you willing to Life alone? Are you attempting to reserve or retain a bit of Life for your personality, your body-as-separate­-from-some-other-body-are you reserving a little identifica­tion for a human being, a person with a long history of evo­lution behind him, a collection of sins he must atone for and an immeasurable journey he must travel to get back to God?

Are you willing that God be all that God alone is, hence all-inclusive of even this earth you now look upon, or do you still desire, wish, and insist on seeing a wicked, stupid, hell­bent group of races, nationalities, ideologies struggling to dominate, enslave or destroy one another in the quickest way possible? What is your will in this? Do you will that there be men, hence the affairs of men, of mortals, humans? Where is this earth right now? What is it? How is it? What authority have you for the answer you give?

Have you a will? Where does it come from? How good is it? How does it operate, and upon whom, what, when, why? Whom do you claim you are, Spirit being all? Do you will to be one apart from the One Alone, or a mere part of the Only One? In either, there is no Truth. Why? Because the Infinite One is the Sole-One-I-Am and there is no other Infinite possible, and no one or thing finite, possible. All is One En­tirety, the Absolute, the Complete One, the Only-I, the Alone Omnipresent Action, the Individual Universal I-Am-Being identifying Myself consciously here and now as "Me," "I Am." He that hath seen Me hath seen God, Truth-he who hath seen Truth hath seen Himself, His Sole, His Individual Identity, His very present I-that-I-Am. (See John 14:9.)

Infinite Intelligence cannot will to behold Itself as anything beside, or other than Individual Consciousness, I-Am-Mind, All-inclusive Omnipresent Awareness, this Conscious-Being­I-Am. In no way does this mean to imply that personal sense, personal identification centered in a physical body, is God! To begin with the body as the focal point of identification is to begin with fable. To behold God as only God is, is to behold Irrefutable Truth, and herein is no possible finite concept, notion or identity at all. Herein is nothing personal, material, false. Truth is aware of all that Truth is, and Truth being In­finite excludes any mistakes, counterfeits, frauds. Truth re­veals Perfection as the only State, Condition, Action existing this very moment; that Omipresence is now, all that can be here; that "time" is impossible for it is never present, but rather is shuttling and scuttling between the past and the future.

To be certain you understand "will," let us look and question further. Wherein does the Will of God fit with what you claim you are? Can a belief will anything? Do you say you are a child, an image, a likeness of God? If so, what power have you? What do you assume or hope that Truth, God, will do for you? Where can He will it, when and how? Does God behold a "you"-—what and whom only does God behold, and for whom only can and does Soul will all things? How does Spirit retain and maintain His Authority? How does God know He has Authority-does He have to look with the eye, measure and estimate "things" as evidence or proof that He is what He is?

When God speaks, is there a delay in the arrival of His conception-how does Consciousness know the form or thing conceived is now present to Perception? Do "you" will a wait, the testimony of the eye, the ear, the touch of a body you identify as your I, your Self, before admitting you are aware of the "thing" conceived? What do "you" consider the sub­stance of the "thing" is-of what is it composed? Does the thing need construction according to a plan or blue-print, made by hands, tools, of elements?

Just what is "will" to you, anyway? Has it the slightest relation to Truth, Reality, Actuality, Substantiality, Power, Intelligence, Consciousness, the Individual-Self-I-Am, or is it utterly foreign, alien, finite; personal desire, determination, wish, intention? Does it involve struggle, strife, frustration and a complexity of confusion?

What is Soul? Do not glibly say: "God," or use a well­known synonym meaning Spirit, even though these answers are correct. Where is Soul actually Soul? To whom? How do you know? Does Soul will or decree, decide or determine anything, any idea-thing for Itself? How? What? Why? When? Where?

How long does it take Soul to obtain that which It de­crees or wills for Itself? How long before Soul possesses what It decrees; before It can perceive or use it?

As God is not human, not mortal or finite, and there is no other, why should "will" come into the picture. If "will" does not mean "a force against," or the strength, the power or authority to "determine a choice," what then does the Divine Will mean? Are you going to think of It in theological terms, material symbols, or after the human, the man-sense? That is, are you going to insist that there is a spiritual will and also a mortal, a sinning will, and that these two are con­stantly warring with one another? (See Rom 7:18-25.) Will you continue insisting on duality, opposites, a domination and a dominated?

“Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." (Rom 12:2.) So long as one clings to the human sense, a will in opposition to God, a mind other than the Infinite One beside which there can be no other, he will reap the whirlwind of confusion, darkness, lack. Not that these are genuine, legitimate, actual or existent, but to blindness there is no Vision, even as to darkness there is no Light, and to void or vacuum there is no Presence, no Conscious Substance.

Does ignorance behold Intelligence? Can what-is-not be­hold What Is? Can non-Existence rejoice in Being? Does a sweet fountain send forth bitter water? (See Jas 3:11.)

To enjoy Truth, make use of Truth. Nowhere else is It found save in Itself, as Itself. God is the whole of Existence -the actual present existence of your entire Self, the whole of your I-Identity. God is the Whole Being everywhere. There is no other Entirety. This leaves no vacuum.

There is no void, no place where Spirit is not. Spirit includes the universe, this very world that you behold. There is nothing in this world of Mind that is not Divine, Perfect. This Truth is with Authority. It reveals that the Will of In­finite Being excludes the possibility that there is an opposition, either mental, spiritual, physical, material or otherwise. With One Infinite Mind there can be nothing beyond, outside of, or other than Itself only.

God, Spirit is not willing to be more than All, for how can Infinity increase Its stature-how can the Undimensional extend dimension? Infinite Intelligence is not willing to be less than It is, for All-inclusive Truth cannot shrink or with­draw into Itself to make room for Its purported absence from Itself.

The Will of God is the Unchallenged, Uncontested, In­alterable, Unobstructed, Unhindered Action of Total Infinity in Absolute Operation, Function, Being, Awareness; Com­plete Self-identification, Positive Individual Being in Its All­inclusive Entirety. Nothing more or less can be acceptable to Spirit. Awareness could will neither inaccuracy, incomplete­ness, deformity, nor be willing to compromise, to acknowledge the possibility of an outside or beyond, to Infinite Perfection. To Intelligence, All is all. Can I doubt or discredit, deny or refute this? Can I will something contrary to Truth? Could such be true, if so willed, and who is it that wills it? On what authority?

As to whether or not this decision or that would be more acceptable to God, is mere theology. In every case it admits a choice of two or more; is duality throughout. Spirit knows nothing of such foolishness. Nothing is acceptable unto God save that which is God, honoring Himself as the All-of-all­-that-is. There is nothing more or less than All, anywhere. To compromise, to claim to worship a god who is other than the Sole, the Only One Present, the Entirety of the One Presence, this Presence that is the One Entirety, is sacrilege.

To turn to a god who is less than Absolute Present Per­fection is to merely worship a man-made deity which has no relationship to Truth, to Reality, to My Self, My Life, In­telligence, Identity—-to the I-that-I-Am. All such so-called worship is spurious, worthless, invalid, puerile throughout. The faith such may engender might appear to ease the tension, but such relief is only in the realm of belief, the same belief that advances the faith. It is not acceptable to God, not willed by God, not the. Will, the Way of God, for there is no Truth in it.

Will, in the Light of Truth, means Divine Pleasure. God rejoices in His ability to conceive, rather than in what He conceives, even though every conception or idea is perfect and instantly in use. The idea or thing does not add to God's All­ness, nor contribute anything to God, to Perfection, Entirety, In­finity. God is already Complete Mind, Substance, Conscious­ness, Soul, Spirit, Awareness, All. No conception, no form, idea, thing can give anything to the Consciousness that conceives it, the Alone One Whole. As pointed out repeatedly, no form possesses a mind, a life, a being, an identity within itself; no form can plan, outline, decree, determine, act, move or function on its own. No idea knows anything, for it would have to be Mind to do so-—it would have to possess Intelligence, Substance, Being to do so. Ideas are in Mind, but there is no God, no Life, Mind, Consciousness in ideas, things-they are never conscious, never intelligent, never take God's place or power away from Him.

Ideas, forms, things then are absolutely without Action, ability to plan or move, act or react on their own as we have been taught to assume. Nothing belongs to a thing. A thing never possesses anything or other ideas. All belongs exclusively to Mind. Mind is Action, all the Function and Movement ex­istent. In Truth, only Mind acts, and uses things.

Human sense has been educated to believe that Action, Movement and Function emanate from things due to their inherent nature, purported composition and energy. We have assumed that things follow a law, pattern or will of nature; that deeds, functions and actions result. Accepting this, we naturally have looked more and more to things as being of major, if not of sole, importance. Our Wealth, our Health, our Happiness seemed to depend upon things-—a lack of things spelled poverty, want, privation, and all that hell was said to be!

Dear Reader, do not abide in this nonsense, this sense­less assumption. It has no power, no validity to hold you. The I-Am-Self is free to walk forth this very instant. God is All. All that God is, He is now. He is now My Sole I-Identity. There is no prodigal. The very Mind of Me is God-willing­all-Good-for-Mind's-Sole-Self, now here, and eternally. No thing is missing.

Life is not subject to things-to a heart, liver, lungs, body, food. Health is not subject to weather, age, income, geo­graphical location, altitude, family inheritance. Happiness is not dependent upon money, possession of things, opinions of humans. Truth reveals that I, Truth, am sufficient for My Self, unto My Self. There can be no thing lacking from Con­scious Identification identifying Consciousness. To know God, thy Self, is to be conscious that all Good-things are present, tangible, usable.

Should you assume you are ill-if fear, or some medical diagnosis or belief wills your heart to be diseased, or threat­ens you with death, turn Absolutely to God, Mind, and ask the All-Present-Good, your Changeless Life, what Its will is for Itself. Does Life decree that the heart, or any other thing of Consciousness shall expunge Life from Itself? Can an idea rule Mind? Can the clay reply to the potter? (See Rom 9:19-21.) Can a form, an idea of Consciousness dominate and destroy Consciousness, its very own Substance? Can a thing take possession of that which is its form, its outline, its action, movement, function and entirety or make Mind the servant of Its concept?

These are absurd questions. It is obviously impossible for a thing to usurp the place and prerogatives of Infinite Intelligence wherein only the form, thing or idea has entity, being, residence.

To repeat, no form exists unless Intelligence conceives it-unless Intelligence, Consciousness is its entire, its total Substance, Formation. Things can do nothing. God does all. Things per se (possessions, personal or human holdings) have absolutely no value or worth. God alone is All Good. Mind, Truth is the Total Substance, Simple Value, Sole Worth, the Absolute Wealth of Entirety. It is Mind that wills, decrees, is all there is. For no other, do things exist. They belong wholly to Mind, are in Mind, and only Mind uses them as Mind wills. No other exists to even have a will.

The Will of Good, Good-will is inseparably present al­ways. One need not, and in Truth cannot look elsewhere, for there is nowhere to look save Omnipresence. Do not look to things for help. Do not insist that a lack of things can be Real, can act as a hindrance. Things are never the difficulty, never in difficulty, so-called human sense to the contrary. Truth reveals the Substance of all things, their form, their function, place, composition, abundance, action to be Mind only, and never in or dependent on the thing.

Then it is obvious that it is not the abundance or the lack of things that determines anything, that decrees, wills, per­mits or denies the sanctioning of this or that. Truth alone is Will. All is in accordance with the Will of Truth. It is what Truth wills that is. What Truth does not will, is not. "What­soever ye (the I-that-I-Am, Individual Conscious I-Identity) shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven (if the state, con­dition, thing is not of Truth, for Truth, by Truth, then it is not in Truth) : and whatsover ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (if true, it is universally true right now)." (Matt 18:18.)

Who has the Authority to do these things? With whom does Authority abide or rest? Who can speak as One, having Authority? From whence is this Authority, this Divine Will that cannot be abrogated, set aside, twisted, broken, annulled or abolished?

With what will are you acquainted? Have you a personal will that is gaining pleasure from rehearsing your troubles, disasters, ailments? Do you enjoy poor Health? Do you like to recount your problems to any and all who will listen? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Do you feel you are abused by circumstance; your body; by neighbors, friends, society? Do you assume you were born at the wrong time, of the wrong parents on the "wrong side of the tracks" and therefore are entitled to grunt and complain? Do you claim you are shoul­dered with responsibilities that are unfair, unjust, not of your own making? Did the family tree sell you short on health, looks, supply, and a name that spells power in the world in which you browse? Were your opportunities curtailed, so education and the chances of a remunerative job passed you by?

Of what possible use is complaint, rehearsing your troubles, dwelling on the shortcomings of yourself or those of others—-what portion, and how much of Reality, Sub­stance, Supply, Abundance, Happiness does your routine "griping" bring consciously into focus?

All of your difficulties are false. Not a complaint is legitimate. Not a mishap, privation, discord has actuality in Truth. You are not in a mess. You are not in error, not in a body, not in pain, not in trouble. You are not in matter. You are not in ignorance, disease, poverty, confusion; not in a mortal, evolving, fighting, fearing, war-crazy world. You may wish to argue to the contrary, but the Fact remains, Truth is all there is.

Only the world, the universe of God exists, and that universe, inclusive of countless galaxies of solar systems, exists within Consciousness, hence is truly the Kingdom of Heaven. This very earth you have been assuming to be phy­sical, at war with its inhabitants, its inhabitants at war with it and with each other, is not physical at all, is not in chaos, is not material, is not subject to cause and effect, bombs, disinte­gration or death. This planet and all that is thereon, our world that we have assumed to be material, composed of atoms or lesser particles of force or energy, Truth beholds as Divine. There is no other earth, no other universe. There is no other substance. Only Truth is true. Look then to Truth to find out what is true concerning this world, this body, this Everpresent State of Supply, Abundance, Life, Being, Identity.

One cannot find Truth in any place but Truth. All the effort of the ages has been to discover Truth in things! It has failed, lo these many eons, and yet the same avid foolish search goes on and on. Delving into the past, probing into the future; exploring, excavating, whittling, carving; study­ing the microbe, the atom, the organ, the specimen; dissecting the body, probing the brain, analyzing things to uncover the nature of Life, Intelligence, God, the I-Self, has resulted in ever compounding confusions. Why? Because, as repeatedly pointed out, there is no God, Life, Truth, or Substance in things. Only God, Spirit is Substance, Intelligence, Life. Nowhere else can It be. There is no other Omipotence, Omni­presence, Omniscience, no other Action or Being than the Sole Infinite One which is Truth Itself, the All of all there is.

Should you wish to know Truth, that Truth which is your Sole Identity, your Entire Self, you can find It nowhere save where It eternally is, namely within Itself, Conscious Awareness.

Once more, have you the power to will anything? Who is this one you call "Me," or "I?" Am I Life, Alive, or not? Do I Exist or not? Am I Real or not? If I-Am-Real, if I-do-­Exist, then am I not the One Individual Life being Infinitely Individual; am I not the One Life being Individually Alive, being Individually Universal, Universally Individual; alive to My Infinite, My All-inclusive Existence? This must be so, or the I-that-I-Am could not be present, have identity.

The I-that-I-Am, and only this "I," this "1" only can will what It desires, can say unto this mountain: Be cast into the sea, and it shall be done. (See Mat 17:20.)

As God is the Sole Life, the Sole Presence or Existence, the Sole-One-I-Am-Being, there is no other I, no other Indi­vidual, no additional I-Identity. Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence cannot be multiplied, added to, subtracted from, or divided. Infinity, All, the Undimensional Absolute is pres­ent and utterly intact this very moment. Are you willing to accept this Truth, or do you will the Fact, the Truth to be false? Can an assumption, a fiction will anything in Reality, Actuality, Omnipresence? Why then wait for the Kingdom of Heaven which is already at hand? Tomorrow cannot bring it nearer. It can never be closer, more available, more genuine and satisfactory than now. It can never be more yours.

"Thou shalt also decree (will) a thing and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways." (Job 22:28.) "If ye shall ask (wish, will, decree) anything in my name (aware that there is but One I, One Infinite Individual Omnipresent, and that One is the Whole of the Identity doing the willing, the Entirety of that which It wills), I will do it." (John 14:14.) "If ye abide in me (the awareness that I-Am-God, that the God-I-Am is the Sole Life Individually Present), and my words (this Absolute Truth) abide in you, ye (speaking as One, having Authority) shall ask (will, decree) what ye will, and it shall be done (seen as already present) unto you." (John 15:7.) "Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." (John 16:24.) "Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not (As a man, a mortal you beg another, a power out beyond or above you, rather than beginning with God, your Sole Life and Mind, thus being the One you be-that One having Authority, the Alone One who wills all). Ye ask (as a lack-laden human, as one-who-has-not, as one-who-is­-not), and receive not, because ye ask amiss (you ask as man, a human identity, a personal "I"), that ye may consume it upon your lusts (you seek things, possessions, rather than Self-identification; desire objects rather than to know Thy­self, that Self that includes all things). Ye adulterers and adulteresses (you who would rob God of His Allness by in­sisting that there is duality, another power called Satan, an evil presence, a creation, a race of humans, fallen children, sinning and diseased man; you who would add to or take from the Omnipresence of Love; would make impure by adulterating the Alone One Presence), know ye not that the friendship of the world (belief in duality, mortality, minds many, opposites, fear, evil, devil) is enmity with God? Who­soever therefore shall be a friend of the world (loving it, serving it, waiting upon it, nursing and trying to heal, or fearing that which has no existence in Truth) is the enemy of God." (Jas 4:2-4.)

Will to be that which already is, namely your own Present Identity as God's Infinite Individuality. Herein is included all things, all that Mind conceives in the fullness of Its universe, Its Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing has to be struggled for, waited for, worked for, longed for. It is not a matter of labor, effort or striving, but of mere Perception, Self-recognition, Self-identification, Self-evaluation - being honest with God, and not insisting or willing that there be an adulteration or emasculation of the One Alone All.

To presume that anything can be added to Perfection is to dishonor All. To insist on subtracting anything from Perfection is to ignore Love, your Sole Entirety. God does not suffer from any such nonsense, but to the confused sense of the so-called human who would attempt such folly, the darkness and limitation seems abysmal indeed. It will appear to op­erate as fact only so long as Truth is ignored. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32.)

At the instant of freedom you will behold that there has never been the slightest change in the status quo of Ever­present Intelligence. The Infinite-Individual-One-I-Am never lapses even for a fleeting second, into darkness, or denies, repudiates, rejects, betrays the Self into the hands or toils of another power or presence, an opposite or opposer. The I-present is none other than the very I that Infinite Spirit calls Life, Soul, Being. "I am Alpha and Omega, the begin­ning and the ending ... which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. (Rev 1:8.) Before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. I, even I, am the Lord (Life, Consciousness, Mind, Being, Self); and beside me there is no saviour (no I-Identity, Authority, Vitality, Existence). Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it (tamper with, change, alter, challenge or even know, identify or perceive it) ? (Isa 43:10-11, 13.) I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me. Declaring (willing) ... from ancient times the things

(ideas, forms) that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure ... yea, I have spoken (decreed) it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it. Harken unto me, ye stouthearted (self-opinionated, ignorant, willfully corrupt, determinately human), that are far from righteousness: I bring near my righteousness; it shall not be far off, and my salvation (the Allness that I Am this present moment) shall not tarry." (Isa 46:9-10, 11-13.)

God is all, and all is as God wills it. There is no thing else, whether creation, children of God, children of men, offspring of the senses or what-there is no offspring, no addition beside whether good or bad, legitimate or illegiti­mate, known or unknown. There is only God Present, In­finitely Individual, the Sole I of All, the Soul-I. God has not fallen from Himself, not changed sides, not altered from His Changeless, Unchallenged Entirety, Infinity, All-inclusive­ness. His will to be all of all is Inviolate, Uncensured, Un­betrayed, Unabated, Unadulterated, Unaltered, Uncontested, Uncompromised and Inescapably Omnipresent for Eternity, the Forever Now. What I-Am wills is; nothing can be added to God, nothing can be taken from God. (See Eccl 3:14.)

There is none to object to the One Infinite Being. There is only Spirit present, being the Sole All-inclusive Self of All-inclusive Universality. Infinite Intelligence cannot deny Itself anything---no thing that Mind has the capacity to conceive. God uses every "thing," including the body, wholly for His glory. (See Rom 8:28.) This very I reading these words am He-I have no other Life, Presence, Being, Conscious­ness, Will, Self, Identity.

There is no will existent save the Divine Will, for there is no other Existence present save God, Infinite Life. Should the suggestion of a contrary will nudge you to dishonor God, your Sole Self, should argue lack or delay of Omnipresent All-inclusively Available Good, bid such to depart into the darkness, the ignorance which purportedly spawned it. Do not assume there is a human will to will that there be a human. Do not insist on willing your Self to be man, a mor­tal; to be sick, suffering, poor, confused, deprived of even the slightest breath of All Good!

Do not succumb to the fallacy that your Self, the In­finite Individual, being Individually Universal, is willing to be subject to age, time, a past, a future. The Sole Will is Good will, the Will of Infinite Good, Changelessly Present in Its full operation of Total Abundance. Nothing less can satisfy God, the Sole-Self-I-Am. Truth can know or will noth­ing less. Nothing more can be willed, decreed, conceived, formed, for who or what can conceive more than All?


Alfred Aiken