By your conscious realization and recognition of God’s Presence you will be delivered and freed from Every adverse and undesirable condition. It will not be anything that any man must necessarily do, from a personal point of view, which will free you. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God Is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire. It will reach every condition. It will abolish every undesirable condition and circumstance, and deliver you from every undesirable expression of life. It will give you joy beyond degree, and when you realize and accept the Truth, that the same Christ is within you which was within Jesus, that will set you free. Free from every untoward condition. ‘Tis the saving Power of God manifested in the name of Christ. And when you Recognize this, He will set you free from all undesirable conditions."

"If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  The Recognition of this PRESENCE is not the old idea of a Power which was invoked to act by prayer. It is a sensing Consciousness of the Presence, which, when recognized, turns hell into Heaven, debt into plenty, sickness into health, fear into love, and unhappiness into joy. How does it make these sudden changes?  "By a way that ye know not of."  There is no human reasoning that can scale the lofty peaks of the Absolute God and tell what is the working of His Mind. " His ways are past finding out"; then why waste any more time trying to "find out" how the Power can neutralize evil? The Power of the next dimension always sets aside all the hard and fast laws of the dimension preceding it. Hence what is a hard and fast law in the two-dimensional world is non-existent in the three-dimensional world, and so on.

When Jesus came showing this NEW way, which was past finding out, but which was the heritage of every man who would actually Recognize the Presence, the old human reasoning again said; "This cannot be." How can poverty be turned into riches? Who can answer that question, "Canst thou by searching find out God?" and, "Who hath known the mind of the Lord?" It is wonderful that we are recognizing this, and letting go of the old mental ideas that we could assist God, or make Him do something, of that we had the power to make God operative. The old idea, so firmly fixed in the minds of many, is actually a belief that God is only working when they are "knowing the Truth," and that at all other times He apparently is absent and inactive.

"Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light." "He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps." The Power of God is always active, and when you align yourself with this Power you set aside the so-called laws of the three-dimensional universe in which you have lived. Hence when a man Accepts the Presence of God as HERE and NOW, if he has been under the bondage of sickness, he finds himself suddenly well. That which he called a "healing" has been the action of the Revelation of his True Self--the coming out of the mists of human belief and the Real MAN. It is Wonderful! Awake, arise, and shine, for the light has come.

The PRESENCE even now, as you are reading, is all about you, within and without, awaiting Recognition; and the moment of Recognition is the moment of the downpour of blessings. "The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich." Do you begin to see that you--yes, you--as you are sitting reading this very line, are, at this instant, able to function this glorious manifestation of Light, Life, and Love into expression? It is Wonderful! You are thrilled and filled with the Presence of the Holy Ghost, and the three-dimensional fears are gone.

\ The Recognition of the PRESENCE is what raised Lazarus and Jesus from the dead. The Presence sets aside every human belief, no matter how time-honored or old. So the recognition of the Presence will set aside, suddenly, every adverse condition or undesirable expression. Do you begin of FEEL the Presence, the sense of protection and immunity, that He gives you? "He giveth His beloved sleep." There is sense of relaxation, a letting go as it were, when one cognizes the Facts of Being Everything is in the hands of God, and it is well.

As you are reading, the Voice within is saying, "Fear not, it is I---Fear ye not, be not afraid, "I am with you alway." It is so glorious. I am here NOW, and I will show you a way out that ye knew not of, and that no person knew anything about. "I am the Way"--do you hear? It is glorious, this Recognition of the Presence. BE still; I have much to say to you in the secret place. I have much Revelation to make to you when you are ready, and when you cease going without, and trying to solve the mysteries of evil. They shall all vanish away at the coming of the Lord. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! "Every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement, thou shalt condemn." Every obstacle which impedes the outflowing of Truth shall be moved away. See that you do not make yourself an "obstacle" to the Truth in another. "Be not wise in your own conceits"--you do not have to set the world right by pointing out all the people who are wrong in it. Every criticism that you utter comes home for fulfilment one day--"watch, watch, watch." Ye shall eat your own words." It is Wonderful! "Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead." See that you feed upon the manna that they knew not of. This is the Manna of the Presence. The manna that your fathers did eat was the human beliefs about life and God It is Wonderful.

The Recognition of the Presence can be made by a child; we are told that the Kingdom can only be entered by the Child, so you see it is quite simple. Can you accept the Presence of God, and once and for always acknowledge that He is stronger than any human belief, and He does not fight against Evil? "Thou art of purer eyes that to behold evil." At the coming of God into manifestation, the creation of man fades out like a dream. His hard and fast beliefs melt like wax in a blast furnace. The evil problem which has hovered about you for so long, and which seemed to have the support of so many believing people, will melt as a snowball cast into a white-hot fire; and all they that battled against thee and laid snares to catch thee, shall fall into the ditch of their own making. It is Wonderful!

The Doors of the Hidden Treasures shall suddenly be flung wide open unto you. The things that have been told in secret shall be proclaimed from the house-tops of Recognition, and the Heaven on Earth shall be made manifest, HERE and NOW. It is wonderful! No man knows, or thinks of, or even senses, the glorious riches that are to be poured out on you when you make this Recognition. "Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light." Christ is the Power within you which makes your Oneness with the Father possible.

The Recognition of the PRESENCE of God causes the descent and the ascent of the Blessings of God!

"The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with its" "When He giveth quietness, who then can make trouble? And when He hideth His face, who then can behold Him?"

So in quietness and peace the strength of the Presence is Recognized, and the "quietness" is past all description. No matter in what a turmoil you may have been, the "quietness" given by God cannot be troubled by any man, belief, or power. The Presence goes before thee always, and makes the way smooth.

"A knowledge of the Spiritual realities of life prohibits asceticism and repression, the same as it prohibits license and perverted use. To err on the one side is just as contrary to the ideal of life as to err on the other."

The immunity with which the Presence wraps you about is not that of overcoming’ it simply brings you to the dimension where the things that were formerly true are no more so. A man may desire protection and immunity from accidents so ardently that he permits himself to be locked in a cell. He has gained his object, certainly, but he has lost his freedom in so doing. So with man, who insists on getting his immunity from evil from the outside. The immunity which comes through the recognition of the Presence enables you to walk through what the human mind calls evil, without experiencing any of the effects. Hence the H Hebrew children in the fiery furnace--the same furnace which, to human belief even destroyed the man who built the fire. It is wonderful! We do not have to run away from evil" the Presence will take care of all of that. When you begin the process of Recognizing God in everything, then the appearances of evil will diminish, until they fade entirely out of the picture.


Walter C. Lanyon