If you are reading this it is because you desire to hear  the Voice, a still small voice, yes, but never-the-less the Voice of God.  When you hear It (my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow), you recognize something strangely familiar about it, and then you come to realize that it is your own voice.  It brings all things to your remembrance and bears witness of the Truth to you.  It brings you peace and brings you understanding. It is the Voice of Revelation, and you stand right in the midst of it.  You stand right in the midst of a great Light (understanding) just as Saul did on the road to Damascus. And in the Light you hear and you know It is the most secure place you could ever be. 

            For years I read and studied the Bible, I listened to everyone through which I ever even once heard “The Voice”, and I knew that with every church whose doors I entered I was only passing through. I would hear the Voice for a while, in an occasional sentence or message, but then it would fade and so I continued on my journey.  

            I read scriptures such as Mark 4:11 “Unto you it is given to know the mystery”…, Romans 11:25 “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery”… “according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began”, Rom 16:25, and Colossians 1:27, “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles (heathen); which is Christ in you, the hope of glory…”, and I would wonder, what is the mystery even though I read “Christ IN YOU”? Was this the mystery? Need I to see something about the statement “Christ in you” that I wasn’t understanding? I had been told as a child that Jesus was in my heart, but there was shroud of mystery surrounding this “Christ in you”, which I yearned to fully comprehend.

            One experience led to another until the day came that the most beautiful words in the world came to life for me, “Be still and know that I am God” Ps. 46:10, and the rest of the verse, “I will be exalted AMONG the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”  I already knew that my body was the earth in a way, and that my earthly thoughts were different from my heavenly thoughts, but until I began to BE STILL there was still much confusion.

            So I began to be still and listen.  I had been through my own judgment day, a day that came as a result of my own sowing to the flesh.  I went into the lowest hell and realized that I had experienced hell at varying degrees prior to this last most difficult crisis of my ‘human’ experience before, but nothing ever this severe.  In that terrible/wonderful Armageddon in hell on earth, in my earth, I cried out for Heaven (God), and begged to either be “taken up or taken out”.  I was at the end of my little self!

            The Prodigal hit a wall, the end of ‘self’. Finding my little ‘self’ in a pig-sty of emptiness,  I said at that time that I had prayed every prayer that I could ever pray. I had ‘spoken in tongues’, and jumped through every hoop anyone suggested I try, only to find each one, religious or non-religious, filled with empty promises and each brought worse circumstances than the last.

            Yet, I believed,  because I knew in my deepest innermost sanctuary that there had to be something better, that there was surely “Life and that more abundant” somewhere.  When I began to listen, instead of pray, instead of speak aloud, instead of plead and beg, instead of cry, moan and groan, I began to hear The Voice, and began to turn, what the word ‘repent’ truly means, to turn from continually heading out into oblivion, into a bottomless pit, to WITHIN, and there I have found the Kingdom of God.  There I have found my True Identity. There I have found peace that truly does pass all understanding.  There I have found the secret place of the Most High. There I have found a continual supply, with no more worry regarding money and things, for “in Father’s house” there is no lack nor limitation.  There I have found a refuge from illness, insecurity and fear.  There I have found God, The Mind behind everything, Life, Light, Liberty, Love, the Center of My Being, and there I have found what every single person desires, Blessed Assurance! Eternal Life.  Not something I WILL receive after what is thought of as ‘death’, not in an after-life, not at the end of old age, but NOW, LIFE ETERNAL, WITHOUT END.  Above the world, in it, but not of it!  And it is not like anything I ever thought It would be. 

            I have no reservations in telling you that I will never now see death, as I have   

Already experienced it.  What is death?  Is it the collapsing of a body, followed by a funeral, burial in a grave, followed by a trip to a heaven somewhere beyond the stars?  No!!!  DEATH is the THINKING that I AM SEPARATED FROM GOD!

            Beloved, YOU are in Heaven right now as you read this.  Your eyes may not be adjusted to the Light here as yet, but you are here none-the-less.  Heaven is another word for God, and God another word for Heaven.  God is Omnipresent, Heaven - Omnipresent. 

            Once before me on an early morning walk was a wonderful sea of blue as the sunlight tipped over the crest of a hill and sent its rays rushing though the dew drops on lavender blue morning glories and deep blue-green leaves.  That magical morning all glistened with freshness of all creation as it truly is, the only true creation that is absolutely perfect and unaffected by the stuff of dreams.  No one was there to share this spectacle with me, but I never forgot it, because in it I sensed the pristine loveliness of pure and absolute beauty, untainted, undisturbed, unpolluted by the footsteps of men.  Simply there, awaiting my recognition of it, as is Heaven within and all about us.  We have only to be in the right place at the right time to witness what is and has always been to find it very good!  This is the place and this is the time. Awake thou that sleepeth and Christ will give thee light.  

            If you have read Genesis and thought about the garden, you are right now in it.  The Bible is not a history book, in fact, in Reality ( Reality being GOD) there is no history, for there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. Jesus told us to take no thought about tomorrow. Why? Because there is only ever this one eternal moment right now. 

            So, you are in Heaven (God) right this instant.  So long as you are facing within, you stand face to face with your True Self.  That True Self is your ‘other half’ so to speak, the invisible YOU, which can sit right where you are and say, “Once I took a trip to…” and know that the one that took the trip was the little outward ‘self’ you have imagined yourself to be, but the ONE who can say this and see this is the TRUE YOU.  If you imagine God as one half of a parenthesis  “(” and your True Being, that Infinite One, who can see your little ‘self’ going places and doing things, being the other “)”, you can see that when you put them together you have () or O or O-ne.  So long as we face ‘outward’ to a world of the visible, making it our main focus, thinking it is the REAL, turning inward only on occasion, if ever, and thinking ourselves something different from God – we can see only as through a glass darkly.  But the moment we turn inward and it becomes our true and absolute focus, our immaculate Obsession, continually seeking the Kingdom, we find our self face to face with the Light and know even as we are known. 

            You do not have to go through hell to get to heaven, although quite often people have to get to the end of their ‘little self’ one way or another, because there must come a realization that, “I can of my own self do nothing”. 

            We are told that “whatever you shall ask in my name will be given you”, and have asked many things ‘in Jesus name’, only to find that you didn’t get the whatever you asked.  That is frustrating, but you have wanted to protect God’s reputation, so you have made many excuses for why this simply does not work.   You may not have understood how to find your answers and may have sought through counseling, books, seminars, church, prayer, psychology or other self-help processes, to work your way out of your fears, pains, illnesses, debt, worries, sorrows and problems, only to find all this to be only a revolving door, no better off than when you began.  Thus you have thought that the only way out of the misery of ‘this world’ was through death, your own personal body being placed into a grave so that your soul could soar heavenward and you could leave ‘this world’ behind. Even that prospect is undesirable.  The one who says he desires and looks forward to heaven ‘someday’, does not welcome the burglar crawling through his window, gun in hand, to help him fulfill his desire.  We are told that the kingdom of heaven is within us, that it is ‘at hand’, meaning here now, so how could we ‘go’ to some ‘place’ called heaven?   

Then we have all been through to one degree or another some form of ‘mind control’, or ‘mind over matter’, thinking that if I believe it long enough, say it with true conviction, and not waver I can ‘through the power of positive thinking’ make it happen.  Much can be accomplished through positive attitudes.  Much can be accomplished on the earthly plane through mental exercises, but all of it is still dealing with ‘the little self’ which can of its own self NOT by ‘taking thought’ add one cubit to its stature.  And, at best, the mental ‘fix’ is temporary in the sense that even a near death experience will - in the illusional ‘world’ - not escape what it thinks of as death through any mental exercise or even the strongest affirmation.  

Boxed in by this world of thought we have created the world we have lived in as well as creating a God in our own likeness and image that fits in our box with us. It is high time we awaken from the dream that we are the ruler of our own destiny,  king of our kingdom, while still operating in the little personality called by a name, John…. Or Jane …., carrying a fake ID, living a lie.  A name is a nature, and in my ‘own little name’ I am limited on every front.  It is only with a changed nature that we take on our True Name, the Name above all others, and find that “I and my Father (Infinite Being) are ONE”, and with God all things are possible.  We must begin to become conscious, and wipe the sleep from our eyes.  There is only ONE who IS:  God’s own son. 

So Who is God?  God is NOT a WHO, but rather a WHAT.  We can see this when we properly view what is known as “The Lord’s Prayer”.  We have turned God into a ‘who’ by reading, “Our Father, WHO art in heaven”. In turning back to the scriptures on this we find it is “Our Father, WHICH art in heaven”.  “God is not a man that he should lie…”.  God is NOT a MAN.  There is no ‘big man upstairs’.  There is no MAN, and no upstairs.  God IS LOVE! If we went no farther we would begin to understand that it is in LOVING that we express God to the greatest degree.  

God is LIFE, just being IS GOD!  God is Light, in all your getting get understanding (GOD).  We all have IT – LIFE! WE all have God, whether we know it or not.  We are all IN GOD, and GOD (LIFE) is IN US.  GOD IS our INFINITE BEING! And HIS SON is that which is produced by God, by Love, this wonderful outward Expression of LIFE!  Yes, Jesus Christ is the Son of God! YES. And Jesus said to us, “Except a corn or wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth ALONE!” to show us that HE is the Corn of Wheat, which fell into the ground and sprang forth a whole harvest of SONS! Produce of the Father.  LIFE everywhere!  NOW are we the SONS OF GOD, I John 3:2.  There is only ONE SON, but It is a many-membered Son, just as my body is one, but has many members, hands, feet, ears, eyes, cells, etc.  God – Life, the Father of All, In All, As All, All in All has a Wonderful Body – US! Christ being the head of this body, or the MIND, ENLIGHTENMENT, LIGHT of this body!  It is a spiritual body, in fact, it is PURE SPIRIT, as is EVERYTHING.  There is nothing that is not God/Spirit! There is no where God is not!   

Awake and see that Jesus, visible Expression and Savior of my soul (individual understanding), sets my captive mind/soul free.  Christ :  Anointing, Power, LIGHT shines in a many-membered body! Not Jesus the man/form who walked the streets of Galilee, but Jesus Christ the Principle, the One Seed corn that dropped into the ground and produced a whole stalk of corn just like the first One! “When he shall appear (to us, in us) we shall be LIKE him, for we shall see him as he is”, “for as he is SO ARE WE in the world”,  producing more stalks, producing more corn, until the whole world is filled with his glory! It is high time,  Sleeping Beauty, that you begin to realize that heaven has been here all the time.  We have been living in a box, a casket, a tomb: A MIND-SET of our own making, enclosed on every side, while heaven IS all about us awaiting our recognition!  

Jesus said of everyone who died, “They are asleep”.  We have been asleep -‘dead’ in sin (an imaginary (image) world of the mind), trespassing into a far country in a dream that we have thought would sometime come to the end with our own funeral and then we would go to a place called heaven, only to be right here in HEAVEN all the time. It is not until we awaken from the dream world of our imagination that we begin to envision a new heaven and a new earth, which is to live, move and have being as we LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU WHICH WAS ALSO IN CHRIST JESUS.  The very form we envisioned for our self, as a body, thus begins to be transformed as well, for we have painted upon the canvas of our life what we have only imagined and with the coming of Truth, that which TRULY IS will appear, a temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens! Yes, the body is the temple of God, but not the puny, weak, aging thing we have concocted in our imagination.  

Upon awakening everything, truly begins to change. Time is no more.  We seem to be where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there, but every day is the same to us and day and night are not as they ever were before.  Our ‘ideas’ of God and prayer completely change.  Until now we have seen God to be both our ‘gofer and chauffeur’, there to follow our commands, fill our Christmas list of desires, supply our needs, and prop up our little egos.  We have expected God to give us the glory, to forgive our sins, to hear our prayers, and if we are good to bless us for being so, while expecting God, which is Love,  to kill and destroy those we judged not good.  Thus we have, in our imagination, developed our world, the whole scenario from birth to death, even and including our concept of heaven, hell, and earth.  We have ruled over our concept, and have been the god of ‘this world’ – our world, the world we have made, judging others and sentencing them according to our concept of right and wrong, good and evil, which we have been making up as we have gone along, based upon our own particular likes and dislikes, sending them to hell if they crossed an invisible line of our own demarcation, never-minding that God so loved the world that he sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.  We have been  running the show, telling God what to do and how to do it, calling it prayer, and making all kinds of excuses for our little God when he didn’t follow our commands, prayers, and requests, yet using the magic words, ‘not my will, but thine’, while believing sickness, pain, misery, poverty, and even death to be God’s will.  We have had our theology all neatly wrapped up in a box, and so long as no one tries to open our box and let in light, we are satisfied with the darkness or ignorance we enjoy.   It is time to break the box and allow the Light to shine in, to reach up, to take the Hand that is offered to us,  to arise and walk out of the box, and furthermore to recognize that there is no box 

Awakening we begin to see things from the Inside Out, so to speak, and before we ask the prayer is answered, and we now know how to pray as we ought, because we recognize the Truth: there is nothing to heal, change, or make right, for all is already finished, done, perfect in Reality.  Come away from the illusion that things are either this way or that way in a world of opposites, or opposition. Come into the Reality of a Creation declared very good.  Realize that nothing went astray or awry except our thinking! 

I have followed the voices of many strangers into an unknown land, an alien place where everything appeared as separate from everything else, and all was labeled with names, thus I have thought that there are peoples, nations, tongues and tribes.  Upon waking up I find there is only the ONE, the SUN with Its many rays, the Snow with its many flakes, the Corn of Wheat with its harvest, The Only True and Living GOD with Its many Expressions!  

Awake we do not condemn those characters who were in our dream last night? And awake we do not condemn those about us who are not seeing the Truth yet.  Did we go into the dream as the savior of those acting out the dream last night to try to correct them and tell them they are wrong to be doing what they are doing or saying what they are saying?  Do you feel at all disturbed by those in your dream last night?  Can they effect you?  Does what they said or did make any difference now in the morning light?  Those about you who are still living between the parenthesis of birth and death, who still think that the 7:00 news is the real and the next show is the fantasy, are in a dream, a dream of their own. The Song of Solomon tells us several times that we are not to “awaken my Beloved until he please”. There is a time and a season for everyone.  Jesus told us that we were not to know the times and the seasons.  “What is that to thee?”  We are only to awaken and turn to the Light of Our God within us, as us!    

I have read by someone and thought it a very good analogy, that if your child was asleep and you heard them moaning and groaning and saw them tossing and turning as they slept, you would know they were having a nightmare.  Which would you do; would you pray, “Oh God, make their dream better.  Give them a wonderful dream, and let them sleep forever. Give them whatever it is in their dream that they want.” Or would you WAKE THEM UP!  And we will not do that except they be drawn to us. “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me.”  We are not to go buttonhole someone to give them ‘the gospel’, but rather when they are ready their God will awaken them, and they will be drawn to the One.   

When Saul was awakening after his eyes were opened on the road to Damascus, a man who had already awakened to who he was by the name of Ananias  was given divine instructions from that still small voice, to go to Straight Street and there he would find Saul of Tarsus.  God had awakened them both, and had put Saul on the straight and narrow path! It is only in awakening that all the confusion is straightened out, for in my True Identity I have gone on before to make the way straight! At the right time, the time of our awakening, all that we need is supplied for us. The One, in whatever packaged form It appears, will come to lay hands on our eyes that we might receive our sight!  At that time there will be a great falling away! This must happen first.  That falling away is the scales from our eyes, or the veil that has kept the kingdom from being seen all about us, although we stood always in it, with it in us!  

When we pray for the man in the middle, the one living between the parenthesis to be healed, to be prosperous, to live a better dream then we are not aware enough our own selves to realize that that will not do them any permanent good.  It may make the dream better, but it will not bring them out of the stuff of dreams such as pain, sickness, fear, depression, sadness, madness.  It would at best only make the dream more bearable. If instead I BE that which I AM, and allow their dream to continue undisturbed, loving them all the while, I will make room for the same God that is in me, that is in them, to awaken the Beloved at the proper time and thus I live in peace knowing that God, the Intelligence, the Life of All is fully able to do what needs to be done when the time is at hand.  Whether it be in this lifetime or the next, sooner or later, God will come, the Christ, the ILLUMINATION, THE UNDERSTANDING, will come and bring light into their darkened box!  All before that time is NOT anyway, and all that comes as a result will come, and no one can hinder Its coming!  

Those that have not yet passed from death unto Life are the walking dead, and yet, can anything truly die? If God is All, and God is Omnipresent, and God is Life, then where in ALL, where in LIFE can you find death? “Life”, thinking you are separated from God is a place of optical illusions where everything appears separate from everything else.  There is a general first heading under which everything in the box falls:  GOOD and EVIL.  Subtitles are:  love and hate, and pleasing or displeasing determines on which list your name will be.  War and peace is another subtitle, where the little ‘self’ separates things still further by beginning his own list, determined by what or who he loves or hates.   

The one in the box no longer sees Itself for What It is, but rather sees Itself as a “who”.   The ‘time’ spent in the box can be long and arduous or relatively short and meaningless, or it can be spent in relative pleasure and enjoyment, but it is still in the box, encased by limitations, surrounded by problems, always haunted by the idea that there is a final end to its existence, and a fear of the unknown beyond the box. ‘Life’ can be difficult or easy depending upon how one adjusts to the box.   But sooner or later, in this lifetime or another, the one in the box will suddenly hear again, an echo of his Self and he will realize it is not the voice of ‘another’, but rather it is his own voice he is hearing.  It is called a still small voice, because the little ‘who’ has wandered so far from Home, the Oneness of Reality, that he has lost a sense of his True Self.  The one in the box may dream many dreams, but remember, “we” cannot awaken my Beloved until he please.  

Know the Truth, because the Truth will set you free, not only from the box, but from the judgment of another.   Jesus told us to ‘judge not’.  Why? Because he recognized the dream for what it was and knew that God is able to awaken the Seed-ling in due season.  Even as a little seed is placed in the ground and left to rot that its shell, or box, might fall away, so is the Life within us. It will spring forth at the appointed time, so the timing of the awakening, or birthing, the expected date of delivery,  is perfect. So long as we are comparing ourselves among ourselves we are still thinking we are separate ‘selves’, individuals, human beings, mortals, etc.  So we think that the life in you is a different life than that which is in me, and we think we can do unto others and it will not effect me.  There is no judgment of another because just as you need not judge those in your dream last night, you need not judge another as in reality - there is no ‘another’.  There is none holy (whole) but the Lord.  None besides thee!  Anything that appears to you as ‘another’ is because you are still thinking in the box.  Think out side the box!  Come up hither and realize that there is only ONE.   As I look at you I do not speak to the dress you wear, for I know that at the end of your day, that garment that you are wearing will drop into a hamper and you will be left standing.  In just the same way, I do not speak to your outer form-body and assume that that is YOU.  At the end of ‘your day’ of thinking you are a human being,  in the day of the Lord,  you will drop that form-body as your identity and the True You will still be standing, still aware, still conscious, and alive as Life Itself, and you will still be here.  

This sets you so free, because you can begin to love others where they are.  You will see that they are living in a box, in a dream, and what they do has absolutely nothing to do with the Truth.  They are living between the (    ) called birth and death, wherein is karma, or sowing and reaping, cause and effect, and what is done in their dream has consequences, but these consequences have no eternal significance, nor are they real, although they seem very real to the dreamer.  Only that which has always been and always will be is REAL.  

Jesus told us not to call him good, that there is none good but God.  What was he saying?  Was he saying he wasn’t good?  Was he saying you are not good? Well, if Jesus wasn’t good what would you consider to be good?  But Jesus was pointing again to the fact that the form/body/personality/human looking thing was/IS not good, and in fact, is NOT - period!  That which is good is “I”.  I Am, the Life within each of us.  The only LIFE there is, the same Life that is in you, that is in me, that was in Jesus, that was Jesus, that IS you and IS me, is all that is good!  And in the denying of your individual little self you let go of the figment of your ‘image’-ination.  

What you have envisioned as ‘others’ will become in fact mirrored images of yourself. God has many faces.  The ocean has many waves which rise into visibility, crest and return again into that from which they came.  For whatever time they appear to be separate waves they rise to varying degrees and return and rise again.  They are one with the ocean all along, and only appear to be separate one from the other.   

     To help you see ‘outside the box’ I want you to first of all imagine this ‘box’ in your mind.  There you are - in it.  It has four sides, north, south, east, west.  See it, suspended there in space and time.  It has been ‘your world’ lo these many years.  You have become quite comfortable in it.  The sides of it have been your limits believing the parameters to be whatever ‘others’ have declared them to be.  You have thus believed that since this is ’your world’, if you wander too far in one direction you will fall off the edge, thus the walls have been  for your protection.  

     “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”  When I was a child I thought the monster in the dark closet was real.  No attempt to convince otherwise is absolutely satisfying to the mind that ‘thinks’ and ‘doubts’.   It is only when one sees for themselves that that which is  imagined disappears and then one realizes there is nothing to it, never was! That not only is it  NOT real, but there is no ‘it’ – there’s nothing there! The “illusion” that loomed in the darkness falls apart in the light. 

    The box called ‘this world’ can also be referred to by other names such as a head, a grave, darkness. It is a mind-set or way of seeing everything.  It has been a death bed in which you have set up house keeping, plumped your pillows, rested in your idea of it and found some sort of solace in it.  But this ‘box’ floats in time and space and thus has no sure foundation, and can be tossed to and fro by every wind that comes along.  It depends upon which side of ‘death’s door’ you are as to how it appears to you.  Once on the other side of it, you can see it, like the monster in the closet, and realize the ‘UNreality’ of that which appeared to be so big and black and real.  The unknown becomes known and, like the little child, one says, “Oh, is that it? Why, that’s nothing.”  You might even find yourself laughing at what you thought ‘it’ was.            

    As we have nestled our little self into ‘this world’, or ‘the box’, we have cozied up against some strange little bedfellows called sickness, pain, misery, lack, fear, and death.   Sitting in the darkness of the box we have only believed to be real  that which we could see, taste, hear, smell and feel around us.   No matter how cramped and confusing the box was, it was all we knew, so we slumped further down in it and accepted it when the bedfellows crowded in on us.  We built a temple there in, thinking that just having a place of worship available would save us from it. We even made friends with the enemy of death, thinking if all else failed, we would at least have that exit out of the darkness.   All the while, we have known that the box was not our permanent place of abode, that there was something better beyond the box, only we thought we had to die to get ‘there’.  It is not until the darkness becomes gross darkness, the dream that we are having there becomes - or begins to become - a nightmare, that we start looking for the Door to escape the box, even if it means sleeping with the enemy.  

    If we chose to look at this box as a head with a front, back and two sides, then we can see what we have been living in. Behind two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, and covered by skin or flesh -  distorted senses have ruled the box.  From within this head we have turned first one way and found a wall or side to the box, limited by what we have ‘heard’, and then turned another way and been limited by what we have ‘seen’, and turned another way and found the flesh to be our excuse to stay in the box, saying “I’m only human” .  Thus the sides have bound us within a little world of thought that has said, “No exit” at every turn.  Therefore One had to come to show us the Door, or we would stay bound in head knowledge, searching in the dark for the light switch somewhere on a wall of our own making, ever learning, but never coming to a knowledge of  the Truth.   

Scripture says to us, “Come out, come out from among them and be ye separate”.  Come out from among those who make their living in a box of beliefs and opinions.  But there must be a silence in your heaven to hear the Voice of the Wind.  Shhhhhhh….. Be still and know….. that “I” AM GOD……. You must be very still.  You must listen for this Voice that is within you, for It is your key out of the box.   

    Looking at the box as a head you can see that you have ‘thought’ you were living,  but to live in the head, or in a make-believe world, a world of images, to live out of ‘a human mentality’ is  limiting.  It is as binding as a jail cell.  You have been trying to walk the walk, but you kept bumping into walls.  You must be quiet and still to hear the Voice which is saying to you, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”  Otherwise you will continue to run into the wall or limitation of your own thought-life where you have told yourself again and again the lie that you cannot be perfect, you cannot have, you cannot do this, or you cannot do that, cannot, cannot, cannot.  Only when you begin to hear the Voice will you begin to speak with a new tongue that says, “ I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE, I AM…..”  Only then will you come out of the world of opposites, negative and positive, into the ALL GOOD!

    Those who THINK they can THINK their way out of the box are the very ones who are found in scriptures at the wedding feast without a garment!  You must put on Christ!  Don’t come naked trying to get your little ‘self’ in.  Those who are walking through a mental maze thinking that their positive thinking alone, or their mantras and affirmations will ‘make it happen’ will fall off their flat world and they will realize that what they only ‘believed’ to be the truth was NOT THE WAY that would take them where they wanted to be. “I am the DOOR”. There is only one way -  through the door, through Christ Jesus. Not a man of history that walked the streets of Galilee, but the Principle that Christ Jesus IS, the Light that saves you from a world of thought, the Life that is the your True Identity, the YOU of you, the You that has always been and always will be, the Enlighted One that lights every man. Like it or not, no mental route will take you into heaven.  Your trinkets, crystals, chakras, séances, incantations, positional meditations, will fall off the end of the world with you, and you will find that once again you are alone and without God in that world! These things can’t hurt you! They have no real power.  There is only ONE POWER! GOD.   These things are of no significance whatsoever in Truth.  There is only ONE WAY in, and that is “I AM THE WAY”.  When you have tired of trying to climb up some other way, you will come to the end of your little ‘self’. There are no thieves or robbers in the kingdom of God! There are only legitimate heirs of the Kingdom, Sons of the Most High! Those who have turned their back on the world! And this is for whosoever will!  

    So long as we are looking for our ‘good’ to come anyway but “a way ye know not of”, we are still depending on the god in our little box, the god of our imagination, the god of this world.  If we are looking for health to be ours through exercise, diet, pills, herbs, tablets, products or machines of any kind, we are still looking to our own ‘little who self’, thinking that the wisdom of man is worth something, but to God it is only foolishness. To put more faith in a little white round pill than God Almighty says the pill is my Almighty.  “Though he slay me I will serve him”.  God will not slay anyone, so it is safe to put all your faith and trust in the God of your salvation, salvation from a way of thinking that your body is you, that the world is made up of millions of human beings, and that you are one!

    So long as we are looking for our wealth to come anyway but “a way ye know not of”, we are still depending on an imaginary “God”.  If we are looking for our supply to be due to earning our living by the sweat of our brow, an inheritance, winning a contest,  or through a lottery ticket, we are still ‘thinking’ God will not, might not, cannot and IS not, our supply.  This is still climbing up some other way, and the one who does this is called a thief and a robber, because he is trying to attain something that he thinks might not be God’s will.   Can we ever STOP God’s will?  No.  But that which is going on ‘inside the box’ has nothing whatsoever to do with God’s will. “My kingdom is not of this world” in the box.   Whatever is going on in the thinking of the man who thinks he is a human being, instead of the Spirit-being of Reality, has nothing to do with GOD.  God is our Supply and that in abundance, when we believe it enough to allow It.  There must come a resting from all that we ‘try’ to do or make happen, into a place where we KNOW that I AM going to SUPPLY whatever the ‘manna’ is that is needed this day, in the immediate situation.  I AM going to bring into manifestation that which is required for the highest and the best!  I AM unlimited.  I AM come that you might have LIFE, and that more abundantly!  Not just the little things ‘of life’, which are manifestations for our enjoyment and comfort, BUT LIFE!  LIFE includes ALL THINGS!  Leaving out nothing.  

 If one takes the thought that not ‘earning his living by the sweat of his brow’ is a license to just sit around on his opinions and beliefs and do nothing, he is still in the box. To sit around doing nothing while making statements like “God will provide” as the bills pile up, is operating in pure foolishness.  God cannot be manipulated.  We will not force or coerce God to do anything. But when we go within, God will take care of the ‘without’. God will move through us, as us, to perhaps work harder than we ever did before, but it will be a joyous work that doesn’t seem like work,  and  it will be with great pleasure that we do what we do. We are to be ‘in the world’, but not “OF IT”.  The “OF IT” is the box.  The ‘in it’ is where things virtually go on as before, but now the Hand within the glove begins to move and animate the glove.  The glove is the form which is our visible life/body to the world which can only see that which is of like nature.  The little ‘i’ has been running around in the box saying, “i will do this.  Tomorrow i will go here or there, and i will get, and i will buy, and i will do….”, but without the realization that without the Hand, or God animating it, it can of its own self do nothing.   The only thing that lifted its little head off the pillow this morning was God, call It Power, Life, Light, Love, whatever, it is The Life-force.

You cannot make this happen.  It has already happened.  You have only to open your eyes to it. It is a continual ‘happening’.  It is like sitting in a boat next to a running stream with your eyes shut praying, “Send me down the mountain”.  Get into the stream and you will go with the flow.        

In the moment of awakening you will realize a sudden hush as you leave the hustle and bustle of the ‘world’ which suddenly drops behind you.  It is as if a door shuts to that world of noisy confusion, where the stock market sounds its bell and the floor vies for the highest bidder, where competition is the order of the day, and the dog-eat-dog system steps on the back of its neighbor calling it a ladder of success.   The door closes, the top to the coffin drops, on the ‘worlds’ of the systems of men: religious, economic, political, medical, etc.   And there is a sudden rush of pure Silence! 

You may be busier than before, but you will enjoy what you are doing. It may be employment, or something that vaguely resembles it, but you are no longer limited to the ways of the world. What is it you would like to do?  What would you enjoy doing?  Have you been ‘limited’ by your fear that if you did what you would like to do you would starve, that God would not meet your needs, that you would not have what you need or especially what you would want?   “Seek ye first the kingdom and all these ‘things’ will be added unto you”.  Don’t go for the ‘added things’, go for the KINGDOM! Eat, sleep, drink, desire the Truth!   We have sat in the dark in the box reading the Bible, but because our vision has been so dimmed we have not been able to see what was being said.  When the Light breaks through and what is written between the lines comes to Life,  then we can see! Once we realize that is it is “I” in the box that IS the Pearl of great price, the Treasure hidden in the field, the Found Coin, the Gold in the fishes’ mouth, the Seed in the fruit, the Mystery that has been hidden from ages and generations! IT IS I!  “Be still and know that I AM GOD”.   Be still and you will know what you are to do, where you are to do it and I WILL do it!   The Source of All is flowing right beside you, actually IN YOU.   


            In the realization that ‘i’ can of my own self do nothing, but with God, IN GOD, with God AS us, the Life within - living, moving and having Its being, the glove (body/form) can be used to do anything, go anywhere,  just Being.  In this total surrender NOW you can just relax.  Life is the  Sustaining force, the Action, guiding  and providing.  It is just like getting into a ride at the fair, belting yourself in, and enjoying the ride; getting so caught up in the experience that you forget that you and the seat are separate entities.  Wherever the arm behind the seat moves the seat - you go.  Wherever the Life, which is your True Being takes you, all will be well. And then there will come a time when you realize it is not I going anywhere. It is not I doing anything, but I am fixed in the Moment, fixed in the Now, watching my form as on a movie screen as it goes and comes and I direct the whole thing from my extreme vantage point.  There is a peace and harmony that comes as part and parcel of the joining.  This harmony will come in all things and bring everything together into Oneness.  This is trusting God! This total and complete surrender  is a forgetting in regard to separation, because in Truth, there is none!   The glove now takes the form of the Hand, and cannot ever be separated from It.  It was always this way, but in the dark it was ‘thought’ to be a separate entity.   


If we look at this box as a grave, then we can see that it is a place of death. To rise from the grave you must be willing to set aside all preconceived notions and opinions, even your religion.  Your religion will keep you doing, doing, doing, instead of BEING, BEING, BEING. It has kept us down and buried in BELIEFs and opinions - until NOW!  NOW in this moment, in this very MOMENT, time and eternity come Head to head!  It is high time that we rise out of the darkness of our ignorance!  The one who can hear, the one who now IS hearing IS rising. There is only ONE POWER! and that is what we call God!   The I that I AM cannot be kept in a grave.  “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and NOW IS, when the dead shall hear the Voice  of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live. For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; and hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man. Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which ALL that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall COME FORTH!!!”   And you ‘who’ are very afraid, afraid that if ‘i’ truly let go and let God,  what will sustain me?  You, ‘who’ are very afraid that the verses in scripture which speak of rising from the grave have only to do with Jesus and a few fortunate few who were raised by his present day disciples,  you do not know What the very Life within you is.    

ONENESS.  There is only ONE.  There are no separations, no divisions, no separate peoples, races, nations, tongues, or tribes, except to the ‘who’  who is dreaming in the box.  God is ALL IN ALL.  ONE.  You have simply forgotten What you are!  Hear now that still small voice, which is your True Self speaking again.  And if you say, “But I am not Jesus Christ”, look again.  Look at your Bible.  Look at II Corinthians 13:5:  “EXAMINE YOURSELVES, whether ye be in the faith, prove your own selves, how that JESUS CHRIST IS IN YOU, except you be reprobates.”   

Christ in you is the hope of glory!  Christ – Enlightenment, Illumination, Understanding, is your hope! Of what? Glory. What is glory? It is the Greek word ‘doxa’ which comes from a base word which means to think.  Thus, Christ (Enlightenment) is your hope of (thinking) - being in your right mind.  The prodigal came to himself, and returned home.  The mad man of Gadara was found sane, clothed and in his right mind once the ‘lie’ was cast from him.  Once the glory came! Once we are enlightened, once we awaken we see, and once again we make recall, all things are brought to our remembrance, and that Mind which was also in Christ Jesus is a living functioning, Reality.  As we realize that to be the only Mind there is, we are too found sitting, at peace, sane, in our right mind.   

THAT LIFE in you, living as you, IS JESUS CHRIST.   Your little form/body has fooled you long enough.  Know ye not that your body is THE TEMPLE, the dwelling place,  of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit which is whole, complete, perfect, finished, divine, and never has been otherwise?   Your form/body is that place where Jesus Christ, YOUR TRUE SELF, YOUR LIFE, YOU!!!!!!!!! walks and talks and lives and moves and has BEING.  And, “I and my father are ONE”.  

Though you have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, you walked not alone as the little ‘self’ you thought you were, but that One, which is your True Identity, which is the You of you, has been walking though this with you and IS YOU. Not the little personality ‘who’ you developed in your sense of separation from God, but The Only One that there is!    Light has come to your box! Flooding into the grave where you lie in your own mess, which you have made ‘trying’ to be something other than What you are!

 What is this Jesus Christ?  It is the One who is sent to seek and to save that which is lost sitting in the darkness in the box, lost in the confusion that came by thinking you heard another voice and followed!! Once John-the-Baptizer began to think within ‘the box’, in the darkness, shut away from the Light, his vision became obscured and he was no longer certain of Truth. He was blinded by his own thinking, by what ifs and maybes.  He had to be beheaded! He had to lose something he was beginning to develop – a mind of his own.  But you say, “He died”.  Did he? When do you consider that he died?  Was it not when he entered the jail cell of his own thinking, where he began to question all that he had KNOWN to be the TRUTH?  When he was separated from the Light, and began to thus separate things in his own mind, even seeing himself separate and began to develop his own idea of ‘his’ purpose, identity, and destiny?  When he went into the obscurity of being separated from the ALL that he had known in Reality?  Was not this when he died? 

When we loose sight of our True Nature, the ONLY NATURE, the Name above all names (the ‘name’ is the nature), that is when we “take thought” and we examine it, reason it out, consider it, pervert it, personalize it.  Except that ‘i’ take a thought, I AM the Mind, not an individual thought.   

If you are not beheaded for Christ’s sake; if you do not lose your own mind as a personal self – and I am not talking about ‘going crazy’, for you have already been there, but unless you lose that thought-life of separation, developed, categorized and organized and called logic - stand back from it and see it for what it is, a ball of confused thought; unless  you do that, you  will stay mesmerized by the illusion that it is what you are, and you will continue to think of yourself as a separate entity from LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT, GOD.   

 If you imagine that the first lie you ever heard was in the beginning a string, and you added string with each lie you accepted, winding the string into a ball, you can imagine that what is called ‘the carnal mind’, or a personal history, to be a ball of string in size according to how long you have been collecting lies, round like your world. The first lie may be that you are whatever you call yourself, or whatever this world knows you as.  And it goes from there.   So long as we trust the lie more than we trust the Truth we continue to add to the string ball.  But that is all it is a big ball of lies, and when seen for what it is, it falls apart, disappears and is no more. Then your world comes to an end! And you find yourself where you always truly were, in God, in Heaven.  

 A woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard, very precious came to Jesus one day and “BROKE THE BOX, and poured it on his head.” Break the box!  That which is the hidden man of the heart is the Very Precious which is sealed away behind a veil of thought.  Break the box! Allow the Light to shine from the inside out! 

You are NOW in the environment to come again into your ‘right mind’, that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.  The alabaster box has hidden within it that which is VERY PRECIOUS! That which is VERY PRECIOUS IS the Very I Am of God.  But you must break the box!  Break through that encrusted, hard cold surface knowledge which has kept you in a grave of thought.  Break through to the Light! Spikenard is a very fragrant perfume, spoken of in reference to the fragrances used in love making in the Song of Songs.  When our senses are lifted into the heavenlies we ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’.  Winter is over. Flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land; the fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.  Break the box, allow the fragrance of Life to come forth! It has been poured upon the Head!  The Lazarus who has been in the tomb for however many days now stinketh! Death stinks! Life is a sweet smelling sacrifice of Love. 

If you see your box as a bed, you have been having a dream, but  you have begun to have a stirring in your heart for Something, Someone you feel you have lost.  You begin to be depressed with this feeling of loss and emptiness.  “By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth; I sought him, but I found him not”.  Tossing and turning you have wrestled trying to awaken from the dream, a dream that may become a nightmare before you turn in desperation to the One Who has never left you and will never forsake you, cannot forsake you.  So long as the dream in your nighttime experience is okay, is good, is bearable, even with its limitations of the sides of the bed, it may continue.  As your desire for That Which IS - for Truth - increases, you will find your bed becoming more and more uncomfortable.   “For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it; and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.” (Isa 28:20).   You will find that the confines of the death bed are closing in on you, and in this place of pressure, of tribulation, you will make your breakthrough!  “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand”! (Isa 28:18)

This is the gospel. This is the good news!  What has been a ‘refuge of lies’ is no more! (Isa 28:17)   I know because ‘i’ came to the point of desperation and I cried out,  “I cannot do this! I cannot do this any longer!” Religion, in which I had put all my trust, in a God of my imagination, sitting beyond a starry sky, on a throne, keeping track of all my comings and goings, promising rewards or punishment, had let me down!  I was worn out! No matter how much church activity I had had, with all the right intentions.  No matter which church I became affiliated with, no matter how wonderful the music I enjoyed in the various settings, no matter how much I prayed. No matter! It left me empty, confused, lost with no one to turn to.  Where was God then? So I asked myself, “Where IS GOD?  Why do I not know joy?  Why am I still afraid of one thing and another?  Why do I still have aches and pains and problems with the body? Why am I depressed?  Why am I so angry?  Where is this God that is supposed to be and do all these wonderful things I have heard and read about?  “Where is this ‘abundant life’?” All these questions came flooding in on me.   It had all let me down!  Because I was entrapped in a box, a dream! And the God I imagined to be there was a graven image, deaf, dumb, and stone-faced.  I cried out in my pain and anguish, disappointed and alone.  

Thus, at the end of my little rope, I arose from off this bed upon which I had laid with every seducing lie, every wandering thought, which had only produced more and more lies. I got quiet.  Very, very quiet.  I realized that I had never really listened.  I had talked. I had cried. I had begged. I had pleaded. I had sought counsel. I had done every single thing I thought to do. The one thing I had failed to do was to be still and quiet.  It was not in one moment, nor in a blaze of glory.  I did not see a light. I did not hear a voice.  But I began to REMEMBER.  I began to Realize.  I began to just KNOW, and the silence became my friend. And aloneness became my companion.  In the stillness I began to see that this little personality we have called by a name, given a birth place, and a past, is a liar and the father of it all!       

GOD IS. Period. Not a man, not a figure, male or female.  God is LIFE.  LIFE is God.  And LIFE is OMNIPRESENT!  There is no where God is NOT. Therefore, there is no need for fear.  Where are you going to go that GOD, LIFE, IS NOT THERE?   The box has been hell and the grave.  So, you’ve been there already.  What have you to fear?  When you close your eyes and be very still, you will know in being still that “I Am God”.  NOT your little personality, nor your religious ‘self’, nor your human mind, no matter how developed that might be.  Deny your ‘self’!  Deny that there is any ‘person’ called whatever your name might be.  There is only God and God alone.  There is only Life and Life alone; the YOU of you, the Me, the Great I Am.  If you think that the natural ‘man’ that you are is God, you will hit that wall pretty hard when you try to walk it out. But when you realize that in the quietness and solitude of your inner being, you will find your True Self, the one who looks upon the whole scene and amuses at the little man who thinks more highly of himself than he aught to think, then you will sit in your heaven and laugh! You will laugh and laugh and laugh at your silly little ‘self’ and all it thought it could do! All that it thinks its worth, and all its fantasies.  But you will rise and walk and know that behind you a dream is fading away.  It will become more vague as you walk! Just as your dream last night is now a fading memory, so will your ‘mortal life’ become a fading memory.  You will think less in theory, more in Reality, until the balance tips and you will realize that you are speaking from a place of knowing and confidence, that there is ONE living out through a body/form, and you are IT, and IT is You.

I had a vision sometime back of a construction site.  Around the site was a tall wooden fence to protect the passersby from the work going on within. But this fence had, as often is the case on a busy street where the curious wish to view the construction, eye holes cut into the wooden slats of the fence.  I saw myself walk up to that fence, press my face against the wood and look through the eye holes.  It came to me that that “I” that pressed against that fence and looked through those eye holes was my TRUE SELF, what we call God.  The fence was what I had only thought I was.  Now seeing myself as THE ONE looking through the eye holes onto my world, I realized that it is “I” Who is looking out! It is not the little me that others look at and say, “Sure I know that fence. Its called _____ _____”.  It is not the fence looking.   I AM looking through the eye holes.  And the world I see is getting more and more interesting, because I am realizing that that which I have thought was real is merely a construction site, being changed as I look upon it.  What I have envisioned to be has been what I ‘thought’ it was, but as my perspective changes I see it all from a higher place and the view from above is quite different.    

    When the little ‘self’ is seen for the apparition that it is, then all that is left is God, in fact, all that ever was IS GOD.   There is no other Voice, no fence, no dream, no box, except to the one who thinks there is.  But in Reality, there is no one ‘to think’ for there are no ‘others’.   There is only God and in that realization we rise and come again! Yes, there is a great earthquake. Your world will shake.  In fact, all that can be shaken in you will be shaken, and you will allow the shaking to rattle away all past thinking, all religion, all pretense.  And from the dust you will rise and shake it off your feet, and keep on walking.  But you will no longer walk as a man,  you will walk as a New Creation, a Magnificent Light which breaks the eastern sky and floods the world about you with love and joy and peace.     

Hello?  You, in the box!   Haven’t you had enough of sickness, pain, misery, age, limitations, lack, with a final fatal thought?  Aren’t you ready to live a little?   LIFE< LIFE< LIFE!  That is what IS!  Poof! The box is no more.  All that IS is God! Life and Life, and Life, and you are in Heaven NOW.   There is only God! And God and Heaven are One and the same, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, within!  Be still and know that I am God.  Be still and know! Be very still.  You will know!   I and my Father are One!  Peace, peace, wonderful peace!  Be consumed by the Desire to apprehend That for which you have been apprehended. It is Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!!!


Jane Woodward